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Best nursing bra for large-breasted mamas?

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DS is 7 1/2 weeks and I think I need a better nursing bra. The ones I have are very loose Bravado knock-offs, which I guess is better than too tight, but I probably need more support. It hasn't been much of an issue b/c most of the time I have staying at home w/out a bra (I'm comfortable w/out one at home)...but I'd like to start getting out more.

I was a G cup in late pregnancy so I imagine I'm probably an I or J now...I know I need to get fitted for the exact size, but TIA for any suggestions for brands, etc.
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decent exposures (google it)

they are custom, non-wire bras, and they really give a good comfortable shape

go for the non-latex elastic, it is comfier
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I like my YES bras. They are similar to Bravado, but have given me good support. I'm a size 50F.
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I really like my Goddess bras. I'm not sure how big they go, but I think at least up to H. I still wear them to sleep in even though I'm not nursing anymore. They're quite comfortable unlike the underwires I wear during the day!
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Where's a good internet site to buy YES bras from?
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I like Decent Exposures okay, but I love my Goddess bras. I got them in a specialty lingerie shop in a large city. I'm a 36G and I was pretty shocked that they had nursing bras in my size. Wow.
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Thanks for the tips, ladies!

You can buy the Yes bras on E-bay. They are very reasonably priced and the customer service is excellent. Those are the kind I mentioned (the Bravado knock-off), but find them a little too loose--also gives me a unibreast look, where I like a little more separation. Maybe I have the wrong size for me...?
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I wear a 42/44 H or I. THis is where I go, they have TONS of choices and the BEST bra for nights or at home.



I also use Lane Bryant cotton bras in a larger chest size and I just lift it up and down. However, when the twins were small, I needed a nursing bra or I would get plugged ducts. Now it doesn't bother me (post 6 months).
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I wore a J-cup before becoming pregnant with my first one and have noticed that you will only find a bra that is either supportive or comfortable but not both.

Fancee Free and Medela seem to get excellent reviews for support but have poor shaping/comfort. Bravado, Goddess, Motherhood, and Olga offer little support but are comfy.

Hope that helps. If you or anyone need sizing/fitting help, just send me a PM.
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Yes bras don't come bigger than an F/G cup, and are no more shaping/supportive than Bravados.

Jeunique has WONDERFUL bras that unclasp at the front for nursing, and they go up to a KK cup. When I was nursing a newborn, I cut the extra material holding the center of the bra to the straps (leaving it attached at the armhole) to make a larger nursing opening. I bought it at birthandbaby.com

All the other nursing bras were either cotton or a cotton blend, which IMO does NOT provide enough support in the bigger sizes. The Goddess bras were a cotton blend and weren't too bad. I think there are some new styles that weren't available when I was buying nursing bras a few years ago.

For sleep/leisure bras, I bought some front hook bras from the lane bryant catalog, and unbuttoned it most of the way for nursing.
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I am a 38G pre-pregnancy. So I ordered a 3++ YES bra. Well, the band fits perfect, but the cups are extremely small. They are now custom making me a bra at no additional charge. I thought that was great. So just because they say they go up to a H, give them your measurements, so they can help you get a good fit.
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I'm a 34I and I've wasted so much money on bras it's appalling. Like a pp said . . . if you're larger breasted, it's next to impossible to find a nursing bra that is both supportive and comfortable. You kind of have to choose. I have a Fancee Free softcup bra that is supportive but it is murder to wear not to mention that I practically have to peel the cup flaps down to nurse. I often choose to wear my Medela bras that are a 36F rather than deal with the Fancee Free. FWIW . .. before becoming pregnant, I was a very full 34DD/36D and I always wore underwire because they were most supportive. I suspect that I might do well to go with an underwire nursing bra (although they are not recommended). I'm just really tired of saggy breasts. It makes me feel just so sloppy. I'm going to go to the city tomorrow to a store where they specialize in nursing bras and see if I have any luck finding something that works better.
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the new-ish bravado supreme bras are wonderful, very supportive. they go up to an H cup, you might want to check them out...

edited to add-
decent exposures bras are also nice. very comfy but really not at all flattering. their customer service is wonderful too, they will do free alterations if the sizing is a bit off.
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too big heya

I love this post
for one 36DD at 16 years old playing basketball and desperate for good support - didn't want to bounce whilst I was defending or going for a basket...hello!...

...much less as a first time mom looking for one good bra for breastfeeding purposes - none to be found for a well-endowed mamma like me in Britain... what a palaver at the time...I'm one huge mamma

I was the biggest thing any side of the "himalayas" very proud to breastfeed my baby

the best known 'feature' of the village, my home community
and no bras worth writing home about. I suffered, no doubt. In Silence.

my well-grown son is 24..6'3 and no worries. plays b-ball. hahaha!

So long ago, and it yet it seems that the bra issues go on and on...

I love uz girls.
I love that ya'll are getting it sorted
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A quick rundown of the major manufacturers:

Wacoal makes up to 44DDD

Goddess makes up to a 48H

Medela makes up to a 42DD (and a 34F)

Bravado goes up to 42-46 F-G

Fancee Free goes up to 50K

Playtex to 42DD

Olga only up to 40D
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I have two YES! bras in size 6++. It's a lot more supportive than my Bravado that I used with ds1, but I find that the back isn't wide enough. No matter what shirt I'm wearing, I always have at least one strap showing because the back holds them too close to my neck. They're also almost too small for me, which is pretty sad, really. Very glad I didn't get the 6+, though.
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I've been wearing Wacoal underwires-- for almost 15 mos now (got them when baby was a few days old), and no problems at all, they are ALMOST as good as my pre-nursing bras. I was actually hoping to read this post and find out about some even more supportive ones though-- wore an old (non-nursing) bra on laundry day and was feeling nostalgic for that firm lifted feeling. Seems like nursing is going strong for a good while to come, maybe its just time to go shopping again, the fabric is all worn out and tired on these now.

I think I'm about a 36E or F right now. I got my Walcoal bras at Nordstroms where they are very nice with helping you find the right fit etc, but I seem to remember the nursing bras were nowhere to be found out on the racks, you had to ask, they bring them to you. As a larger-breasted lady, I have always found it essential to actually try bras on.

BTW my mom also wore underwires while nursing both of us (she's smaller, and just bought bras with center clasps, nursing bra technology has advanced since those days). I know they say no underwires but those other bras are no good for me except for sleeping. I have always been an underwire gal, since I surpassed a B-cup way back in jr high or whatever. And, as a lacatating mama, I've always had tons of milk, no plugged ducts, my baby is a huge and enthusiastic nurser, so go figure.
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