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Great news!

Listen, I would really really advise you to talk to your doctor again to make sure that he thinks it’s still a good idea to go with day 5 embryos.

My husband and I wanted to do 5 days embryos (blasta) and our RE thought that was a good idea. But when we got only 9 embryos and 3 out of them had some fragmentation on day 3 he called us to discuss it all over again. He said that it’s much harder for an embryo to survive and grow properly 2 extra days in a lab than in the uterus. That those embryos that might be perfect on day 3 may not even survive or have too much fragmentation on day 5. BUT it doesn’t mean at all that they would not have survive inside the uterus as again it’s much harder for them to do good outside of it.
He also mentioned (and we did read the same thing before) that some studies have shown that 5 days embryos implant worse sometime, perhaps due to not enough time for them to adapt before they have to implant (basically that they just got there and soon they have to implant).
Anyway, after we talked to our RE that day my husband and I said to him that we live the decision whether to go with day 3 or 5 embryos up to him (whatever he thought was the best choice) and he told us to come over that very evening for the transfer. So we transferred 2 good 3 day old embryos and that how our baby-boy Jonah was conceived !
For all we know had we decided to go with day 5 embryos we could have ended up having no good embryos to transfer. Of course, it’s all about taking chances and hoping they are right, but it definitely won’t hurt to talk to your doctor to make sure he thinks that waiting until day 5 is still a good choice for you everything considered.

I can totally imagine how exited and worried you are right now; I’ve been there myself not too long ago. You are in my thoughts and I’m sending you tons of embryo-sticking vibes!
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Thanks guys! At this point we're both pretty estatic!

Yulia~ We're doing a day 3 transfer. That's been the plan all along. So, hopefully we still have something to transfer on Friday. I think there are several other people here who did a day 5 successfully..Jenn, Adina, Chiro...
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Ops, that’s embarrassing …I have no idea why I was thinking you were planning to wait until day 5 . I admit I didn’t read too carefully as I was doing it and simultaneously looking after the baby who is crawling everywhere now and getting into troubles every second minute or so .
Good luck on Friday !
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We are pretty much in the same boat here. I had 7 eggs, three fertilized, one looked great on transfer day, so we went with that. We also did a thaw of a frozen embryo ( thawed great!) we've had since my son was conceived 3 years ago. My lab doctor went over the retrieval info with me, saying 2of the 7 eggs just weren't good- probably age related- so of the 5 remaining, 3 fertilized etc...60%. I was bummed only one was good as my doctor had wanted to transfer 5. We'll see. I have my pregnancy test soon, but don't feel pregnant I'm trying to stay positive, though. Does everyone do progesterone after, too? I hate the stuff, but hope it helps!
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Originally Posted by keckland
...Does everyone do progesterone after, too? I hate the stuff, but hope it helps!
Yep, I did until I was 8 weeks. It had to be done twice a day pretty time at the same time. So I had to do it everywhere: in our car, restaurants' bathrooms, etc.). It was pretty embarrassing once when a lady saw me standing by the mirror in a restaurant's bathroom and doing injection into my butt .
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Oh, mine is a vaginal gel- not pleasant either...twice a day...
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I do the vagi gel each night until Friday, then we switch to the oil IM shots...I believe once/day until my pregnancy test. If the result is + then we continue the injections for about 4 more weeks.
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I didn't do the gel - just the shots. Once a day (bright and early), and I did it until 12 weeks. And man was I happy when it was done! I was in Colorado working and my DH was in Oregon...so I had my roomate doing shots. I only had to do one in a weird place - during our strike (shutdown) of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival - my meds showed up late, so I did it in the outdoor theatre - with about 15 people watching, it was about 90+ degrees. It was awfully funny...some were all freaked out about the needle - and the rest of them just thought it was cool. Freaky theatre people. Unfortunately that was also the one that ended up with a GIANT lump...

I was so paranoid to stop the shots... Even though I hated them.
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It's so interesting to hear what other women are doing. I had asked my doc if I could do the shots instead, and his recommendation was vaginal gel for straight ivf, shots if I did a thaw cycle...I did the gel for 3 months 2x day when I was pregnant with my son, too.
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I did the shots till about 10-11 weeks, glad to be done! ALthough I would have done them for 40 weeks if I had to.
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Isn't it just amazing what different protocols we all have?
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yep.. you just have to really trust your doc, and know they are doing the right thing for you. otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy wondering if you're on the right one
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<double post>

So, here's a question...If we do end up with 3 eggies, should we go ahead and transfer all three? I mean, I know it would increase the risk for triplets (and my doc said that trips have a 40% chance of having a major abnormality). But seriously, we wouldn't freeze just one little lone embie, right? I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself...I hope they call with good news today.
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I think it dependson quality mostly.

If you have three A quality embryos, then transferring three would up your chances of multiples quite a bit.

If you have two A and a B or C quality, then it might be less risky.

Until you know the quality, it is tough to say.

I transferred 2 A quality embryos, pregnant with one. If they had been B or lower, we would have transferred more.
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mine were awful quality.. the embryologist told us by putting back all 2 we had a 60% chance of getting one sticky...

if they had been excellent one blastocyst of A then the success rate would have been 80-90% with just one.

I think your RE will basically tell you what's what and just trust them
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Another Egg Update

Just got an update from the IVF Nurse.

2 Embryos at the 2 cell stage
1 Embryo at the fertilization state (not yet divided)

We did NOT have to do ICSI! They fertilized on their own.

Transfer tomorrow at 10:10 AM. We need to be there by 9:50 (with a full bladder) to go over the video of our embies with our RE. We'll know at that time how many we will transfer.
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Great News Brenda! I agree with the PP... I'm sure your RE and the Embryologist will help you decide how many to transfer :
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Any stats on how fast the eggs should divide? I read somewhere, that the faster they divide, the better chance of them implanting.

And about the single one still in the fert stage..is there any hope for that one?
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That rocks!

There is hope until they arrest. :
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