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Has anyone out there ever heard of this?!? Please help if you can!!!

If this sounds familiar to anyone, I would greatly appreciate ANY information you may have!!! My 4 year old son has been suffering from what two different drs. have only generally described as "constipation" and a "behaviorial" issue related to his constipation. He has been seen by his own ped. and his new allergist - so far. Neither of which I am happy with b/c I feel dismissed every time we have to discuss this recurring problem.

My son has been crossing his legs when he feels the urge to poop for over 2 years (pardon the medical terms - we're all moms here, right?) and holds in - or tries to at least- his poop. He cries, sometimes screams, when he does this. My husband and I have referred to it as the "poopie dance", until something just didn't feel right, after many months have passed. He has been constipated before, of course, as I'm sure many kids have, and he did once tear his rectum and get a strep infection after. this was when he was 18 months+ - a long time ago.

My son has a major peanut allergy along with many severe enviro. allergies, but according to his new allergist, not significant other food allergies. He was tested recently for milk and soy to which he reacted, but not severely according to his dr. He has eczema that come and go and has always battled it, even as an infant. His dr. says that he cannot def. say that he is "allergic" to milk b/c his skin reacts to even the control (water) slightly. But his arms just light up when they test him for everything, pretty much.

Most recently he's been on Florstor Kids (SOOO expensive!), Benefiber powder and his allergist just told me to put him on Lactulose liquid (sp?), even AFTER I told him that my son already has major stomach pain, gas and cramps (all side effects of Lactulose) and after we discussed his possible allergy or sensitivity to milk?!? My son rarely eats a "real" meal, if at all, cries at the table over his food after he tells me he's very hungry, but just can't eat it b/c his belly hurts. My son is thin and underwight, he east NOTHING. I've stopped letting him drink cow's milk (or soy for that matter) myself, but don't know whether to cut out ALL dairy, yogurt...the allergist says we'll discuss it at his next appt....right. Can't wait.

Also I guess something imp. to note - he ALWAYS has some form of poop in his diaper. Yes, I said diaper b/c he CAN go pee on the potty and wants to use the potty, but cannot be w/o a diaper at anytime b/c there is always poop literally hanging out of his bum. There is always poop, whether it's formed, which is the case most of the time, or a loose kind of liquid in his diaper. He runs into another room to cross his legs ALL day, even in public and shouts and cries if you even look at him. He strains so hard.

I cannot tell you how frustrated we are for him. We are afraid that he will still be in a diaper when he enters school and will be picked on-or worse. As I mentioned before, I am only being dismissed by the drs. and I can only look to you all for some informed advice.

By the way, we did try craniosacral therapy once, can't really comment on what that did or didn't do, but that was a while ago. Should I try acupuncture? Diet changes? Doctor changes? Does this sound at all like it's merely behavioral on his part? If you can, please help - I am at my wit's end and sad everyday for him.

Many thanks to you all for your precious time reading this message!!!
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Please move over to March thread...

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Just wanted to reply quickly and then I'll move to March...cmadb12, it doesn't sound behavioral AT ALL to me. I mean, WTH? He's not acting out to get attention, he's physically uncomfortable. A diet change may help, but he needs some healing. Craniosacral therapy would be great, but you really need to stick to it. I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's really heartbreaking. Please join us in the March thread. The ladies here will have a lot to offer you.
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