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IVF in April..anyone else?

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Hi guys~ A short story about me... DH and I have been trying to conceive for the second time (we have a DS, 3 years who was concieved after just 3 months of trying) for about 2 years now with no luck. We did 3 months of Clomid (October, November, & December or 2005) and 2 IUIs with no positive outcome. So, we're moving on to the next step. I'm both excited and scared.

My CD3 bloodwork came back with great results yesterday (FSH = 4.5 and estridol was 46)

I started Birth Control (to give my ovaries a rest before hyperstimulating them).

March 9 we have another SA, an U/S, and injectible teachings. (yikes).

My last day of Birth Control is March 18.

We start our injects on March 23.

Our egg retriveal is either April 3 or 4 and then the transfer is either April 6 or 7.
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Well, we should be close behind you.

Congratulations on your impending cycle . I think it's great to finally get to the point of starting the BCP and to know that your cycle is moving forward so far.

We were supposed to be moving forward in last December but had to cancel due to financial reasons. We still have some financial issues, but I am supposed to be starting BC soon and we are scheduled to store some sperm, have an ultrasound, and do the injectable reminders on 3/17. Hopefully, we will be able to continue this time

After many year of TTC, we did IVF with ICSI in April of 2002 and were lucky enough to have twin girls. I am looking forward to trying again.

BTW, I grew up in CO, where are you living?
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Hey Alisa~ Thanks for your response! And congratulations on your twins! What a blessing. It truly gives me hope. I would LOVE twins, but bet they are a lot of work. How many did they transfer for you? I'm pretty sure my endocrinologist will only transfer 2 if both look good.
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Originally Posted by Mom2Ellis
Hey Alisa~ Thanks for your response! And congratulations on your twins! What a blessing. It truly gives me hope. I would LOVE twins, but bet they are a lot of work. How many did they transfer for you? I'm pretty sure my endocrinologist will only transfer 2 if both look good.
2 is good. We got 2 transfered on Sept.,13, 2005 and on June, 1 we had our wonderful baby boy!

Good luck to both of you, guys!!!
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I agree with Yulia_R that two is good. We put back four, but that was a very last minute decision (made the morning of the transfer). We had four that made it to day three and two were of (what was considered) such poor quality that they weren't even going to have us freeze them. So, we decided to put all four in. However, I was REALLY worried about having high-order multiples, I just wasn't really wanting that. At the time, we were really glad to have twins (and still are) and thought we were done, but alas, I find that I would really like to be pregnant and do the whole thing again. Once just isn't enough for me, even though we did end out with two wonderful, incredible kids. BTW, I was 35 at the time of transfer.

This time, I am hoping to transfer two or if it's looking good on day 5, perhaps just one. I would like to experience having a singleton
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As a preggo IVFer... I'm just gonna and : for all of you! I'll answer any questions I can... I was lucky enough to get pregnant on my first relatively uneventful IVF. We have MF infertility.
I'll be thinking of you!!
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Hey Korin~ How many did they transfer for you? We have MF infertility too, so I'm just assuming that if the eggs fertilize correctly, everything will work out fine on my end. Because of the MF, did they do ICSI? And what kind of MF does he have? Mine has morphology, so at this moment I'm just praying they fertilize good regardless of whether we do ICSI or not.
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Ryan has AntiSperm Antibodies. rare, but lucky us!! we did do ICSI, and 13/14 fertilized!! we transfered two, and ended with one little sticky baby
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Sticky embie wishes for the upcoming IVFs!

We have a daughter via IVF, and are planning a FET in May.
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Thanks for starting this thread Brenda! It's great to hear all the success stories.

What really caught my eye is that you said you were "excited and scared." What made you decide to move forward, even while being scared? I'm scared of IVF.

After three years trying with charting, we saw an RE and were diagnosed unexplained. Six Clomid/HCG/IUI, no pregnancies. Saw a new RE and she found my Insulin Resistance. No other obvious PCOS symtoms. (I turn 38 in August).

I'm in the 2WW of our first month of Clomid/HCG/IUI with treatment for IR (glucophage, diet). In three days I'll know if I'm pregnant. If I'm not, it's either IVF or adoption. I just can't keep doing this.

So...ho do you deal with the fear? I'm afraid of the hormones making me even more of an emotional mess than I usually am, I'm afraid of the needles, I'm afraid that it won't work...
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I think I'm mostly scared of the injections. I've never been afraid of needles before, but the thought of giving them to myself every single day is frightening to me. I'm like you though, I am afraid it won't work, but mostly for me it's because EVERYBODY KNOWS that we are going though this and I'm afraid that if it doesn't work our friends/family will not know how to handle it/me. Like they will suddenly stop giving me support...?? Crazy talk.

My SIL went through this a couple years ago and it worked for them on the first try. I have several friends who have done this with positive outcomes, so because of the hope they have given me, I know have the strength to move forward and have that same support behind me that I gave to them.

I'm keeping my : for you while you are in the 2WW. I pray that this is your month and you don't have to deal with all these other decisions. Keep me posted...and I think I see you in the 12+ months of TTC thread too right? Even with friends/family support, I believe this is the best support a person can have right here in this forum. Bless all these wonderful women!
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Leslie~ I read your post on the 12+ month thread and I'm so sorryo you got a bfn. I have been there so many times, and my heart just breaks for you. Does that mean you are joining me over here in my little "IVF Club"? We can go through this together!

I had another apt at my RE last Thursday. We did a sonohysterogram (normal), another SA (which I'll go into in later) and the injections teachings. I am totally freaked out about the needles. I just can't get over the fact that I will be giving myself 2 shots each night in the stomach. Yikes. My medications arrive tomorrow and friday. I start my shots Monday night (20th). Then I have another ultrasound on the 23 to see if we need to adjust the medications. Hmmm.

About the SA. Our original diagnosis was Male Factor Infertility (low morphology). Actually the first SA resulted in 0% normal. The second was 3% normal. And this last Thursday was 70% normal. WHAT? So suddenly his spermies are normal???? That's awesome, but strange. He does however need to give 2 samples on the day of the retrieval due to low volume now, but still....this rocks!
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Our dd (16 months) is a ivf baby and we are going back now for our next ivf. I am on bc for 21 days then I have my period and on day 3 start bc and all the other good injections! We are sooo excited. We went thru 3 IUI's with no luck. Conceived twins with our first IVF but lost one to Vanishing Twin Syndrom. We probably won't be doing the IVF until May (ish) but good luck to you who get April. And lots of sticky vibes to you!

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Thank you so much juju's mom! It always helps to have you guys to lean on. People who have gone through this process before with positive outcomes.
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About doing the injections....

they were so much easier to do than I thought they were going to be. I was really feeling weird about that during our first IVF when I realized how many shots I was going to be giving myself over the course of my cycle. However, after I actually did the first injection, it was no big deal at all. I was surpised at easy it was because the thought of it had REALLY bothered me.

Sending tons of sticky wishes!
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Thank you for the reasuring wishes Alisa! I'm really not afraid of needles, so I have no idea why I'm no nervous about the injections. I LOVE the name Ella by the way. Very close to my Ellis.
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good luck my dd2 is an icsi baby (dd1 iui)
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Jenn~ Are you going to have any more?
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oh in the fall 07 I think I'll give IUI a go.. I'm now divorced however I want one more kiddo so I guess I'll let ya know

who is your RE??
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Susan Trout at Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology. She's at Rose, so it's actually a bit of a pain with all my apts over there. I'm in Littleton. But, hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.
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