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High uterus

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I was at the doctor today. She was trying to find the baby's heartbeat with the doppler and was having a hard time. Then she went a little higher and found it right away. She said that often babies at this stage (15 weeks) are still hiding lower in the abdomen, but mine was high. Then she felt around and said the top of my uterus was just a smidgen below my belly button. Does this mean I'm going to be huge? I'm already fairly big. This IS my 2nd pregnancy, so I knew I'd get bigger faster, but does having a high baby mean anything?
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I have the same thing going on -- my midwifes have not said anything negative about it. My little ones heartbeat is on the top right side of my uterus, which happens to be right under my belly button as well. I am also 15 weeks (16 weeks tomorrow). I do know that my cevix is tilted really far back - it caused a problem at the delivery of my 3rd baby. Basically I was in full aggressive labor for 5 hours and I was not dialating at all. My midwife had to pull my cervix forward ( with her fingers) with each contraction. Not pleasant!! I also had to put presure on the top of my uterus with my hand and sort of pull up on it with each contration. However I dialated just about 1 cm with each contraction as she did this and I had my baby girl in under 20 minutes!! Had I been in the hospital, I would have had a C-section for "failure to progress". I LOVE my midwifes!!

I am WAY bigger this time around than I was last time too. My sweet husband keeps telling me that I have a football player in there!! I am on baby #4, I think that is why I am so large this time around.

It sounds to me like you and your baby are doing great - so try not to worry too much.

Deborah - in Colorado
Wife, and Mama to 3 great kids - plus 1 bundle of love due July 23
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It could mean that you will be big, or not. Who knows really? I measured 7 weeks ahead with Seth starting at 20 weeks. Then, at 36 weeks, I was measuring 46 cm!! I was HUGE! But, he was 9.3, the placenta was huge and I had a ton of water.

Honestly though, I wouldn't worry about it. I am bigger this time than I was with Seth. No worries
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mines pretty big too. but it evens out. It was right under my belly button a couple of weeks ago and I bet it doesn't grow until 21 wks. just cuz its like that. My belly is smaller than with my son but my belly with him was tiny and he was 9lbs 10oz so I don't really look for belly size to mean ANYTHING about anything. a woman on another ddc I am in (on a different board) has not even a tiny bump and she is almost 15 wks with twins.
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