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Giving up on cloth diapers

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I'm about to give up on cloth. I am using chinese prefolds and covers because I can't afford anything fancy.

I absolutely hate them- it's such a chore. My baby hates the fact that I put a diaper on him and then when he thinks we are done, I have to put a cover on. He gets so impatient and I admit I hate it too because he is a heavy wetter and all I do all day is change diapers!
I use so many dispoasables now that I'm probably not even getting my money's worth out of the cloth.

Also, most of his clothes don't fit with the cloth. I was using bummis wraps but switched to pull up pants since they fit a little better under his clothing.

I thought about switching to fuzzi bunz but I don't know if I would even break even in costs at this point. My baby is 7 months old and I spent around $300 already. Also, I have a friend who uses fuzzi bunz and hers leak all the time. I couldn't afford anything much more than fuzzi bunz.

Any suggestions?
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You could order a couple of FBs and see if they work better for you before buying a lot of them. You could also try buying them used.

As far as ease of diapering goes, you can try tri-folding the PF in the cover rather than folding and pinning/snappi-ing and then putting a cover on. www.diaperpages.com has a picture tutorial. It looks super easy - you could even put the PFs inside the covers straight out of the laundry, then when it comes time to change, you just grab a cover with PF already inserted.
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I tried trifolding but it made the diaper super bulky. The bummis seemed much more bulkier than pull up covers for some reason. I switched to pull up covers so he could fit in his clothes a little better.
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Before you give up, try a bumGenius pocket. Honestly, I see it as the perfect diaper for mamas who are on the fence, and need an easy, economical way to diaper. It should fit through 35 pounds (one mama showed me some pics of it fitting her 45 pound toddler!). Insert is included, it shouldn't leak at all, and it is easy and quick to put on.
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Do you know how to sew? I have CPF's as well and was tired of the folding all the time with such a wiggler. I found a web site http://diapersewing.com/prefold_to_fitted.htm that gives directions on how to sew a PF into a fitted.

If your friend isn't changing her CD child often, the diaper will leak. I change my babe every 2 hours. Even if he were in disposeable, I wouldn't want him sitting in pee and poo for any longer.
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I'm going to second the bumgenius! suggestion. I stuff with two microfiber inserts and my super soaker easily last's 10 hours at night.
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I also recommend Bum Genious they are really easy to use and so far I have had no leaks.
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I understand, but think of environmental impacts, too.
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I have used plain inserts inside covers before, and it works great. You just lay them inside like a contour, and put the cover on. It works just fine, even for poo. You already have the covers, so buying some sherpa with microfiber sandwiched in the middle won't be much of a financial burden.

Also think about how much you would be spending on disposables. Maybe use that money (say $30-$60 a month which is what sposies cost, I think) and buy new cloth diapers with that. After 3 or 4 months you'll have a pretty good stash. So you could conceivably buy 2 bum Geniuses a month. After 4 months you will have 8, so that combined with the PF and covers is a decent stash. You'd have to wash everyday, but I've done that before. You could also get a 6 pack of Kuddly Kreations pockets for $53 (for mediums), which is about 1 months worth of sposies. You already have stuffings. http://kuddlykreations.com/catalog.php?category=19

I hope I'm giving you some encouragement. I'm sorry you are having a rough time, but it is worth it.
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I completely feel your frustration. I have a ds (17mo) who has fought me every diaper change since he was 6mo old. I use mostly pf and wool covers. So far I have just persevered. I do have a few FB's that are definitely easier so I would have to say if you are on the verge of giving up a few FB's or some kind of AIO would be your best option. I know there are many out there new or used that are reasonably priced. You can do this. I have used sposies sporadically and when I first put them on it feels so great because of the ease, but after he has peed or pooped in them it is so nasty compared to when he has his fluff on. I have to remember why I started cloth. Economics played a big part, but so did the environment and my babies sweet skin. I find that I can go to ebay (or find a WHAM sale) about once every month or two and still only spend $20-$30. And that is just to try out a new style or replenish for a new size. Again, don't give up we have all had our doubts. Big
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Consider wool? I lvoe wool and prefolds snapping it shut Works great.
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i would second turning your prefolds into prefitteds...it is super easy to do and will make dipe changes much faster for you and your son.
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I think you would definitely break even or even save money if you bought FB. I bought a dozen mediums in May 2004 and my DS (now 26 months) can still wear them and they are still in good shape (and each one was washed and worn at least 3-4 times per week). Mediums can fit for a long time if your baby isn't really chubby. They are so easy to wash and dry so quickly. Plus they are trim under clothes. My DS definitely prefers them - he complains on the rare occasion he has to wear a sposie. I got a great package deal from www.nurturedfamily.com and www.cottonbabies.com Both places offer free shipping and free inserts with their packages.
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We use a combination of prefolds and covers and fuzzibunz. I love fuzzibunz! I hear the medium lasts a long time. My 4 month old and my special needs 4 year old both wear them with cotton babies microfiber inserts. We do not have leaking - but I am very careful with what I wash them in. Most commercial detergents will cause build up on the fleece, which in turn causes leaking. This might be the problem with your friends diapers. I use a combination of simple green and washing soda and am having great results. (see the faq section at www.sunshinediapers.com for more info on detergents.) You could buy 12 fuzzi bunz plus inserts at Cottonbabies for $167 and wash every day. I don't know how much disposables cost you - but for my kids they run about $15 a week. I would break even after about 11 weeks and I bet my baby will fit the mediums until 16-18 month old.

I have two suggestions for you concerning your prefolds.... I am going to assume that since you have a 7 month old you have the premium sized blue stitched prefolds. What kind of covers do you have?
To make the diapers faster and more absorbant for your baby I think you should trifold them in a wrap cover like a bummis siww or prorap. I found this site to be very helpful with trifolding the diapers....http://members.tripod.com/ulrikedg-ivil/id4.html .
If you decide you still want to pin or snappi, then lay the diaper on the cover and slide the whole thing under baby, fold and snappi, then secure the cover. It eliminates the step of sliding the cover under baby after prefold is snappied. One other idea is to use your prefolds and buy fleece/wool pants or shorts to be used as clothes and cover. Then you won't be putting on diaper then cover then clothes.

***Just editing to say that I reread your original post and noticed that you are using pull on covers now. I didn't realize that before.****

I hope one of these suggestions works for you. Prefolds have a learning curve but they are really nice when you get used to them and find the best way to use them for your baby.
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Fitteds with recycled wool pants/shorties for summer is cheap!
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Awww man. That's a bummer.

I am currently using sposies on my son (19 months), but just ordered a small stash of cds today!!! I'm late to the game, but better late than never, right?

I'm sure it's hard sometimes, but sposies aren't all they are cracked up to be either. Enviroment issues, chemical issues, $$ issues. And they stink too!! Oh, and LEAKING!!! Argh. So annoying. We had to change his diaper, pjs, and the sheets almost EVERY NIGHT for MONTHS because he was a heavy wetter. It only got better when he started sleeping longer stretches and his diapers weren't so heavy. And we use a name brand too!

Anyway, I hope you are able to figure something out. Best of luck!
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