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Does this sound like it?!

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I'm really hoping that this isn't labor (due to the fact i dont have a car at the moment, it got hit my a hit and run) but i've been having really light pink mucas for about 2 days before that i was having a brown discharge for about 2 days. I've had mentral like cramps for about 3 days. YEst. morning i woke up with shooting pains that lasted about 1 sec each and were about 2 mins apart but they went away.. Well i've been peeing WAY WAY WAY more than normal. The baby dropped about 2 weeks ago but i just now have been peeing.. Now i am getting diareha.. Does this sound like the begining labor to any one else but me? If so how long do you think i have? I'm trying to get my husband to come back from deployment on his sub that way i will have transportation. The red cross is seriously screwing me over as usual... UGH!!
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Sounds to me like you are losing your mucus plug. I started losing mine on a sunday and my water broke on thursday.

Very hard to say how long you have. Depends on a lot....

Are you sure you are peeing a lot or is it your water leaking? Not trying to worry you....

Dont get too freaked out. This is a happy thing, right?

I am so sorry you are alone.
When my mom had my sister she had to go by ambulance because my dad was working where he couldnt be reached. Are you birthing in a hospital or? ??

Keep us posted !
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Sounds like you don't have very long to go. Keep us posted!

And I second the idea of calling an ambulance if you're in labor and have no way of getting to the hospital.
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Of course no one can predict, but it does sound like things could be happening.
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It does sound that way! But then again,some of those signs could last for weeks. I hope your husband gets home ASAP and keep us updated!!
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How are you doing??
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hey guys well i am waiting on the response from his comand.. The red cross kept telling me that he had gotten the message when he hadn't.. They finally got the message to him yesturday and i havn't heard from his since. I'm pretty sure its because no one is in the off crew office to recieve the message from the boat.. IT just sucks sitting here waiting... I wish i could just know so i could buy his tickett when it was a little cheaper... UGH well i'll keep yall updated but as of right now there is no baby yet!
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