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What would you never let in your house and why

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On my quest to healthier living I'm planning on researching the things that I use in everyday life right now and replacing them with healthier things if possible. I don't even know where to begin because everyday I find out that something that I thought was OK has major risks that I'm not willing to take.

I was just wondering from all of you smart and healthy mommies, what kinds of things would you never let in your house and why. This could include foods, cleaning products, plastic etc., cookware, technology, etc. anything that you've taken a stand on. Thank you!!
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My inlaws.
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Now i'm laughing too hard to be serious!!
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No beeping, electronic toys

We love music and are fine with rattles, xylophones, recorders, etc. but we absolutely will not accept beeping toys. They drive us nuts!
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Irishmommy's inlaws :LOL

Drano. Stuff designed for killing living creatures. Other than that I'm even too dang liberal in my own house
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crunchberry cereal

cheese whiz

fabric softener


many of the inlaws and dhs i keep hearing about here!


edited to add: anything with hydrogenated fat in it, and acrylic sweaters
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toxic cleaners

hydrogenated fats

lunch meat, hot dogs, spam

Crappy food(too many out there to list really)


I am sure there is more, but since I don't even consider them entering I can't think to list them all. I am sure if I watched a few advertisements I could think of some more. There are some I don't forbid, but rarely ever like soda, sweets, very few electronic toys, and only those that aren't too annoying.

If I think of more I will write them
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hydrogenated oils
artificial food ingredients
commercialized foods (I can't stand how much food, esp for kids, is so GIMMICKY these days!)
toys that are really vehicles for advertising
toxic chemicals
I'm phasing out personal care products that contain sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate and methyl/propyl parabens
dishes with lead glazes
pots/pans with aluminum surfaces
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Flyspray - don't want insecticide on every surface in my house

Air and fabric fresheners (especially febreze - can't stand it and feel so sorry for the dogs whose owners have sprayed it all over their bedding)

Fabric softener

Those blue dye things people put in their toilet cisterns

Yankee candles! I can't bear the smell because it's so strong - have to hold my breath when we walk past a Yankee candle shop in a mall.

All those totally unnecessary disposable products - the waste of it all just infuriates me (not just that, the way people don't think twice about it).
Eg those Olay daily facials things - what's wrong with a facecloth?

battery hen eggs , non-organic meat (inhumane and unhealthy)

Coke - so bad for your bones. We were never given soft drinks as children anyway (thanks Mum and Dad!) so I never developed a taste for it.

and anything with aspartame (nutrasweet) in it - poison!
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Gurumama, or anyone else?

Originally posted by gurumama
acrylic sweaters

I know very little about material.. just that cotton is good I guess...
what's the dander of acrylic? please educate me? is it common?
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hydrogenated oils (for a good discussion of the evils thereof, search at www.drweil.com)

artificial colors, artificial fragrances

insecticides (you can kill bad bugs with fairly nontoxic stuff if it's necessary -- e.g., boric acid for fleas)

toy guns or other toy weapons. None of the real thing either!

pornography (if I could find nonexploitive erotica, that would be dandy)

edited to add: wall-to-wall carpeting. Killer for those of us with allergies! And speaking of which, what's wrong with acrylic sweaters? I'm allergic to wool and most animal furs, and without synthetics I'd freeze my tail off! I love polar fleece -- live in the stuff -- and am an especially big fan of the stuff made from recycled pop bottles! What's wrong with that?
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plastic or battery-opperated toys

99% of television

clothes/toys that have "characters" or huge logos on them

anything that demeans our religious/value system

food that isn't healthy (except chocolate!!)

bottles, swings and anything that promotes mother/baby separation

anything that we don't find necesary for life, or beautiful to the soul
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I would start with the following:

All toxic cleaning products, including Drain-o, those awful tub & tile cleaners, Lysol, etc..
Replace with more natural homemade ones (Borax!!) or ones like BioKleen or Seventh Generation.

We use only stainless or glass cookware with good results.

Most prepared foods, especially ones with any sort of artificial ingredient including hydrogenated oil, flavors, preservatives. Stock up your pantry with organic bulk goods, saves money too.

I worked on improving what went into our bodies first (like food), then what we are around and put next to our bodies (like cotton clothing..)
Hope that helps some, You will be feeling better already.
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a lit cigarette!
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i didn't mean to scare anyone about acrylic sweaters--i just don't like 'em!

they itch!

just a pet peeve,

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thanks, gurumama

I actually just pm-ed you.. I guess I missed your post by a second thanks!!!
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mcdonald's "food" or any fast food
chicken-dance elmo (xan got one for xmas, we banished it immediately! so obnoxious!)
fleabombs and foggers
glade plug-ins or other air "fresheners" (phew!stinky--just open a window!)
violent video games
douches and fem sprays (they're self cleaning dammit!
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GREAT subject, doula! I wanna know elyen, where you get non-aluminum pots and pans! Let's see....so far.....for me...

nonorganic produce, (unfortuately, I can keep all non organic products, right now; but, I have been able to find the produce!)

chemical cleaning products



chlorine -- organic cotton balls, paper towels and napkins

bovine hormone

convenience foods

I guess that's enough...

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The things i've taken a stand on in my home...

No illegal drugs
No microwave oven
Ditto on the no lit cig's and a lot of the other things that have already been said (including inlaws :LOL).
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