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I've got a pretty good start on editing out the comments from this thread already. Wouldn't have a clue how to make it available, and it could use some formatting, tho. ?? Would it be of any help?
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i copied everything into a word document and edited out personal comments to make it shorter. would be glad to share it with everyone, but i dont know how to.....
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scoutycat & cookiemama: If I PM you both with my email address, could you send me what you've done as an attachment? Then maybe pinky and I could split it up and do some formatting/editing. Also, did either of you get the prior thread from Jan '03? I'll see if I can find a link to it.

grumo: I hear what you're saying . . . I guess I need to go check out her site and see what it says. Off the top of my head, I don't really think someone "claim" ideas like fingerpainting with goop and making collage with noodles, but if she has really creative things and specifically asks for credit, then we'll need to find a way to credit her. KWIM? Or it may be that we have to exclude her stuff from our compiled list and then let people go to her site on their own -- I know that making one copy for yourself (of anything - even copyrighted material) is legal. It's when you start making multiple copies and distributing.

That said, is there anyone here who does NOT want their ideas included in a master list that is circulated to some people? Guess we better ask!
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Here' the prior thread:


It even contains a link an earlier thread that ended up having some good ideas mixed into a lot of discussion. If scoutycat and cookiemama haven't entered this one yet, does anyone else want to start with a page or two?
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Okay, I'm in for the Magical Childhood site. I'll check in with an eta when I get into it. I'll just format on Word.

Again...sooo excited for this, thanks Breathe
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Thanks for doing this, y'all! Keep us updated!
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Speaking more as a person than as a lawyer, I'd have to say that I agree that Alicia should be given credit for any ideas that come from her site, and that you should talk to her about even putting her ideas on the site before you do that. I'm sure she'd be totally amenable -- her newsletter is free -- but it would be courteous to confirm with her first.

I figure, if fingerpainting with goop is such an easy idea to develop, then why didn't we do it? She obviously has some unique and interesting ideas or we wouldn't all be loopy over them.

---I guess what I'm saying is, even if it's the kind of idea we COULD have come up with, we didn't and she did, so she deserves credit for her creative thinking and her dedication to disseminating the information to help other mamas make their kids' childhoods magical.---
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So, I got started.

Fraya, I think you must be talking about the owner of Magical Childhood. I have thought about e-maling her and I will. She says on her site not to "steal" her stuff but I don't know what she would consider stealing but I will ask first.

There is a lot of stuff on Magical Childhood and but I have started. It might take me a while and I'm editing, BTY, which will reflect my own bias...hope you don't mind.

I am also editing for Toddlers because I just can't do the older child stuff and I don't think it would fit well here.
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Hi. Wanted to join this thread. It looks great. I have twins that are 14 and toddlin' around and a 2 1.3 yo known as Izzy the Destroyer in our home. (Plus a 5 yo)
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Yes, I was talking about Alicia, the person who does Magical Childhood. I think that at the end of her newsletter she says to feel free to pass the info along but not to steal it as that would be rude. I should think that the difference is sharing the information with others you think would enjoy it (fine) vs. using the material for financial gain (not fine, and not even something that she does -- I don't think she even advertises on her website, so she makes no money on it).

Since you're not planning to make money on the site, I think she'd be fine with it. I just think that it's polite to ask. I know I'd appreciate it if I were her. Besides, it's a great compliment to her.

I think your assembling these ideas is wonderful. I try to keep a list of ideas handy, but lately (after 2 weeks stuck in the house during a snow/ice storm set) I've been so lacking in the creativity department. Having some inspiration makes me feel enthused and better about how I'm doing as a mom.
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So I have been thinking about this thread and your ambitions, and I thought I'd tell you what I think would be great to come out of your efforts. In addition to producing a document you could email around and print up, it would be great if we replaced this sticky with all the ideas at the beginning of the thread.

Sorry I can't volunteer my help, but I am over volunteered as it is. One of the perils of not having a paying job, I think!
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Now that spring is just around the corner, anyone have any great ideas for warm weather activities?? I have a few: foot painting with large mural paper, non-toxic paint and a shallow tray to put paint in, then let 'em dance across the paper!!! How about crayon rubbings with things you collect on your walks. Place a leaf under a piece of paper and colour over top of it with crayon. Another is make an outdoor fort or obstacle course using all sorts of fun things!
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so did the activities here ever compliled into a document? if they did i'd appreciate being sent a copy

i have a warm-weather activity. we go to the city lake and feed the ducks. and we also blow bubbles outside.
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You know, I used to enjoy blowing bubbles outside when I lived in Minnesota in the winter. They freeze, so you can actually catch them sort of. That could be a fun activity.
Lately our greatest outdoor activity has been gardening, and eating lowquats from the tree. DD loves them (she is the only one ) and spends hours picking them and peeling them and eating them. They are kinda sour..
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fyrflymommy, No the document was never finished . . . at least not by me. It's pretty high on my interest list, but low in practicality! If you're interested in helping, maybe we could crank it our quicker?

Jacq, what on earth is a lowquat?!?
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I haven't read through this entire thread, but I noticed an interest in separating the toddler activities into two groups. I would be willing to oversee the 24mo and up group if someone else isn't already doing it. I haven't see the thread. So, do I just need to start a new thread? How does this work?
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Here's a couple ideas I stole from a magazine:

Something Fishy:

1-Grab a pail, and scout your backyard or the beach for smooth, flat stones in various shapes & sizes.

2-Have your child paint the surface of each rock with acrylic paint. Experiment with fun colors like hot pink and electric green. Let dry.

3-To bring the fish to life, glue on a googly eye and a feather for the tail. Be creative with the details-use the wooden tip of a paintbrush dipped in paint to add scales, squiggles, polka dots, or a smile.

Tie-dye discs:

Materials: Basket-style coffee filters; scissors; cup of water; washable markers in several colors.

1-Cut out the center circle of the coffee filter. Use a pencil to poke a hole in the middle of the circle.

2-Draw a ring of dots and lines half an inch from the hole with different colored markers.

3-Cut one wedge out of the leftover scalloped part of the coffee filter, and roll it up to form a wick. Push the wick halfway through the hole so it sticks out on both sides.

4-Set the filter on top of the cup so that the wick touches the water. Watch as the ink slowly travels to the edge of the circle.

5-Try other colors and new patterns. Make a prediction about what will happen before you set the filter on top of the cup.

As the water moves through the fibers in the wick toward the edges of the filter, it dissolves the ink and pulls it outward. Some colors dissolve more easily than others, so they travel different distances.

Ice Balloons:

Materials: Several balloons; water; freezer; deep bowl; flashlight.

1-Put equal amounts of water into the balloons so they are each about 3 inches in diameter. Let any air out before you tie them off, and put them into the freezer.

2-The next day, cut away the balloon with scissors, and examine the ice inside.

Do you think the ice balls will float or sink? Fill the bowl with water and find out.

Sprinkle salt on an ice ball, and discover what happens. Sprinkle sugar on an ice ball and see what happens (compare the results).

Go into a dark room or closet, and shine a light through one of the ice balls. Observe what happens.
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Hey, Lisa, go for it!
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please add me to this list i would love to do some activities with my 18 month old son owen.. we sometimes get bored on the rainy days when we cant really play outside all day!! Lynn
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Just want to subscribe and don't find a button anywhere to do so.. so here I am.

Thanks for the ideas everyone. If I ever have anything to contribute.. I certainly will.

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