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When to call it quits?

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Just a little background info. I have had endo since I was 14 (that they know for sure) and have been on treatment for it ever since. I have had many many oviarian cyst rupture and too many ER vist to count because of this. At this point due to the seriousness of my Endo I have been refered to the pelvic pain center about an hour away to discuss my options but at this point both my GYN and my family pratice doctors are leaning towards the possiablity of removing my uterus and maybe my ovaries depending on the seriousness of the damage to them. I know that my right ovary has a lot of damage and scar tissue from the toll of countless 9cm+ complex cyst that have ruptured before they could go in and remove them and my last U/S showed possiable damage to my left ovary as well. My last child is a clomid baby after 2 + years of trying. I am currently on 100mg of clomid however my Dr's have said that this is the last cycle they are willing to do.

DH and I really want another child and finacially don't see adoption being an option for us at this point in time. I am only 27 and very resistant to surgery at this point but I fear my options are running out. I just want some input from women that have had endo and had to make the same decisions.

I just don't know when to give up. I know that I am lucky to have the three beautiful children that I have and I know that many women who have endo (like my DH cousin) never manage to get pregnant at all. I just can't help still wanting this so badly and it is starting to take an emotional toll on both me and my DH.

Any input would be wonderful. Links to endo info that may have other options beside surgery would be great also. I just want some advice before I go to see the specialist next month. Thanks to all that made it all the way through my rambling
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Katy. Though I don't have endo, DH and I decided to call it quits on TTC after a long time of trying with no results. I have a bicornuate uterus and have been told that conception (and carrying to term) would be extremely unlikely. My doctor was willing to put me on clomid if I was desperate, but with my history of wacky PMS, we decided that further mood swings were a very bad idea for my sanity (and for DH!).
Good luck with whatever you choose to do and I hope some other mamas can jump in with some particular details on endo and pregnancy.
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I am struggling with this myself lately. Sorry you are going through this. I dont know why we are put to this test...
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Thanks so much for the wonderful supportive words! We still haven't come to a decision as to weather to give up or not...I got a BFN this morning 9 DPO so I am thinking this cycle is a bust too even with the 100 MG of clomid. I am just so frustrated.
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