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Wow -- Thanks, Dana! Finally a use for all those unsolicited junk mail CD's from AOL!!!
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Oh yeah what a great idea .We also made a fridge but it was a bit too tippy and I'm afraid he enjoys the real thing too much.
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Usually I just lurk, but I have a question. The nonpop bubbles recipe calls for glycerin. Is this glycerin soap and do you grate it? Or can you buy just glycerin - if so, where?

P.S. I love this thread and check it all the time. Thanks so much for all the ideas.
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You should be able to buy glycerin at a drugstore. I have before. It is not glycerin soap... Of course I requisition glycerin from my lab (ultra pure ) but I don't thinkI can send some to everyone...
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If you can't find glycerin at the drugstore, I think I got mine at the craft store.

Speaking of non-pop bubbles, has anyone had any luck making bubble solution with health food dishwashing soap. I've tried Ecover and 7th Generation (with glycerin added) and they don't bubble very well. I think I'll have to go with Joy, but would prefer not to cause ds thinks its funny to get so much soap in his mouth by sucking on the wand that he can blow bubbles without using the wand. can you say, yummy?

thanks for any tips
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We got one of those bubble 'kits' that has a large (about 8in diameter) plate/bowl thing for the bubble solution and two 8in diameter bubble wands, with small 'bubble holes' in it. It's made to wave through the air instead of being blown through. We just got it on the toy isle of the grocery store (I think.) My dd can wave it around. (She cannot blow bubbles the normal way, yet.) The big plus is that the bubbles don't get poured on the ground after 20 seconds. (I especially like one of the wands because I can make a bubble bigger than a basketball and dd yells "big bubble, big bubble".) We play with it almost everyday.

I do have a question: What's the trick to making homemade bubbles? I have glycerin and Joy, but maybe I'm doing the proportions wrong. The bubbles barely hold together if they form at all... especially the big wands. (We did get a gallon of the storebought kind when it was on sale and it works fine... what recipe should I be using?

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I hope this hasn't been posted yet, I haven't read through all the great ideas yet, but wanted to add one my daughter really likes. Friday is Clean Sheet Day in our house, and when I'm putting the sheets back on our queen size bed, we play parachute with the big flat sheet. I just flap it up really high, and let it fall down on us, and then pretend I can't find Sarah, when I see her, I make a big deal out of it. Boy, does she laugh! Hope this helps someone!
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I am so glad this thread is still alive!! Thank you all for posting your ideas I get so much from it!
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Bubble recipie

Oh, I would love to get a bubbles recipie.

Does anyone have one?
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I found out a couple more ideas this weekend.
For older toddlers who are beginning represetnational drawing. Make a listening drawing. Go outside and draw yourself in the middle of the page. Then listen all around you and draw the sounds that you hear. They were doing this in a museum where they had natural sounds piped in, but DD is way too young. I also didnt' want her to embelish the real art so I didnt' let her draw at all

And while the food coloring is out, a cool touch tray can be made with cooked spagetti which has been dyed different colors. I suppose you may need to add oil to it so the noodles don't stick. I will try it out soon.

And, this weekend at a part the kids made maracca's (sp?) with clear plastic bottles and different colored beans (the host had washed and dried the beans so the inside doesn't get dusty). DD couldn't care less, but the older kids (2-3 yo) really got into it. Then we glued the lids shut and decorated with stickers and played rythm section.
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Here is a flagrant copyright violation of a couple of websites that had bubble recipes. Basicly they are all the same as the one given by mama2kyla, but there were some additional tips too

•1 gallon water
•½ cup Joy ® dish washing liquid
•¼ cup glycerin (from your local pharmacy or supermarket)
This solution gets better with age. The longer it sits, the stronger the bubbles.

4 ½ cups water
½ cup dishwashing detergent
½ cup corn syrup or glycerin

Combine water and detergent.
Stir well, but do not shake.
For stronger bubbles, add ½ cup corn syrup or glycerin, or more detergent.
Experiment with different brands of dishwashing detergent until you find one that works best for you.
HINT: Playing with bubbles can be messy and slippery! Try blowing bubbles outdoors, near the kitchen sink, or in the bathtub! Watch your step so you don’t fall on slippery spills.

Do you want bigger, better bubbles? Try these bubble tips:

If you get a lot of small bubbles instead of one big one, you are probably blowing too hard or you have the bubble wand too close to your mouth.

Finish your bubble with a quick twist of your wrist to seal it.

Prepare your bubble solution two to three days in advance. Save any extra bubble solution to use later.

Make sure your bubble maker and anything your bubble may touch is wet.

Let the bubble maker sit in the bubble solution for a few seconds. Don't slosh it around the solution - this creates suds and foam, which are bubble busters!

Look for cool humid days, shady areas. Avoid windy days!
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Thank you for the bubble recipie!! I appreciate it!
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AutumnWind was wondering about using glue with babies. I've had success using clear contact paper. Cut a picture frame shape out of construction paper. Then peel the backing off a piece of clear contact paper and center it in the frame. Then have baby stick whatever -- leaves, confetti, feather, ribbon curls, tissue paper onto the paper. It really sticks fairly well. I had my playgroup kids make these as Valentines this year. I cut red out heart-shaped frames and they added red and pink ribbons, feather and pieces of paper doily. It was a big hit!
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Back soon for my week...
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I am mostly drawing from Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready, making modifications for how Meg liked things. Meg is 15 months so my ideas are based pretty much near this age.

1. WHAT IS MOVING? Get three objects and tie a string to each one with about a foot extra length hanging off. Cover all three objects with something, leaving the strings hanging out. Tug on a string and let the child guess which object you are tugging on. Meg wasn't too into guessing but she loved watching the objects appear and disappear from the towel. We just did one or two at a time, not all three.

2. LOOK AT ME Lay the child down on a big piece of paper and trace around her body. Together, draw facial features, clothing items, etc., and name them. Let the child point to different parts and name them for her, or name things and let her point, etc. Leave the drawing out for a long time, maybe hang it on the fridge.

3. LET'S PLAY BALL Meg loves balls. About six inches in diameter is a great size for rolling and catching, but many other sized provide good variety and encourage different skills. We roll the ball back and forth between us, throw it at targets, bounce a small plastic one on wood or tile, bounce Meg up and down on a really large one, etc. Much fun!

4. CONTAINERS AND LIDS Variations on this have been mentioned before but there are just so many great ideas with these as well. Get about six containers with their lids, some different sizes and some similar. Let the child just explore with them for a while, trying different lids on different containers, nesting the containers, etc. Then if you want, show her which lids go with which containers. Maybe put out one or two containers with the wrong lids and see how she reacts. Lots of fun!

5. PICK UP Get several objects like a cup, a block, a spool, a clothespin, a spoon, etc. Also get a paper bag they will all fit into. Name each object for the child and let her take them all in and out of the bag, maybe making requests to her along these lines. Encourage her to find other things to put in the back. Lay all the objects out and say the name of one of them and ask her to put it in the bag. Do the rest of them, and do the same thing taking them out. Again, lots of variations.

I'm always reminded by ideas like this that the simplest things can provide a lot of entertainment for little ones who are discovering objects and tasks for the first time!

Enjoy those babes!
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Two groups Yes!

I also think it would be great to have a thread for the 2t crowd.

Thanks for doing this! I get so many great ideas!!!!!!!!
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Apologies if some of these ideas have already been thrown out - I haven't had time to keep up with this thread the past couple of weeks. Anyway, here goes:

1. Laundry basket fun - Dd is obsessed with laundry baskets. She sits in one while I push her around the house. Recently, she's also been putting her stuffed animals in the basket and taking them for rides. You can also hide things under them and play peek-a-bo.

2. Now that it's spring, dd likes to copy me in the garden. I've set aside a patch for her to dig in and gotten her some shovels, buckets and a watering can. Older kids can plant their own seeds, take care of the plants and watch things grow. Herbs are easy, and depending on the climate, you could also plant vegetables and fruit and enjoy the results at the end of the summer.

3. As my family lives on the other side of the Atlantic, we've started sending artwork over. Older kids can draw things for grandparents etc to color in and send back and vice versa. All kids like getting mail and something like this helps them to keep in touch with family that aren't as close as you might likes. It also helps grandparents to feel more involved.

4. I used to do this with the 2.5 y.o. when I was a nanny. We'd go out for a walk and find some nice big rocks. When we got home, she'd spend hours outside washing all of the dirt off of them and letting them dry. When this was done, we used to paint them. They can then be given to people as gifts or you can make a nice rock garden in the yard.

5. Dd also loves playing tapping games. We'll tap the table rhythmically, and say stop, throwing our hands up in the air. Now that she's starting to talk she loves to do this herself and even plays with her own reflection in the mirror. It's great for when you're out to eat etc and they start to get restless.

Enjoy the week - hope these prove to be of some use to you!
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Thanks, reese, can't wait to try them out - esp. the tapping!
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April activities?

Will this thread keep going this spring? If so sign me up, if you need me!
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A couple more to add for this week. Finn's 21 months to give you an age guide.

1) Reversals - have your toddler help you get dressed. Finn thinks it's crazy and laughs so hard even if he doesn't manage to get my sock on the foot at all.

2) Make your own push toy with a paint roller. We have a paint roller without the fabric thing that we've attached to a curtain rod (you could probably use a dowel as well) and Finn spends eons pushing it all over the basement (where we go to do laundry). It's been particularly fun lately b/c the spring thaw has flooded our basement in spots, so he rolls the paint roller throught the puddles, making interesting designs on the floor and getting all wet.

3) Other way - On our first floor, the rooms connect with each other to make a loop, so we spend lots of time just running around in circles. Finn likes to play "other way" where he tells us which way to run and he runs the other direction. When we meet up, he says "other way" again and off we go. He doesn't care much about the speed we run, so in between changing directions, we can often clean up a bit.

4) Wheels on the bus in motion - He still loves this song and to keep me from going crazy, I sometimes sing a version where I make him do all the motions with his whole body. E.g., for the wipers, I lift him up and do the wiper motions from side to side. For the horn, I pull him towards me until our noses touch

These are pretty basic, but I'll try to add some more organized ones later.

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