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Uh oh, false marketing on G diapers!!!???????

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What the HECK!!!!??????!!!!

Have you heard of these little contraptions??????

Some new fancy little thing on the market, that got it's way into super markets BEFORE any of our Beloved fancy snap and velcro cloth diapers have.

They tout themselves as being good for the environment, hence the name gdiapers, as in green-diapers???

They have a cloth washable outer, good.
Then they have this little liner that pops in the elastic outer like an absorbent pad, ok.

So you put this diaper on baby, they take a doo doo or whatever, you then proceed to Flush the entire pad down your toilet?????? HUH?

Yes, it all gets flushed, wood pulp, stay dry liner, and all.

Well then they have a bunch of non-sense on their website about cloth diapers using too much water so they can sell their product, here, I'll qute it for you;

"A diaper service that uses a ton of water and chemicals to clean the diapers!"
"how easy they are on the environment compared to other types of diapers (including cloth)."

That is just a tiny sample about what they are infering, and flat out saying against cloth diapers.

and if that wasn't bad enough, wait till you hear this.......

Not only does that little pad contain bleached wood pulp, and a stay dry liner made of petroleum products, but it also has those awful absorbent GELS!!!!!

That's right they expect you to believe that these are BETTER THAN CLOTH DIAPERS!!!

Read this quote about the Gel (polysodiumacrylate)

"What is SAP?
SAP stands for super absorber. A.K.A. sodium polyacrylate. SAP are the small crystals mixed with soft, fluffed wood pulp that make up the contents of the flushable. It is an amazing material, able to absorb up to 100 times it’s weight in water.

SAP is proven to be safe and effective by over 400 studies, which is why we have chosen to use it. It is found in most disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products, safe for humans and harmless to the environment."


These "crystals" are NOT SAFE!

First of all, it was taken out of tampons (feminine hygiene products) due to the link with Toxic shock that killed hundreds of women, and second there is NO WAY to ever test for this awful stuff in drinking water!!!!!! And it is NOT safe or environmental in anyway shape of form!

Am I saying that this product is worse than disposables, no, I'm saying that they have some misinformation on their website, and I for one am emailing them!!

Please let me know your views on this subject!!!
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I know there have been some other threads on here about those. I've heard they don't flush well. What stores are they being sold in?
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There have been several threads about them in the past few months.
I am in complete agreement with you, as I am sure most of the mamas here are also. I can't believe the stuff people will do in the name of the "environment" that are blatant lies, just to make $$$....grrrr.....:
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They are being sold in Whole Foods!!!!!

and a bunch of other stores on the west coast mostly......

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I think they're completely ridiculous. That thing about having a special stick to break up the pad in the toilet before flushing...you've gotta be kidding me.
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I know, right!!!!?????!!

No mention of having to wash the outer cover part, and how often and how much water THAT uses, lol!!!

and the having to rip the side open to shake out the inside pad part, what if that thing is poopy????

I'm sorry, but I would not go thru all that just to avoid cloth, lol!

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Oh, there was a "discussion" about this on another board I went to. One mom was so hyped up about trying them, but she came back & said they were a major PITA, LOL. She couldn't handle the "trouble" of putting the insert into the cover, and was grossed out when poop got on the cover . And her child had the gel beads all over herself, which NEVER happened with sposies she said.

It is utterly ridiculous the products people invent to avoid cloth. And since you flush the stuff, it still gets into the groundwater, just by a different mean.

Here's a quote from the website:

"gDiapers is also about children. We are a flushable diaper company, after all. We love our kids, our employee's kids and of course, your kids. We love the planet too, which is why we started a company that is sensitive to the Earth. Because that’s what all our children will inherit."

What a bunch of bull!
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Yep - I work at a cloth diapering store and we have had about 5 people call and come in saying they used them and they either didn't work, or they didn't flush.

I love how people keep saying that they are so happy they aren't using disposables while using gdiapers....um, hello, how is flushing it down the toilet NOT disposable...I mean, I call toilet paper disposable and that gets flushed???
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What's up with Whole Foods selling gdiapers but not any real cds? Just pfs and bummis would be nice. Next time I'm at wf I'm going to look at them. Their covers look cute and it says on the website you can use them with cds. I know I'll be tempted but i don't really want to support this company, I can't imagine they'll be succesful anyway.
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Yuck!!! Those sound really gross, I would never want to put those on my kids. Plus how could they be safe to flush? You don't flush disposables or pads down the toilet. I bet they would clog the pipes in my old house in no time flat.

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I know, my pipes got clogged with toilet papers sometimes, I shudder to think what would happen if I flushed one of those down the toilet! yucks!
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I totally agree. The co. founders have been interviewed here locally and the smokescreen of environmentalism they are using to mask their real motive (lots and lots of $$$) is just disgusting to me.
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from gdiapers.com (emphasis added):
gDiapers have no elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no smell, no garbage and no guilt. In fact, flushables are so gentle on the Earth you can even garden compost the wet ones in one compost cycle, approximately 50 – 150 days. Just think of the standing ovation you’ll get from the planet.

When you compost wet flushables, all of those good nutrients are recycled and available when the compost is ready, and can even replace expensive commercial fertilizer. The super absorber also works wonders by retaining moisture in the soil so it can be released gradually into your garden.
In just 50-150 days, you can have sodium polyacrylate veggies to feed your children! Yum!

Also, on the directions for disposal page, it says:
Use two flushes. First the inner core, then the outer material.
Yup, no water wasted there.
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I noticed that. I was told by another debate board these crystal are "good for you" even if ingested. <gag>
Thus the reason why I use cloth. I am on several board that the momsa re loving these thinking they are better for the envirment!
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good points odenata. those things probably use more water than cds.

i'm bummed that their using untruths about cds to promote their product.

for some reason this company bugs me more than mainstream disposable dipe companies.
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Does anyone have any links to studies about this gel? I've been searching pub med, and I only found one study that shows it is safe for chicks to ingest. I'd love to see some original research on the subject.

I also thought that toxic shock syndrome was caused by staphylococcus aureus, which would multiply in menstrual flow, so if you didn't change your tampons enough you were at a higher risk of developing this. I'd love to be further educated on the subject since I am having a hard time finding the research that I'm looking for (always trying to justify cloth to dh, you know ).
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Yeah, I agree too, the things are evil. (though I do like the 'covers' I'm sure a prefold would fit quite nicely in them)

So about the water... If I do one load of diaper laundry every 3-4 days and get approximately 36 diapers clean each load how does that compare to 72 flushes of my toilet (36 diapers at 2 flushes each) that would be 3 washers full of water for my cold prewash, hot wash and warm rinse.

I'm going to say that the washing machine wins hands down on that one. I know 72 flushes of my toilet is more than 3 fillings of my washer tub.

The only thing gdiapers have over regular disposables is that the human waste in/on them goes through municipal sewer treatment.
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What I don't understand is how people fall for this stuff????!!!!!

I mean, think about it? How is flushing saving water?
How is using wood pulp(think TREES) good for the environment?
How are CHEMICALS good for you????
How can people be so dense?

Ok, I'm over my proud soapbox rant now
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Thank god, I thought I was going insane, all these people raving about this product, just because they claim to be environmental on their website.
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