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Announcing Oliver Thomas

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Oliver Thomas arrived 1/31 at 11:43 am. He looks so much like big sister did when she was born...plus a couple pounds! I am thrilled to have a little boy and completely smitten and so in love with this cuddly, adorable baby. Ollie's a great nurser and pretty mellow (so far) as long as the milk keeps on comin'. The timing fell into place for having all my support people available and the birth, while way more quick/intense than I'd anticipated, was beautiful. Off to bed and to nurse...oh but first, thanks everyone for your good wishes the other day when I posted I thought things were happening!

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: : congrats momma!!! how so sweet.. Gosh i cant wait...
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Congratulations! What a sweet sounding baby! Have a blissful babymoon!
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welcome Oliver Thomas! Congratulations on his safe arrival!
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: Oliver!!!

Congratulations mama!

Have a wonderful babymoon!
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Happy day!!
Congratulations and welcome Oliver Thomas!
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YEAH!!! Congrats momma!
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: Congratulations on on your sweet baby boy!!!
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Congratulations Carol!! Welcome baby Oliver!
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Oh I'm so happy for you! I love his name too. I just knew when you weren't posting that you were off having that baby. Congratulations!!!
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congratulations, carol & a & e! so glad big sis doesn't have to "share" her birthday...

and welcome baby oliver thomas!

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and so glad to hear you had your baby after your other post, since I am having some signs now too!
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Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy him! I love the name you picked.
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yeah, great name! It's funny...before we conceived, my husband and I had names settled... Ella and Oliver! and now you have one of each!! Good taste. We are now a bit up in the air, but still love both of those names. Congrats again!
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I was wondering if anyone was going to have an Oliver before me. That's the boy's name we've picked out, too! Happy recovery to you!
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Congratulations! I was sure after your post and then hearing nothing for awhile that you were off having a babe! I love the name, fabulous! Yeah that nursing is going so well!
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Congratulations mama and welcome to your new baby!
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