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mucous plug/bloody show

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ok so what exactly is the differnce. i should know this. I have been having bloody mucous all morning. So...... mucous plug? I am assuming. All I know is labor is begining. YEAH!! Send me natural birth vibes girls some of these contractions kill.
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They're basically the same thing, although sometimes the plug can come out without blood. As your cervix opens, some of the blood vessels break and bleed a tiny bit, and the opening gets bigger, releasing the plug of mucus that was in there. It may come out in a big chunk or it may come out in tiny, unnoticeable bits, or it may come out in snotty looking chunks. There's a whole spectrum.

Best of luck with your labor and birth! Remember, relax! Let your body do the work it's built to do, and soon you will be holding a beautiful baby! Wahoo!
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