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give me some reassurance please!

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I just posted and researched in the DENTAL forum, but all I find are things that make me feel worse.

Any pregnant mommies that had dental work done or know anything reassuring about having a mercury filling removed while pregnant?

I had a filling replaced while I was unknowingly pregnant (about 1 week to be exact) and the dentist didn't use any precautions, other than suction to remove the old filling. I am just so nervous about the possibility of having mercury in my system and its effect on the TINY baby.

All I've heard is pretty negative --is it really that bad?

i want to STOP WORRYING!
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I don't know anything about this at all but just wanted to give you a little support. Unless there is actually something you can do or take after the fact, worrying will do you no good. I know it must be hard, but I would try to forget about it. Lots of people smoke or get drunk or eat sushi or soft cheese or any of the zillion things we are supposed to avoid - all before they know they are pregnant. Call your dentist to see if there is anything to be done now and if not, try not to worry.
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With my son, an OB nurse told me not to worry about some drinking I had done while unknowingly 1-2 weeks pregnant and said, while it's better to be healthy all throughout pregnancy, she tells worried pregnant moms to consider those first two weeks to be "freebies" (although I can't remember if she said why).

Hugs to you...that would make me crazy too. Hopefully there's someone on here who can give you more information than I.
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oh please don't worry... it's far worse to worry about it... I had my amalgam fillings replaced a couple of yrs ago cuz they were old and cracked and i also wanted the amalgam out. I was a bit worried cuz the first dentist i went to didnt really use any percautions, just rubber dam... I know this probably isnt the reasurance you are looking for, but i personally think having the metal fillings in your mouth while pregnant is worse than the smal amount of exposure while they are being removed. I have done extensive research on this subject including all different metals in the mouth and how they leach etc. when looking into braces/retainers for my dd. I made the best decision i could with what i knew and just have to live with the results. I had about 6 amalgams in my mouth while preg. with dd and after i read about the effects of the mercury leaching while just chewing even, i was a lilltle worried, but what could i do, it was too late... I only have one small amalgam now while preg with#2 and i wish it wasnt in my mouth...but : what can u do? I know that there is a mercury detox program you can do after removal, but i'm sure you wouldnt want to do that while pregnant. I did eat alot of eggs though, cuz i read sulfur containing foods can help get it out. I would just take a little extra vit.C and maybe some garlic to help clear out your blood stream of any residual.... And please dont worry....
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Here's a dumb question. Were you one week pregnant in reality, or were you one week pregnant per the standard OB way of counting, ie pregnancy = 40 weeks? The latter way counting from the date of your last period, the former way counting from the day sperm and egg actually hooked up.

Because if you are counting by the latter method (the ob 40 week method), then at one week pregnant you weren't actually pregnant. The first two weeks of that counting method are between period and ovulation, so it's not "for real" pregnancy.

I'm hoping maybe you're counting by the latter method, because then you really will have nothing to worry about!

But even if you're counting by the former method I am sure everything is going to be fine.

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I had xrays and fillings while pregnant, the my baby is fine (he's 2 now)
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Jane that is an excellent point!! She might not have been really carrying a embryo at all!!
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she tells worried pregnant moms to consider those first two weeks to be "freebies" (although I can't remember if she said why).
Well it does take 6-8 days or so for the embryo to implant... and I don't remember where I read it, but I have read that while the baby is free floating like that, its not being affected too much by what you're doing... Could be what that nurse was refering to...
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feeling better ALREADY

Thank you so much for all of your speedy replies!

Lets see... pregnant in the sense that I probably ovulated around the 15 and the appointment was on the 27...

I want to know about that freeby thing too, I've heard the same thing...

I HOPE its semi-true. I also had a couple of glasses of wine that weekend.

Your girls are great!
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