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Suggestions for Birth Ball?

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Where to get one? I looked at Target today and all they had was a Pilates package deal, with a pump, ball, and video for 29.99. I just want the ball (and the pump, if the ball is deflated!). Do I have any chance in finding one for under 20? or more like 10? I checked the kids toys and the biggest outdoor ball they had was only half the size of what I think I would need.

Okay, and how do you know what size to get? My midwife guessed I would need a medium, but I think she just threw that out there because I'm short. I'm 5'2" and I know my inseam is about 28-29. Have no idea whether that matters!

I noticed the "Medium" Pilates ball was 26" and the "Large" was 29". But then I sort of remember that you are supposed to use it in a somewhat deflated position?

I want it for my third trimester, to sit on at home. Not just for the birth.
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I saw that noone had answered so I'll throw in my 2 cents. I got an "excercise" ball at Wal-Mart I believe when I had ds. It wasn't technically a birthing ball but it did the trick. I think I still had to spend around $30 unfortunately but I could use it after the birth (not that I have yet ). I used it during the early phases of labor and then fortunately the hospital I went to had one as well which is what helped turn ds and calm my back labor at 8 cms. Good luck, just try out the size and see what works you can always return your ball for another size if needed.
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well, since kmart is selling of its stores, the one close to us is selling everything. i found the ball, pump, video for $19, then 20% off of that. might be worth checking if any kmarts are closing in your area.

also, there used to be a store in town that rented them. it has since closed, but that is another thing you might consider. if there are any natural baby type stores around, give them a call.
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Thank you both for responding. On another forum I frequent I have gotten a lot of suggestions for Walmart. Darn about Kmart--they are already closed down in our area.

Hope to find one soon! I'm beginning my 3rd trimester.
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I see them at the sporting goods store too.
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I went to physical therapy during my last trimester (fabulous help with severe sciatica!) My insurance covered the ball so I could have one at home, it was only $20 though. You may want to ask a physical therapist in your area, maybe even get your ins. to cover it.

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Check Marshall's. They usually have them near their workout clothes. I haven't looked at the price there, but since everything else is discounted, it might be worth a try.
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I'm short, so needed/wanted the short one, couldn't find it anywhere but a sporting goods store.

I did find a lot of them for sale online, and all different sizes, but I didn't want to wait for shipping. There was one place that had a chart of each one and the size, weight limit, bouncy-ness factor. I don't have the url, sorry, but you could look online.


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I have found them everywhere for $13-$15 with pump. Sports stores have them and walmart i have heard too. they are all excersize balls i dont know if there are actual balls specific for birthing but if there are they are all the same i think.
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also you might want to ck with yoga people in your area- I am ordering a exercise ball for I think about $15 thru my yoga teacher. I will try to find out who makes the ball & post again
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Ooooh, thanks everyone else who posted! I never thought to look someplace like Marshalls. And I guess I could check out Academy and see what they have, too.

I'm not even going to bother with my stupid insurance co. They won't cover something even when it seems to plainly fall within my in-network coverage! They always find a reason to say NO!

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you might check ross if you have one nearby, i got a yoga ball with the pump for $10!! i had seen them in there before for $15-25, depending on what came with it. i ended up waiting and checking back because i couldn't find them any cheaper and really scored!!! good luck!
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I don't have any great place suggestions, but I just wanted to say that I bought the size ball that the box suggested for my height and I wish I had gotten a bigger one. I feel like when I sit, I'm most comfortable with my knees around 90 degrees, but on the ball, I sink too low. And I have the ball fairly full of air. I guess, I think that if the ball is too big, you can always let out some air, but if it's too small, you can't make it bigger.
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