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Quick Update

Just wanted to make a quick post before I head to bed. Everything went REALLY well (except for the having to pee part...)!

We ended up transfering "2 PERFECT embryos" (embryologist words). Everybody is very optimistic. By the time we transfered, they were both at the 8 cell stage. So far "booger" and "jellybean" are doing well.

The lone straggler did finally decide to divide. It was at the 4 cell stage, but starting to fragment. They didn't want to put all three back because I was told that if the one were to die, it could intoxicate the others. Oh well. We'll see if it continues to divide and absorb the fragments. If so, they want to go ahead and freeze it.

Preggers blood test on April 11!!!! What a LONG 2WW this will be!
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EXCELLENT NEWS! now.. PUPO. Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. :
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fabulous! :
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great news...hang in there
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Not feeling pregnant at all! I was hoping to at least have some mornig sickness already. Too soon?
I seriously need to bi*ch slap this Inner Spastic Cheerleader. She freaks out every time I have any sort of twing or gas bubble. :
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Too soon honey. I didn't feel sick until 6 weeks or so. I didn't feel pregnant at all...my only, ONLY, clue that I might be pregnant...I started gagging when brushing my teeth, about two days before my first blood test. I didn't find out till my second test.

I hated the inner cheerleader - combine her with the freaky internet researcher and it was ugly!
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I didn't start feeling ick until at least a few days (maybe a week) after the pos beta. My first indication was a little twingy cramping... but I tried hard to ignore it... :
I'm gonna kick the inner cheerleaders ass... but not so much that she can't continue to squeak out a little cheer everynow and then.
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Nothing worse than the 2ww!

Hang in there.
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hang in there.. I totally thought I wasn't PG. I even tested negative a couple times and was really bummed... then the day before my beta I retested and lo and behold there was a faint and I do mean faint second line.

rooting for ya
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I'm starting to spot! I thought the p-oil would keep AF from coming even if the embies didn't stick?
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Brenda. The PIO may or may not keep your period from coming. It may or may not be implantation. I'll be thinking of you.
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hang in there.. when is your beta?? how many dpt are you??
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My beta is on Tuesday. Today is 8DP3DT. Is this AF? Should I just give up all hope now?
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Hey CHIN UP!!! don't give up until the beta sings!!!

i am a surrogate... and had my embies transfered on feb 22nd I had some late spotting around 6-9 dpt and it was inplantation! I am now prego with twins for a wonderful couple. My first beta was 24 thats pretty low so anything above 5 is good!!!! My wishes and prayers are with you! don't give up!
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Warning Tmi

It's not birght red blood, more of a brownish color. Is that a worse sign?

Thank you guys for all your responses!
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Brown blood is usually old blood. Red blood would be more likely AF. Keep Hope alive!!!
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Im thinking implantation...
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I spotted

when I was pregnant with our twins.

Don't give up hope!

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Quick Story before I head to bed

Okay, so my DH and I have been building a "park" over the last couple of days for our 3 year old (to help keep my mind off of things). When we brought home the huge 5 boxes of wood, slides, etc. we dumped it all in an old barn building close to where we were going to build. Well, today, on the final day of building, I look over inside the barn and I see 2 ends pieces to the crib my dad built for my sister and I when we were babies. The crib has been passed around for the last 13 years without the real end pieces. We have been looking for these for over 15 years. I am just amazed! I mean the crib itself has been about 200 miles from this barn for the last 35 years. So how in the world did these end pieces end up here? I have to mention that the place I live now was my grandparents old rental.

But still...I have to see this as a sign of good things to come, right?
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So Brenda... any more bleeding/spotting? I assume no news is good news as far as that is concerned!

Tomorrow is the blood test.... I'll be stalking you till you post
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