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Sucking his thumb

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So Kai is a big thumb sucker. It makes me feel bad that I should be nursing him instead of him sucking his thumb even though I just fed him. So I usually offer him the breast again and he will take it just to munch on..

Am I crazy??
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Not at all! I think Sage is on my boob almost all the time.....She seems to get a little fussy when I'm just holding her, and she calms down when she's nursing..Hmm, maybe that's why she gained a whopping 1 lb and 7 oz in the first two weeks
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My babe is a thumb sucker too! and I'm not sure how I feel about it either. I also feel like maybe he just needs more booby but then I think that maybe it's a good thing cuz the whole family can console him if I'm not available.
There is nothing cuter than a thumb-sucking little boy!
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Ah... what I wouldn't do for a thumb sucker!

You guys are so lucky!

Don't get me wrong. I'm all about comfort nursing and whenever DS is gnawing at himself he gets a boob. But the idea of a self-soother - so jealous!
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My babe was born with a sucking blister. (It's so cute! ) She's a big finger sucker when she can find them. And she recently discovered her thumb. I also feel bad when she sucks, as if I should give her the boob. However, I usually don't because I have a strong letdown, and if she's not hungry, she'll spit up and get hiccups. But I know where you're coming from. I won't discourage her from her thumb until she's older. Sometimes I give her my pinky finger to suck on, and she likes that. (Dh calls it "giving her the finger" )
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I think Ian is working on being a thumb or finger sucker!! He really works on his hands when they get near his face. I think it is so cute! Gracie didn't suck her fingers or take a pacifier, and believe me there were days I would have given anything for her to be able to self-soothe, especially in the car seat!!!!!!!!! My neice sucked her thumb a lot as a baby, and still does when she falls asleep at 20 months. I don't think there's any problems from it, as long as kids quit before permenant teeth come in!
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Piper tries to suck her thumb, but she only manages to get the back of her hand most of the time. I would like her to have some sort of self soothing method, because I have a strong let-down and plenty of milk all the time. (a nursing toddler helps keep that going) So if she just wants to suck, she ends up spitting up or choking. None of my girls ever had a way to self soothe. No pacifiers, no thumb sucking, and not even a blanket or anything! Strange. I thought most kids had something..
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