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Help for Deep Pantry Shelves?

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Looking for any ideas on how to better organize my pantry closet. It's pretty narrow & the shelves are really deep. I can fit all my canned/dry goods, etc. BUT, the problem is the depth of the shelves. You can't see all the items because some things inevitably have to fit behind others. I've tried arranging taller to the back, etc, but it all ends up jumbled again after a couple of weeks. : Any suggestions or ideas for a system to use all that space that will be easy to use (hence will stay better organized)?
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Lengths of 2x4's??

Those plastic "stair" looking shelf organizers are too shallow for most cans and boxes. They only work for spices or small condiments.
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Ours is exactly the same way. I recently put a long, upsidedown empty box in the back to put the cans on. It works great and it was free!
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Thanks for this idea! I am trying to have not quite so much in our pantry. We have a tendency to fill whatever space is available in the kitchen - the things I find in there!

This will keep us from losing what's on some of those shelves.
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Could you tape a list of the contents to the inside of the door? I realize this could be a PITA to keep up with, but maybe being able to see what's there on the list would help?
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Small Rubbermaid/Sterlite containers to act as 'drawers'. We had the same kind of situation in our old house and this worked great for us!
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What about a cabinet that is huge, but whose shelf is very narrow? We keep our plastic stuff (salad spinner, colander, etc) in this space, and things we seldom use on the shelf (deviled egg plate, and, uh, other things I should get rid of). But there's so much wasted space. I've thought about checking out the shelving at Lowe's. Any advice or experience with such cabinets or with shelving like you find at home improvement stores?
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I'd consider putting deep-storage in the back row (box of cookie cutters, Christmas decorations, etc.) ad only use the front halves of the shelves, if that still gives you enough storage space. Or make sure you always fill in from back to front- for example, pasta is alotted one 10" width, but it goes all the way into the back. You could also cut down boxes to use as labelled "drawers" that you can pull out to get at the stuff in the far-back.
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Can you be diligent about lining things up? For our cans I have 2 rows of each product, ours aren't deep. for deep ones I'd do 1 row of each product. I stack the cans on top of each other and then I can see everything that is on that shelf. For boxes and such I have 1 shelf for cereals/grains, another for flours/sugar/oats, another for drinks. I try to keep everything in a certain place so I'm not digging through looking for it.
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Thank you so much for all your suggestions! I've been so fed up. I really like the plastic containers for drawers idea. I think that might work best for this particular setup. I'm going to town tomorrow & I'm gonna pick a few up & try it out.
Thanks again!!!
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