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Paging AF, Paging AF

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I am happily nursing my 14 mo son Jude. I love our nursing relationship and do not want to limit the physical and emotional nourshment he receives.
I have not had a visit from AF since the month before I got pregnant with
him. My husband and I would like to start TTC in August/September. And,
while I have six months to wait, I'm wondering what I can do to prepare my
body for fertility to return. When I was about 20 yo, I lost my period for two years. I'm concerned that it may be quite a while before AF returns, let alone six months from now. I've heard that there are herbs I can take to promote fertility,
but not sure if the advice is sound. I think it's a lot to take. Here is
the list I found. The woman who compiled it said it was the reason she
conceived and carried twins after years of infertility. I am not looking
for twins, but I'm wondering if it will bring AF on and if it is truly good
baby-prepping supplements? Sounds like an aweful lot!

These are all per day
Vitamin E: 400-1000mg
Selenium: 200-400mcg
Zinc: 80mg
Evening Primrose Oil: 3-6 per day
Vitamin B Complex: 50 mg
Paba: 50 mg
Calcium/Magnesium: 1 per day (before bed)

I also took pre-natal vitamins 3 per day and adjusted the above dosages
according to what was in the pre-natals.

I also drank a tea every night.
1 and 1/2 ounces of Red Clover Flowers
1 and 1/2 ounces of Red Raspberry Leaf
1 ounce of Stinging Nettle

Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil, take off stove. Add the above herbs and
put on the lid and let steep for 4 hours, then strain. I drank one cup of
the tea every day. I put the remainder in a covered container in the fridge
and would warm it back up
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I think this list sounds great. Especially the selenium and zinc.
Your tea sounds great too. You can get herbs in capsules, but tinctures and teas are much more effective.
Good luck!
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