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Originally Posted by firefaery
Not at all. Yeast is just one thing this diet fixes, as is diarrhea (though one can cause the other ) It really does so much more. Welcome! You'll find alot of support here, and you'll be suprised how well you can eat on this program.
Soooo glad you guys are here! At the risk of sounding overly-enthusiastic, I have to say that I was in HEAVEN today eating my legal foods (and recipies). I shopped & cooked ALL day. (After that TED, this was like gourmet eating to me!)

I made the muffins (apple & banana), made the peanut butter chicken, and the chicken soup. YUM to all of them! Gave dd1 all of it and dd2 had cooked pears today.

I also found a source of raw milk & goat's milk too. I can get some on Tuesday.

Originally Posted by JaneS
You can use fruit juice for sweetening too. I sometimes cook frozen fruit and puree it (straining out seeds of strawberries/rasp/blackberries for DS) and it makes a great sauce. Yummy over yogurt or added to smoothies. Or boiled down a bit, a great syrup.
Thank you! I'm weird about saccharine too.

Raw milk is not essential but yogurt is, so start that first.
Do you mean I can have the Dannon plain yogurt that I bought today for my starter? Should I eat that instead of waiting to make my own?

Gotta ask you ladies about minerals later on . . . enough from me for now!

I'm just soooo excited! After yesterday's almost-throwing-my-hands-up day, this is great! Thank you soooo much!
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I have the text of an article here:

"Effects of chronic administration of Stevia rebaudiana on fertility in rats"
Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Volume 67, Issue 2 , November 1999, Pages 157-161

But when I copied to the disk at the library the tables and figures didn't copy. I'll try again next time. I think my next trip will be early March.

Here's the abstract:
A study conducted on prepubertal male rats showed that chronic administration (60 days) of a Stevia rebaudiana aqueous extract produced a decrease in final weight of testis, seminal vesicle and cauda epididymidis. In addition, the fructose content of the accessory sex glands and the epididymal sperm concentration are decreased. Stevia treatment tended to decrease the plasma testosterone level, probably by a putative affinity of glycosides of extract for a certain androgen receptor, and no alteration occurred in luteinizing hormone level. These data are consistent with the possibility that Stevia extracts may decrease the fertility of male rats.


I am drinking something with stevia in it right now, but I have reduced my consumption and I am reducing Frederick's. I don't want to be blamed 20 years from now for a reduction in the size of his testes.

Edited: The amount of stevia used in the study is much higher than would be used to sweeten some food. And they used the leaf I believe which is what's in the products I use. So basically, we don't really know. That's why I'm cutting back.
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I was just going to post...we don't know. I don't use it. Period. As far as the remedy, there is no book I can refer you to. I am highly against treating myself in a constitutional way. No book, website or anything else you could get your hands on will list all the remedies. There are thousands. New ones are being proven constantly and there are such tiny nuances that to get it done properly you really need to see a classically trained homeopath. My dd's first remedy was firefly. It had just been proven and was not found in texts anywhere, but ot was perfect and we saw immediate results. It's really hard, but it's one area I don't compromise on. I know alot about homeopathy and can treat most anyone in acute situations...but NEVER constitutionally. I actually drive over two hours and pay through the nose to see my DhT who is also an MD (no longer practiced that way, but holds his license and therefore is able to order lab testing and such...) He is the president of the national center for homeopathy and is UNREAL. I am learning alot from him. I would definitely encourage you to find someone that can help you down this path. It is gentle and very effective. Hope that was helpful!
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Do you happen to know where I can find a description/profile for someone who is calcium carbonate? You know, the list of things.. "you might be a calcium carbonate if..." I've looked for it a bit and so far haven't seen my homeopath in ages except for in passing. The remedy saved me in pregnancy and pulsatilla changed Frederick's behavior when he was almost a year.

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Originally Posted by Pookietooth
Thanks, Jane. I will also ask my homeopath, she had said vitamins for small kids weren't good because they are hard on the kidneys, but maybe these would be better.

DS will be three this coming Wednesday. I would like to make him an SCD-legal birthday cake. Any ideas? Has anyone tried the banana cake from BTVC, and if so, what size pan did you use and how long did you bake it for? (that info is not in the recipe).
We are avoiding the chemical forms of vitamins for that reason, the synthetic vitamin A palmitate that is in all vitamins, iron which is hard on sensitive digestions, etc.

I didn't get the Brainchild vitamins b/c it has calcium ascorbate which is a no-no. So I pick and choose.... in addition to the minerals I makes sure DS gets C and A and D. I'm afraid of the B's (hyperactivity).

I have made the banana cake in a large rectangular pyrex, forget how long to bake it though. The cashew butter cake recipe I posted a while ago is yummy.
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Originally Posted by Annikate
Do you mean I can have the Dannon plain yogurt that I bought today for my starter? Should I eat that instead of waiting to make my own?
No, did I say that? make that 24 hr. yogurt mama!
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Those are good sites, but again you are treating acutely as opposed to constitutionally...but you may get some relief. Just don't be suprised if the picture changes frequently. When you treat specific symptoms and they resolve others tend to crop up, or they resolve for a couple of weeks and return. Just don't get fed up with it. It really can work well!
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I'm subbing to this.

My DD has some pretty terrible eczema all over her legs. It's not terribly obvious until you rub them. They're all dry and rough. My DH says it's just because it's winter and apparently he still get's it this time of year. Is this really just a winter thing? I can't imagine that regular moisturizing alone is the solution. DD has not had anything like this before (may be very milk dry skin, but not actual areas that look like eczema).

DS has a couple of spots of eczema on his legs to. I get worried about it though because I'm scared of a relapse (he had terrible eczema ftom about 4 till 10 months old, and we fixed it with an elimiation diet).

My skin seems fine, but I feel tired all the time. I've been soaking all my grains now but I don't feel that's enough. My DH says I'm, obsessing over this stuff. But, I just don't feel 100%, and I'm a little worried about the kids, so I need to trust my instinct right? He's really supportive of almost all the things I do, but I wish he'd take this more seriously Where are those library books on SCD and live-foods that I was supposed to get!

I obviously have plenty of reading to catch-up on so I'll see ya around...
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Nevermind. Didn't see Amanda's post...though I was responding to something else. That'll teach me to jump the gun! Amanda-that's a great site for what you need. Sorry!
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Originally Posted by JaneS
No, did I say that? make that 24 hr. yogurt mama!
I thought you meant that the yogurt was more imortant than the raw milk - - guess it was wishful thinking.
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Annikate, 24 hr yogurt is simple. And I can tell you a great way to make it if you are lacking a yogurt maker and a thermometer (is that how you spell it, it looks weird )

All you need is your starter, glass jars (mason jars are great) and awool blanket (thick one, we usually use an army blanket, but it is on our bed so we have the maker).

Get your milk ready--since we don't do dairy, you'll have to defer to the experts on whether you boil it or not, especially the raw stuff. Anywho, once that part is done, you want to get the milk down to 120 degrees so you can add the starter (and not cook all the beneficial bacteria). Since I don't want to wait long, I sit my pot in cold water and stir constantly (takes 2 min or so). You are at 120 degrees when you can put your finger in and count to 10, slowly. At this point you'll already have the starter in the jar and add your milk, while mixing.

Cover the jars w/the lids (different from a maker) and wrap the wool blanket all over it and under it and on top of it.

Let sit for 24 hrs. If the yogurt is not tart when you take it out, feel free to let it sit for some more. Refridgerate for a couple of hrs before using.

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Admittedly, it's been awhile, but isn't 120 too high a temp? I'll have to go back and look, but I though that the temp shouldn't exceed 110 to keep the cultures alive? I will dig, but I could swear Elaine said 100-110 degrees...
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firefaery, I have actually been working with a constitutional homeopath, but I'm not totally pleased with the results. She's a friend's mom, so it's free, but I think maybe it may be worth it to find someone else.

Jane: why is calcium ascorbate a no-no? I have been taking it myself. Oops!
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Yeah...I wenet through several classical homeopaths (who weren't truly classical) before finding mine. My general rule was to give them a year, and if I got no results I moved on. With this one we had results immediately. I am totally willing to pay his fees because he is dead on every time. OT-my mother finally agreed to see him. She had leukemia and was going in for round four of chemo. I begged for over a year, and since her dad just died (of the same kind of leukemia) she decided to try another route. Her only physical symptom was that the lymph nodes in her neck were swollen larger than her head. After the FIRST visit and the initial dose of her remedy they decreased by half. It's now been almost three weeks and you can't see them anymore. I was very confident referring her to him, because he's THAT GOOD! Everyone deserves a practitioner like that! I love homeopathy It's also a huge bonus that he's an MD, he called her oncologist (who told her she couldn't out off chemo for two weeks to see the homeopath first) and reviewed her chart with him and basically said "there's no reason that she has to do this now." What could the doc say? This was a respected MD looking at the chart, reading it correctly and he was right. A regular old homeopath wouldn't have that kind of clout. I feel really lucky. Any way...back to healing the gut!
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Originally Posted by firefaery
Admittedly, it's been awhile, but isn't 120 too high a temp? I'll have to go back and look, but I though that the temp shouldn't exceed 110 to keep the cultures alive? I will dig, but I could swear Elaine said 100-110 degrees...

Good question!! I could have sworn it was not to let it get over 120 degrees, but I could be mistaken. My yogurt has always turned out excellent and very tart (as already discussed). I know that when I was a raw foodist, the temperature where things started 'cooking' was 120 degrees, so maybe that is where I'm pulling that # from. But my book is in my room w/my sleeping baby, so can't look it up right now.
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I posted awhile back about getting a live blood analysis done and finding yeast, fungus, and parasites. I'm basically supposed to be on a candida diet. I don't know why I'm taking molybdenum only... next time I will bring a tape recorder along to record what she is saying... I couldn't keep track of it all.

I'm struggling on the diet... I can't stay away from chocolate. That's an advantage of the SCD-you can't have chocolate, but at least you can make other sweets!

You all are doing great for making or even considering making the changes you are!

Jane, have you been on the SCD for almost a year now? Are you going to remain on it, or what are your plans?
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Amy-you're right about the raw foods thing, but I think 120 is the temp that you can no longer stand having your finger in the water...which I wouldn't do in the yogurt anyway just becasue of my personal concerns about contamination. If that's the way you're doing it though, you probably aren't actually getting to 120. That's the good news! I did look it up and Elaine says in BTVC (pg. 158) to keep it between 100 and 110. I did read somewhere that it was okay to get it up to 115, but everything else said 110. And just to clarify, you can heat the milk higher, but the cultures shouldn't be exposed to heat higher than 110.
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Jane, what minerals do you give ds? Are they a liquid, tablet, or what? Dd's doctors want her on a multi vitamin, and I've tried the Kirkman's capsule opened up and mixed in her food, but she usually refuses to eat whatever I mix it in.
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Originally Posted by sarahariz
I'm struggling on the diet... I can't stay away from chocolate. That's an advantage of the SCD-you can't have chocolate, but at least you can make other sweets!
I'm mourning the loss of my chocolate too. (And rocky road ice cream.)

ETAsk: Is butter (i.e., Land O' Lakes or similar) allowed on the SCD? I don't think I read anything about that. (Hope to get the book soon.)
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