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A brief version of my solo UC story

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Thought I would share ....

I haven't started to type up my whole shebang UC birthstory but it basically went like this....
Lost mucous plug (in literal gobs and gobs) 11/20-21. Dh decided the morning of the 21st (after I had light babyhugs all the night before) to take us out to the mall so I could get to walk around. Lightly labored while getting to walk around, went to a late lunch and I ate like it was my last meal!! Did some more window shopping and we bought a new carseat, and I picked up some basinette sheets for the basket padding too.
GOt home, after a lot of deliberating I sent Dh to work and decided to enjoy the evening with the kids. Wound up taking a nap on the couch I think, while they tore the house down =). Fixed a quick dinner from leftovers for them and made myself some eggs and toast. Let them play some more...meanwhile was still getting nice squeezes every 15-20 minutes or so (but I relly didn't watch the clock) Felt energetic and "nesty". Started happily buzzing along getting the kids baths and into beds....when I was standing at the changing table stuffing a fuzzi bunz for Donovan my water broke. I was wearing a cloth pad for any more mucous plug thankfully! I still questioned if it was really my water and stood there for a minute in a daze while Donovan got antsy just laying there with a naked behind poor thing =). I still can't get over the fact that weith my first two I "knew" when my water broke and there I was with my third baby in belly and wondering if I had really just peed. Oh well....I suddenly felt an "urging" like it was "time to get these kids to sleep or I'll go nuts" kinda feeling and kissed them goodn ight and they went right to sleep.
It as 8pm when I got the kids to bed and felt like things were picking up. I was kinda in a daze because I really believed early labor would last days and I wuold carry Liam over 40 weeks. (I think I was almost 39)I called dh at work and told him to think about whether he wanted to come home or not. He raced home 65 mph shortly afterwards LOL. He left again to go to the store to get soem shoelaces and scissors, and raced back home. I was starting to pace the whole house, up and down the hallway rocking front to back with each big squeeze. I was excited and energetic and....umm...well calm? I was really calm. Dh was a nervous wreck I think but I shrugged it off. Around 10-11pm Jen S called and we talked and laughed for a bit. I noticed this was when I had tos top talking during a contraction. Around 12pm I wasn't so happy and quickly my head was going to laborland and I decided to get in the tub. Dh decided to put on his flannel penguin jammies and go to bed.
All night it went something like this. Fill up tub, try to get comfortable and snooze, get out of tub, sit on toilet and rest on the hamper with a pillow and snooze. Fill back up tub, get in, realize it was just too small and get back out I at one point got very very sleepy and just wanted to sleep/escape. I tried to lay down next to dh and the backlabor started. I had to shake him awake to rub my back every 5 minutes or so. Sleep, contraction, shake dh awake, groan and breath with the back contracion, go back to sleep. After a while I decided that wasn't working and went to get in the shower instead of filling the tub. This was the hardest part.
I had to talk myself through each contraction by saying I can do it I can do it I CAN DO IT GOD DAMMIT I can do it I can do it...there see I did it! Over and over again. This was where I thought of the hospital. I had a nice conversation wtih myself then....Jesse I said, there is nothing in the hospital you need hun you are fine! My alter ego replies But Jesse this hurts! and Jesse says the hospital isn't going to make it any better! and Jesse2 says but they have drugs! To which Jesse replied Then get the doobie in the cupboard! and I said no girls I dont' want to do that. Besides I say, Jesse is right, Think of a pain it will be to get the kids awake and dressed and think of how tired Dh is he will not be a happy camper if he has to pack up the kids and go and besides riding in the car during labor sucks remember the last time you did that?....and I stopped there and never thought of leaving my house again.
I got out of the shower and went to sit on the tiolet again and got annoyed that I was getting really nauseous. So I went to the sink and made my self throw up. There that was better. I went to the bedroom for a change of scenery and kneeled on the floor at the foot of my bed and rode out a hellish transistion. Then I heard the kids. I woke up Dh and told him to get them breakfast. I asked what time it was. ^6:30am. WOW! I thought he was joking. . I had kinda clambered on the bed at that juncture and held myself up on the side of the cradle next to our bed. I was tired and ready to be done. I tried not to wonder how much longer it would last. I started getting loud...the kids came in to investigate. This the only time I smiled towards the end. Dh ushered them out and closed the door. He kept running in and out to see how I was doing LOL.
Finally I saw that light at the end of the tunnel....I had just resigned myself to hour of more hell when /i wondered if I felt like pushing or not , so I tried. Not much came of it but it felt a little better so when the next big wave hit I tried again. That felt much better! Then, it wasn't me in control but my body. I had to push...soon I felt my baby in my birth canal. My body pushed but I beathed through it, I sudenly had had the thought I was going to tear. I was pretty much roaring...I pushed...he slipped down then back up again! This pissed me off! LOL. I was now in the middle of my bed squatting on my feet and holding my self with my hands. I clearly remember just squating and arching my back while pushing, then swinging forward to push again. Finaaly he was crowning! I'll never forget cupping his head in my hand and telling him "come on baby". After a good push and an earthshattering roar his head was born. One last final roar and the rest of him was born. Liam had a good two inch plop from me to the nice soft bed =)I immediatley sat behind where he was and scooped him up into my arms. I scooched backwards and leaned up against the walll, rubbing his back and giving him kisses. Dh came right in and I had him fetch the blankets I had folded and it was right then I looked down to see we had another boy! "WE have another boy!" I exclaimed. We were both ecstatic, it was the most exilarating moment of my life =D.
I nursed him and drank a ton of water and waited impatiently for the placenta (afterbirth pains so bad I had to breath through them) and about 20 minutes or so it did. Then the boys came in to meet their new brother, and dh tied off the cord (it had a true knot in it!) and handed me the scissors to cut it. I wiped him up a bit more and got him a clean hat and found a fleece blanket and let Liam cuddle with dh and the boys while I took the most rewarding shower ever. Dh blew me away by cleaning up the bed! He's queasy with blood but he stripped the bed and I filled the tub with cold water and threw the linens in there. Soon me and Liam were snuggled on the couch sleeping while Dh took the boys out for the afternoon.
Liam was born around 7:40 in the morning on the 22nd of November and weighed about 10lbs! I still can't believe I really did it, everything went so beautifully, it was almost ordinary and simple really.
I can't wait to type up a whole big story! But it's been 2 months now and I'm starting to want to share =)Hope you all made it this far. !
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Many blessings to you and your family! Your story made me cry. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. It made me want to have another baby! :-)
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Wow Jesse! Beautiful!
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I love reading birth stories...and yours sounds so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
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what a lovely story!!


babies are so wonderful!!

congratulations brave mama!!!

(happy tears!)
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Wow- great story!!!! Thank you for sharing, I can't wait to read the "whole" story!

Love your kids' names by the way!! I have a Keiran My little Aidan was born on November 14, in the water, but in a hospital. (I should have had him at home!) LOL
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Thank you and your welcome mammas! I read it and can't wait to do it again! (although I have my hands pretty full now lol)
I knew there was someone else here w/ a Kieran but forgetting to say something. I'ts a cool name huh!
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Kenny was my first natural birth . . . I labored at home 'til an 8, but birthed him at a hospital w/ my midwife. Each of my births have become less medicalized. The next one is at home and if we are still in a state that frowns on dir. entry midw. - I'll be having an inass. birth as well.

Your story is an inspiration!! I can totally relate to battling one's own personna during transition!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you for sharing it!!!
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Wow, what a great story and you wrote it soo well I had to laugh and laugh at your "conversation" with yourself and your alter ego. Like I said before....Liam is an awesome name...congrats!!

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Heather- You're very welcome! I am reminded again of why I share (have shared) my story and am so thrilled that I get a happy one finally. My two hospital births were both medicated (Nubain, with Kieran it lasted two hours and let me sleep a while before transistion hit, with Donovan it made me googly-eyed for ten minutes and wore off so I was kinda glad) and highly medicalized too. I think it is a natural thing for woman to want to share their story and I think all of them are important.

Did I just say doobie? I uh, I meant my Doobie Brothers CD that happened to be in the cupboard, yeah!, ya know, classic rock to relax to. Yeah that's it! :LOL Actually I wound up giving that away to a BIL for a Christmas night present :LOL he was happy The dingbat forgot it was his to begin with anyways and had left it here a few months prior

My second son was almost a Liam, but looked more like a Donovan when we met him, which is good because Liam really "looks like" a Liam thanks!
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A beautiful birth!!! Congrats and Welcome to the outside Liam!!
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Aww...I loved your story! Birthing naturally is so amazing! Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, babies and toddlers can be so tiring, but birthing---well it is just so special and incredible. Despite the pain, I used to wish I could give birth again-- skip the pregnancy (mine are always miserable ), and 3 babies was enough, but it's so cool to give birth the way God(dess) intended.

So, thanks for the vicarious pleasure and congratulations!
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Originally posted by JesseMomme
I think it is a natural thing for woman to want to share their story and I think all of them are important.
This is so true! It is like this overpowering urge. And really, the only people that it really feels a 'rush' to share it with are women . . . women who KNOW EXACTLY what you endured and the ecstasy of that precious life placed on your chest after all the hard work. I would do it over and over and over just for that one moment . . . that first feeding . . . when he/she first sees, hears and turns to you.

Oh, and it is fun to keep telling everyone, "Nope, don't do that . . . er . . . we aren't giving that . . . please don't touch that . . . " I swore that hospital should have just handed us our little one and then asked us what we WANTED them to do b/c that list was certainly shorter! :LOL
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