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Have you tried the chicken liver pate recipe from the BTVC book? Of course, that would require your having the book, wouldn't it? As far as which cheeses are ok to start with, I'm not sure. Also, I think if you start the yogurt, you should eat only a spoonful or two at first, just to see what your reaction may be. You can cook with it, of course. Also, check out the introductions chart over at pecanbread, remembering that it's dairy free and thus wouldn't help with which cheeses. Basically, you want to start with the easiest to digest and add things one or two at a time and see what the reactions are (kind of like starting first foods with a baby).
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We're back!

Ok I bought some chicken livers. How do I make something edible out of them???

I also have a yucky yeast rash on my bum. My Dr looked at it yesterday and suggested I take zink for 3 weeks to help it heal. I drove myself nuts yesterday at whole foods trying to find a legal brand of folic acid. What brands tend to have legal vitamins??? Unfortunatly the zink in her office had rice, lentels and some other illegals in it.
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I am very confused as to why a zinc supplement would have anything but zinc and maybe an aqueous solution. As for legals/illegals www.pecanbread.com has a list of supplements that you can print out that will list supplements and brands that are okay on the SCD.
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DD seems to be EXTRA fussy today & did NOT sleep much at all last night. Is it normal for intolerances to certain foods to *really* be apparent at this stage? I'm suspecting tomato sauce in my diet. (scd legal)

We have an appt w/ a ped allergist/immunologist on Monday. Her violent reaction to the chicken prompted that. I hope I'm doing the right thing by going down this road. I'm so tired and worried and frstrated . . . Not to mention that I'm waiting for our hair samples to come which is only adding to the worry . . . and I'm feeling terribly guilty like I caused all of this by eating like crap while pregnant. (I did not do this w/dd1).

Sorry for the pity party, it's just been an extra tough couple of days.
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Is it okay to introduce the introductory diet slowly? My ds is having sugar/carb. withdrawls(layed on the kitchen floor at dinner last night pounding his fist and kicking and yelling "I want noodles!!!!!", which, of course, he did not get) and so I figured slow might be good. He doesn't deal well w/change anyway. I'm going to be joining him on the diet, so I figure we'll start it together at the same time.
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I would just push through. Withdrawal is tough, but it's over quickly. There are several things you could do to make you both more comfortable, but I would keep all illegals eliminated. Letting him have any amount of illegals will prolong his discomfort.
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firefaery -- did I read that you have a recipe for almond bars using almond butter and coconut oil? If so, could you post it?
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I want to read these threads all the way through. Can anyone give me a link for the original thread? I searched and couldn't find it. Thanks.
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Amanda-I just do some almond butter (raw) and coconut oil heated on the stove slightly to combine oils. I then cool it and add other things that I may be in the mood for (raisins, dates, pecans etc.) and roll into balls. I sometimes roll the balls in natural, unsweetened, unsulphured coconut just to get a "coating" on. Then freeze! They are great. I would guess that it's about a cup of almond butter to a half cup of coconut oil. I find the freezing step to be important because coconut oil melts at body temp (messy if you're holding them!) You can also heat the coconut oil and just throw everything else in a vitamix or food processor.
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I went back to find the post about the reaction to the broth. It was about five or six months ago if I remember correctly. I'll keep looking! It's been tough with the boards down..
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Thanks faery! That sounds great.
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Originally Posted by firefaery
I went back to find the post about the reaction to the broth. It was about five or six months ago if I remember correctly. I'll keep looking! It's been tough with the boards down...
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I don't know how to "link" things. But, as I recall, the beginning of all of this was a post by Jane entitled, "Not sure if alot of food allergies really are allergies" or something to that effect. It would have been back in July or so.
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Here's the original link. I just read it through for the first time last week.
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Jumping right in

I've got a question...
My ds2 has Celiac Disease. He's been Gluten Free for 6 months and just not eating well still. We've resorted to Periactin to get is appetite up and it works, but then we forget to give it to him and we're back to square 1 with him eating about 2T of food in a day. He'll be 4 in April, so 2T of food intake is not meeting his requirements. Additionally we have confirmed via blood lab work that he is burning muscle tissue to live, this was pre-GF diet, but I would assume unless he is eating an adequate amount of food he is still burning muscle for basic metabolic body functions.
With that said, is it possible that his gut is still in pain? I've been doing some research lately here on increasing his gut's natural ability to repair itself -- but again this requires that he eats. Fortunately, many of the things that are good for repairing the gut, he likes -- berries for example and cod liver oil!!!
So my main question is, if you have CD, or gut related pain, was it residual even after eliminating the culprits? And if so, how long did it take to be healed?
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I have celiac disease, as does dd. The damage caused by the disease is really devastating, and my dd wasn't willing to eat at all. She was FTT even at 15 months. I don't know if his gut is still "in pain" but I would guess it's still quite damaged. The SCD will really make a difference in your life. The gut does regenerate every 3 to 7 days depending on what you're reading, but that's not always the case with a damaged gut. I would say that I saw a difference in dd almost immediately. Within three days she was eating alot more, and actually sleeping! And it wasn't like we hadn't already said good-bye to gluten. My pain lasted for about two weeks into the SCD. I haven't had it back, with the exception of one time when I accidentally consumed gluten
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I'm reading stuff from Jordan Rubin, The Makers Diet is the 1 book I have, but I was reading reviews on his others. I recently purchased the Great Physician's RX. I've read reviews on him and that mainstream his ideas of eating dirt make him a quack, but I think he has a lot to offer in terms of healing the gut without having to eat his prescribed dirt!!! Actually, I never got that he was prescribing people to eat dirt, just that our soil is deficient in quality therefore our foods are lacking -- thus restore soil, restore nutrition to food. And since we grow a good number of our own veggies and fruits from Apr thur Nov, I figured a good lesson in biochemistry of organic soil was in order -- not eating dirt as some critic so out of context put it. Anyway, Restoring Your Digestive Health is one I'd like to get my hands on as well.

I sometimes wonder if there is way to heal him for life without adhering to GF diet for life. I know scientific evidence is lacking, so I'm sort of forced to believe that he does infact need to be GF for life. But a part of me thinks this just can't be, I have a hard time with believing God designed my son to not be able to eat wheat and I can. Why is my son's design not perfect kind of question... Another part of me thinks that wheat grain in general isn't likely healthy for anyone now that it's been so hybrid and taken from it's natural design.
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Originally Posted by Pattyla
Ok I have read this whole thread. I'm very confused about a few things.

Is scd good for yeast? If so what about all the fruit on it?
Start with cooked, peeled, deseeded fruit first. Then a damaged gut has a chance of breaking it down. (Juicing is good too, but with all juice, mix half and half with water.)

Fruit sugar, like honey, is a monosaccharide and does not feed the yeast. That is, if the fruit cell walls are being broken down. Which is why raw fruit can feed yeast in a damaged gut.

It is because the monosaccharide sugars are absorbed right into bloodstream and do not hang out in the intestines like whole grains and starches which are not being broken down fully by digestive enzymes can. Read "Science Behind the Diet" at www.pecanbread.com as to why this is.

Originally Posted by Pattyla
It seems like the begining diets listed on those two sites are primarilly protein foods. What veggies/fruits are allowed at first?
What kind of enzymes can I give to dd who is 2?
I have her taking gummy bear vitamins, are these bad? (some natural free of everything bad for you brand that I can't currently remember)

Right now eating from a short list sounds easier than what we are doing currently but I'm sure I won't feel that way a week into it.

Do any of you ever eat out? We eat out at least once a week with friends. Is that going to be an option any more?

Is cod liver oil better than fish oils? Should we be getting both? One or the other? What about epo? I tried that for a while because it is supposed to help with endo pain but it didn't help (although cod liver oil did) so I quit taking it.
Butternut squash, peeled zucchini, eggplant, spaghetti squash, peas, well steamed green beans and spinach are all well tolerated by my DS and he still is stuck in towards beginning stages of diet. I cook all fruits for him, and like using frozen fruits b/c they are easy: peaches, mangos, cherries, blueberries. Apples and pears can get boring fast. Avocados can be raw. Black spotted ripe bananas.

There's a great chart at www.pecanbread.com under the Food Prep section of the stages of foods that are reported as easier to digest at first.

Eating out is hard but not impossible. Enzymes will be a definate need IMO then, and not so you can eat bread but so you won't have to worry about tiny little things which can creep in. Order plain meat/fish/veg, no seasonings. Salads with oil and vinegar. It's hard but it can be done. Bring y our own homemade crackers/bread/rolls. Some cheese. This is how I get thru.

Gummy vitamins contain a lot of sugar.

Cod liver oil NOT fish oil, there is a difference. EPO is good for excema, not sure about endo pain, have you read Dr. John Lee's book, "What Dr May Not Tell You About Premenopause".

All of the fats you eat make a great deal difference in the body and some promote inflammation. The vegetable fats like soy, canola, safflower and corn are NOT healthy. This is not SCD but here:

I use olive and coconut oil, some palm shortening and grass fed butter.
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Originally Posted by RedAnt
My exclusively BF 10 mo DD is having food allergy problems. I've been reading lots of posts and learning over the last couple of weeks. Maybe I'm getting too much information though, because I'm really getting overwhelmed! I'll try to be brief.

I've had dairy issues (lactose intolerance? milk protein allergy?) my entire life. I haven't completely avoided dairy until the last several months though. I was able to tolerate some cheeses okay. While pregnant I felt like I could tolerate other dairy better, so I was eating quite a bit of it. Now I'm learning that was probably bad for my DD.

DD was colicky for 4-5 hours in the middle of the night for the first few months. She had chiropractic adjustments, a couple of craniosacral therapy sessions, and I eliminated dairy. Perhaps those helped or maybe she just grew out of it. However, she almost always had green poop 10-12 times a day, bad cradle cap for a while, on and off eczema, and often anus ring rashes. I tried eliminating various things one or two at a time, but that wasn't helping.

After the holidays, I finally started an elimination diet. Now her poop is usually yellow. She is absolutely disinterested in solid food. Every time I re-introduce something into my diet, it seems to bother her and green poop returns. Eggs = rash over most of body and back-arching, painful gas. Corn = thick spit up (usually never spits up). Wheat = painful gas, scratching, very squirmy all night. Now she has a bad anus ring from I don't know what. I've noticed reactions myself as well, usually bloating cramps and gas. I'm losing too much weight and DD is getting dark circles under her eyes. I have a super fast metabolism and DD is HN, and I find it really difficult to prepare creative meals.

I'm tired, hungry, discouraged, and obsessed with trying to get this figured out (hence the 4:00 a.m. post!) Clearly we need some gut healing, but I don't know where to start. SCD and NT seem to use a lot of eggs and dairy. Please share your mama wisdom!

BTW, DD is happy 99% of the time and ~20 pounds, but I don't think she has gained any weight in the last month or so. No worries about her development. Homebirthed, no vax.

You dont' have to do dairy or eggs on SCD. It makes it a little more difficult but it can be done. You also might think about trying the goat yogurt yourself. Goat's milk protein is significantly different than cow's and the yogurt also predigests it. My DS can only do goat right now.

Lactose intolerance means the inability to produce the enzyme lactase by the intestines. Genetically it has been linked to cultures that do not eat dairy traditionally (Asians) but I wonder if its because the mother does not pass on the gut flora to her children to digest it... anyways yogurt will absolutely help this. And 24 hr. yogurt has no lactose at all. But the dairy allergy thing could be the sensitivity to proteins... if your babe is sensitive, then your gut is leaking it out into your bloodstream, and therefore, your milk.

Cook all her fruits and veggies, no raw. No starches like corn or sweet potatoes, like I advice in the "Starting Solids for Food Allergic Baby" in Allergies forum.

Sometimes you may think things like eggs are an allergy when really it's the carbs that's causing the gas. The yolk is not as allergenic as the proteins in the whites.

Here, a red ring in DS means yeast/bacteria is acting up.

Gas means the food is fermenting and not being digested properly.
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Thanks JaneS & firefaery too for your responses a couple pages back. Your advice and tips are really helpful.

I'm sold! I read the book and ordered a yogurt machine. I suck at menu planning, so that's the only thing keeping me from starting this very moment. I'm also trying to figure out how to do all of this food preparation. It looks like avocados and ripe bananas are the only foods that don't require preparation. I guess I'll have to cook in the middle of the night instead of spending time on MDC.

I you mamas for taking the time to share your wisdom with those of us who haven't figured it out yet!
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