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Receiving Jesus is a matter of truly asking Him to come into your life, to forgive your sins, and to become your Lord and Savior. It’s not merely an intellectual undertaking, but rather, an act of sincere faith and heart-felt will.
How is this done???

I have done this many times, each time asking with as much sincerity as possible, yet nothing. I don't knwo what I expect, but I don't feel any different.

I guess I expect some strength to come fro mthis. Something to help me stay away from sinning(especially getting all frustrated with others, and losing my cool).

I know the facts, it's just my heart isn't in it.
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Diaper Diva~

Glad you asked!
I was in the same place you were. I *wanted* to find God (or just the right way) but whenever I prayed...nothing hapened and I felt the same and went on with my life. I could not understand other people who had such strong faith and devotion, etc. Where did they get it?!

My best friend was very Christain, but we never really talked about it in a real way. Then, I started having all these questions...both her and I believe that medicine/doctors should be avoided. So I asked her, but what about in cases of depression? She said she had her faith and God would take care of her if that ever happened, so she didn't need doctors for that. Then the terrorists struck (9/11). I was totally freaked out and was wondering to find baby-sized gas masks! Then I talked to her, she was totally calm and said she had faith in God and His will, etc. Then whenever I asked her a question, she would give me a short answer and tell me I needed to look in the Bible and find it for myself. (That was really smart of her!) I still kept putting it off, even though I was impressed, becasue I didn't want to give to give up my Sunday mornings! :

Then there was the night ds-2 would not go to sleep. It was so late, and I was being as boring as possible. The only book I could read without him grabbing was this tiny little Gideon Bible I had gotten years ago. Ds did fall asleep and I just kept reading and reading...It was the New Testament, and it really just touched my heart. It was a feeling that came all over me and it was the greatest thing ever. I prayed the prayer in the back of it and even signed my name, and became saved. It was really powerful.

The next day was the hard part, telling my dh, who laughed at me thinking I was being sarcastic, etc. But since then, we found a good church I *love* going to, and dh (and even ds) have became saved. It is a huge part of our lives and we have never been happier. I never knew it could feel so good to be a Christian!

Sorry to get so long-winded! I would suggest making a time each day to read the Bible (New Testament expessially) and pray. And find a good church with cool people that you can hang out with and ask questions. It is a big change, and it takes commitment, but it is really worth it!
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i used to go to mass every week and still didnt feel that spirit move inside the way i wanted.then i was told by dh that i needed to be involved and not just a once a weeker.living it has to be everyday at home and whereever you go.i looked into services that my church provided and was surprised that there were a lot close to my heart like working the local shelter once a month or the local thrift stoe.two years ago on my own i put on a christmas benefit for our local womens and childrens shelter.my church and its people made it a great success.and i was able to give some new gifts to these women and kids and let them know we care.sharing your faith everyday with our children is where its at.i think you have to start at home.im still a work in progress there.i guess my thing is the more we give the more i see Gods true spirit in myself.but it never seems to be enough.im always wanting to be better and to feel his presence more.well gotta go dd needs to go to school.all my love,
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