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woohooo!! finally dilated

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So I went for my 39 week check up and I am finally dilated to 1 1/2cm. Not much but hey at least it gives me something. My body is at least figuring something out. I stayed 1 cm for a month with ds. Hopefully the 1/2cm in there means I won't have to wait that long. that and I have been having contractions agian today. I'm just sooo happy. Even though I feel kind of silly being as happy as I am over 1 1/2cm especialy when people look at me like it's not much. Oh well. It made my day.
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Yay! I just gave birth last weekend at 41 weeks. I know how you feel!!!!
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saw your post and wanted to tell you i'm keeping my fingers crossed. hopefully i'll see you at the net mtg in missoula with baby in tow!
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