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we have a baby!

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and it is a girl!! her name is Aris Blue.she was born today(2/1) at home at 12:12. 9lbs.4oz. and 22 in. long. so cute!!
nurses all the time!
very tired now and crampy,but so glad to have her !!! all the other kids love her already.
will write more later!

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Congratulations, Jill!! Welcome baby Aris!

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: Congratulations!!! :

Enjoy your babymoon!
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: Aris!
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Congrats! Love the name!
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Happy birthday baby Aris Blue- LOVE THE NAME!!!!

Glad it went well!
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ok i am seriously going to be pregnant forever.. lol but congrats on the baby you lucky lucky ladie!!!!
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Welcome to the world baby Aris Blue! Congrats to you, mama. Rest and have a happy babymoon!
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Congratulations!!!!!! I'm hangin' out for the birth story!
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Congratulations, and Welcome to the World Aris Blue!
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Congratulations! Enjoy your new baby bliss!
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Just passing through to say Congratulations to you today!
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Congratulations! Happy babymoon!!
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Happy happy happy day!! I think you made the first actual "february" baby!!!
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Happy Birthday Aris!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!
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wow! congratulations! Great name ! Big baby!!!
welcome to the world Aris!
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Im a little behind on reading the post, but Big congrats. And love the name. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your new little bean.
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