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not sure if this has been posted yet or not (sorry - not time to cruise through all the posts!):

sometimes we let our dd help us cook (2yo) and some times having her 'help' just doesn't work. the other day i was cooking rice, and needed to distract dd from helping, so i gave her the rest of the uncooked rice, a few small bowls, a plastic funnel, and a few small measuring cups and she went to town! for about 30 minutes, she poured rice from bowl to bowl, let the rice run through her fingers, pretended to eat it (well, and ate some of it too....) but overall had a lot of fun. this might be more of an outdoors thing, unless you don't mind having to sweep/vacuum afterwards. good texture, noise, etc.

i think next time i'll let her play with some dried beans that have been languishing in the pantry for the last year. i'm pretty sure they're small enough to not be a choking hazard, although we're pretty much past that stage...
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thought of another one:

prolly a bit too soon for my 2yo, but making necklaces/bracelets out of different types of pasta. a lot of the noodles have big holes you could string a shoelace through (the ends won't fray like regular yarn or whatever,) and sometimes you can buy colored pasta. failing that, you could let the child color the pasta with regular old markers, thereby designing their own 'beads'! generic pasta is pretty cheap and you can always take the necklace apart and reuse the pasta too.
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Originally Posted by Breathe
Welcome, All! The sharing continues! If you're just joining us, be sure to check out the thread for January with lots of cool ideas for activities for toddlers:


Here's the updated schedule for posting this month and next -- and of course I'm happy to add anyone who wants to join in!

2/2 sleepies & Hannah
2/9 momcat & peggy
2/16 Bella's Mama & lisa2s
2/23 grumo & carminex
3/2 oceanbaby & mama2kyla
3/9 brookelynnp & tinaq
3/16 MirandaW & MegsMom
3/23 LiminalOne & reesa
3/30 Drewsmom and Aloha Deb

Keep up the great work, mamas!
I would like to join in... how exactly does it work? Is it that you assign a week to a mommy and she shares activities or milestones here DC have reached that week?

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Deanna, that is how it worked but it was over two years ago! If you want to go ahead and take a week, please do!
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Should we start a new thread since the original is so old or continue with this one?
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I'm jumping in, but just reading until I figure out how this works.
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A new one might not be a bad idea.
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subscribing this thread is cool.
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Can I play too? I just found this thread.

I have a 2.5 year old.
One thing that she thought was fun was to make edible snowflakes.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. You take a large flour (works better, more plyable) tortilla. Fold it in 1/2, then 1/2 again. Cut shapes (triangles etc) out of it to make a snowflake (like you do for paper snowflakes)-The fancy scissors would make this look even better.

Unfold and place on a cookie sheet.
Mix sugar and cinnamon together and sprinke on top.
Cook for 7-10 mins until the sugar is melted and bubbly (give or take a few mins)

Let cool and eat.
Also, I bought a bunch of different grades of sandpaper. I had her color them (I also drew a picture) on the rough part.
Hear up the iron.
Iron the sandpaper sheet, rough side down onto a sheet of paper.
The heat melts the crayon into a pointalistic picture rendition.
The different grades make each picture look different, and then explain why.
Fun stuff!

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My DD's 13 month old list of words so far:

3.Boohbah (the show for babies and her favorite, of course - "MMMM...bah!")
4.Hisssssssss (her way of identifying cats). She also now says Cat.
5.Paula (name of my parents' dog)
10.Book ("Gook")
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Was a new one started? I'd love some ideas for a 3 and 1 yo.
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