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Delurking to say hello!

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Hi, all!

I'm Nealy, married to James and mama to Thales (rhymes with "Haley's"), who was born 12/9/02. I'm due with baby Lydia on 2/28/06.

More about us... I'm studying to finally take the GRE (although I graduated with my bachelor's in 2000), because some time soon I'd like to think about getting my Ph.D. I'm currently teaching Latin privately, and planning to homeschool my kids.

We're going to try out tandem nursing, as well as four-in-a-king-size-bed, but have exit strategies if either of those becomes too problematic. We're also trying for a VBAC, because Thales was one of those persistent-posterior giant-melon-headed babies that apparently get stuck pretty often. I'm hoping this one will be more able to turn during labor! I'm so excited to get to labor again. How crazy is that?

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Hi & welcome!!!
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Welcome! I think you will find that this is a pretty awsome group of ladies!

Good luck on your VBAC. Do you know how baby is positioned now? Not that that can't change, you aren't due for a little bit. Are you planning on a home or hospital birth?
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Welcome! Dh and I loved the name Lydia, but we just didn't like it w/our two last names, so it is great to see someone else using it!
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Hi and welcome!
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Thanks for a warm welcome!

We're doing a hospital birth with an OB and a fantastic doula -- the same doula I had last time, actually. I'm high risk for two blood-clotting disorders and on anticoagulant meds, so I'm not really a good candidate for a homebirth, unfortunately. My OB has a reputation as being really VBAC-friendly, and so far I've found that reputation really well-deserved. When my perinatologists tried to tell me to schedule a repeat c-section because they thought the baby was really big, my OB said there was no reason to do that. She's awesome!

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