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baby book stuff...

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Ok, I need some help filling out a couple of pages of Ian's baby book. The pages are about what is going on in the world at the time of the baby's birth, and the categories listed are:

What was happening in your country
What was happening world wide
Important leaders
Sports heroes
Musical groups
Popular songs
Fashion trends
Latest Dances
Popular movies
Broadway shows
Hit TV shows
Favorite stars of stage and screen

There are also blanks for a few other things like the price of a stamp, etc, but I've got those. For some of the above categories, though, I haven't got a clue what to write down! Any suggestions, ladies?
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What was happening in your country: Hurricanes, Oil Price Skyrocketting,
What was happening world wide: The war stuff.
Important leaders: White House people.
Sports heroes: Super bowl this year is.. uhh. Steelers vs Seahawks. That is pretty important.
Best-sellers: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Musical groups: See Below. ^^
Popular songs: Depends on what radio station you listen to. ^^
Fashion trends: "Modern Bohemian and Very slutty"
Latest Dances: Hmm. Booty shaking?
Popular movies: I think Harry Potter grossed top so far this year..check google. ^^
Broadway shows: Wicked?
Hit TV shows: LOST!!!!!!!
Favorite stars of stage and screen: That is up to you, I guess.
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