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Neat activities, mammas! Thanks!

I stumbled onto some neat books I am going to check out at the library to enhance our daily activities with ds.

I thought I'd share them with you:
Just read "You Are Your Child's First Teacher" it was awesome!

The other ones that look really neat in the link below for daily activities are:
"Seven Times the Sun"
"Festivals, Family, and Food"
"Beyond the Rainbow Bridge"
"Children at Play"

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...479119-8225536 ~scroll down to "You may be interested in these items"

Happy playing and many mama blessings to you!!
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Thank you for the rock painting idea! What a great one. We are going to try it out this week.

As for the book recommendations. I loved "You are your child's first teacher also.
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Just two more ideas that I got from the Under the Chinaberry book (which I'm loving).

For a rainy day, put some tempera paint powder on a piece of paper and let the rain paint it.

Grow real grass for your easter or equinox baskets by buying some wheat grass seeds at the health food store and sprouting them in a little bit of water (takes I think about 7 days)

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Thanks for the activity idea, Lim One. So that book is good (Under the Chinaberry Tree)?? I saw it yesterday at the book store. Caught my eye b/c is has mindful parenting in the title...hmmn. Maybe I will have to buy it. Have you seen their website? I looked it up when I got home from the store yesterday. http://www.chinaberry.com/showsearch...hinaberry+tree

Anyone here been able to go on a bug hunt this spring in your yard or nearby park? Ds is 15 months and loves it! I really want to buy the book "Earthways" to get more outdoor/environment ideas. Flying a kite is another thing we will be doing soon. Here's a website with kite making instructions.http://search.family.go.com/family/q...eyword&qt=kite

Peace to you all!
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EARTH'S BEST Baby food jar lables

I was wondering if anyone can help me out.

I am looking for labels from EARTH'S BEST baby food. If you have any that you would be willing to give me I would appreciate it!

They come off really easy with just a short soak in water. I can make arrangements to get them off line -- just PM me.

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In the kitchen:
DD helps me to cut mushrooms with a butter knife.
DD gets things out of the fridge / puts them back for me.
She pours for me, helps me with soups, salads, etc.

In the bathroom:
She helps scrub the tub: she pours the baking soda in with a shaker and sprays the soap.
I have made her her own "mouthwash" using a tiny drop of DHs mouthwash, water and a bit of rose water (food grade). She knows how to spit and doesn't swallow.

In the living room:
We've made a game of sticking stickers all over an office-sized steel filing cabinet. One day I will shelac it.

We make our own playdough.

DD gives the cat fresh water.

At the laundrymat:
DD puts the quarters in, helps put in the clothes, take them out, etc.
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28 (almost) m old Sam is obsessed with feeding the birds- he has a little wooden feeder, which he can set in a bin of sunflower seeds and fill with a little cup (we use a funnel for his thistle feeder)- if he spills, no biggie, it's in the bin. then he carries it and he must be the one to put it on a little branch (sometimes i lift him, if we are in a hurry; sometimes we get the step-stool.)

we also make 'suet' cakes from peanut butter, some kind of fat, & enough good corn meal to make a stiff dough- great fun to mush up and form into the little plastic form (we just bought a store-bought suet package to get the container for it.) he has had two kinds of woodpeckers now, and is getting very familiar with all the different kinds of birds.

we have got more bird crap on our car than anyone in the neighborhood:
there are tradeoffs

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Toddler Activities

My ds is 15 months old and I am loving to see him explore the mama earth this spring. It's so good for his soul and mine. Here are some fun things for the younger ones(and older ones too ) to do outside, no purchases are necessary:

Mama earth is the teacher~Take them to a park, open field, etc. and let them lead the way. Stay close and treat everything as a learning experience for them. If they want to touch the rocks, water, dirt, whatever it is a huge pleasure for them. My dh and I went for a walk to the local park and dh told ds dont go in the water. Which is hugely frustrating for a child that wants to learn EVERYTHING about his environment. So ds was able to get to the edge of the water and splash his hands in the water, throw rocks in the water, and stomp his feet in the water, just at the edge so his feet didnt get real wet (he needs water shoes).

Front and backyard fun~Try not to hover when in a fenced in yard. Let them run, explore, touch, smell, etc. Try to set your yard up so it is a safe place to explore. They need to be able to direct themselves here. They are learning to make decisions here and be in control of their exploring in this activity. If they seem open to your ideas you can show them the bird nests, budding flowers, trees, bugs/worms under rocks, flying birds, butterflies, etc. Let nature take its course here. Have fun, relax and enjoy watching your toddler take charge as much as possible while you try to watch out for any possible accidents that may be prevented here, but try NOT to be overly controlling in this activity.

Go on a picnic~ Make it simple and go somewhere that is toddler friendly so they can have a lot of freedom to run and explore w/o a lot of NOs or "dont do that" to take the fun out. Let them get their faces and clothes dirty with food to allow them to feed themselves. The pure pleasure of feeding oneself AND touching food is a HUGE pleasure to any budding toddler.

My ds is very expressive and bright. I notice that the more I let him lead the way the easier it is on me and the more he feels in control and less frustrated about some of the things he is not able to do. We have a very trusting and close attachment. The more I believe he is able to make his own decisions about what he wants to learn, the closer we become. I hope you have a fun time exploring with your toddler! Happy spring!

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I chanced on another activity this week - it kept dd and her friend occupied for 45 minutes the other day which must be a new record. We filled a bucket with water and threw a bunch of clothes pins in. The two of them spent the whole time taking the pins out, putting them into another bucket and dumping them back in the water. Don't know why it's so interesting, but I've used it all week to keep her amused!
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Thanks, Reesa. Funny, but I was just thinking about this thread today and realizing that it has probably run its course. Curly Locks, I know you expressed interest in keeping it going . . . maybe after some time off we can come back and start again? All of our babies will be older and maybe we'll be ready for new types of activites.

Of course, everyone is welcome to keep posting as great ideas arise -- I'm sure we're all happy to be on the receiving end!

Thanks again, All, for so many fabulous ideas! What lucky babes there are out there in real-life MDC land!
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Meg and I happened upon some water fun yesterday too! Add a sponge to that bucket, and maybe some food coloring, and you'll get even more time out of it! When the sponge gets old, switch to a washcloth. Then a cotton ball. Then a paper towel.
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I think mamas and toddlers need the most help when the activities are indoors, due to weather. Now that the weather is warmer for most maybe they dont need as much input here...So yes a break in lesson plan submissions is in order and keep it flexible. Like you mentioned, mamas should feel free to post/share ideas here in an informal way for the time being.

Happy playing! I think we need clothepins here!
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I'm new here but I had to say

I just love this thread!!! I am such a perfectionist, I'm going to end up copying and pasting all of these ideas into a text file, and then printing them up so I can refer to them often. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to write all of these fun ideas down! And thanks for thinking of them LOL. My brain is filled with cobwebs so I'm always looking for inspiration and creative help

I just started reading the threads from January and I have to say that I could really identify with so many of the mommies who felt "inferior" because they hadn't come up with some of these ideas on their own. I find myself feeling that way a lot of times but I'm slowly getting better at just telling myself that I have come up with things that others might not have thought of and that it really doesn't matter in the scheme of things because my son loves me no matter what I think of on my own LOL. So, to all you mommies who feel inferior in any way - STOP! You are the mommy you know how to be, nothing more and certainly nothing less. I'm just glad we all have a support system here for when we need that bit of encouragement when we are feeling down, or for a pat on the back when we want to celebrate something.

Anyway, before I go on and on let me stop now! Just wanted to express my gratitude for this very creative thread, plus introduce myself here.

Hoping to be back frequently!

Teresa... SAHM to Tristan (2/1/01)
Slightly AP, not quite crunchy though LOL.
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Teresa~ to MDC!!!!!
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Fun stuff for 22 month old

Here's a few that we've been doing:

1) When DH is working late, I'll setup DD & my dinners on a food tray (legs under flip out so it's low to the floor) and eat in the living room on the floor (..watching tv..). DD loves this and runs circles around my feet while I'm getting the tray ready. You can try this for lunch (I stay away from really messy foods).

2) DD loves playing doggie, we'll both get on all fours and run around the living room barking. To really tire her out, I put a bunch of cushions on the floor and we'll go round and round on those 'till she's pooped out.

3) Roll a ball back and fourth to each other while making silly facial expressions and noises.

4) Stand with her on the bedroom sink counter and make faces or sing with her in the mirror (another favorite activity of hers, esp when she's fresh out of the bath).

Awesome thread, I love all the ideas!
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For months now we've played "deconstruction" with 18-month old DS.
I build a tower out of legos (Duplos, actually) and then ask him to help me pull it apart and put the pieces "back" in the box. He tries very carefully to remove only one piece at a time, and says "back" as he drops them in the original box. We also name the color of each piece as he drops it. Now that he's older (this obviously didn't work when he was 1) I ask him to look for a big piece or a small piece or a piece of a particular color. It helps with language skills and motor skills -- and also makes "putting things away" seem like fun. He has trouble building things himself, so this is the best way for him to interact with lego.
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can i add a couple? i just love this thread. my ds is 14.5 mos.
this is just a good diversion. its only a short little activity to change the atmosphere (if your home feels like crabsville) : put a page or two of the newspaper on the floor, opened up and walk around on it together , enjoying the noise. if you want to extend the newspapers entertainment value, let your child rip it up when you are done walking on it.

this one was very fun for ds too: i took out a deck of cards that i was willing to part with and let him discover them inside the box they come in. first he was facinated with the box, then i showed him how to open it and that there were cards inside. he spend a long time taking them out and examining them, and spreading them out all over the floor. when they were all over and he seemed like he was ready for something else, i gave him a tupperware container to put them all back into. he spent another long time taking them in and out of the container.
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Here's a random one that ds and I discovered yesterday. He ripped off some small pieces of toilet paper and held them in his hand while I was blow drying my hair. I put the dryer on cool and blew the pieces off his hand. He loved it! I think it's a good excercise also in cause and effect. Thanks for the good ideas.

Were there a group of people still who wanted to break off into an older toddler group. Ds is 25 mo.s, I wonder if there would be interest for a post 2 yr old group?
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I'm interested in a post-2-y.o. group, but I cannot say I have a wealth of ideas at present.

We're enjoying beans, playdough, and lots of pretend play. Plus the great outdoors. Love spring (hate allergies, but love spring!)!
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I thought I would add a few of my favorite websites where I find activities. That is besides this thread. They are mostly reccomendations from friends of mine. Maybe other people post their favorite activity websites too. These sites have a lot of ideas for older toddlers and preschoolers too.





(this is DD's favorite, though I admit it is a little like her watching TV it is good when I am trying to work at home.)


Also, I would be interested in any outdoor ideas for blowing off steam in the backyard before I can get the pool out.
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