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How can I get rid of ear infection w/o antibiotics? - UPDATED

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I'm pretty sure both my ears are infected. The right one is slightly pink, swollen, and sore on the inner part of the ear. It's also tender if I press around the ear. The other ear looks normal, but is very slightly tender around the ear. I've had a few days of off and on fever and body aches. Does this sound like an ear infection?

I am in a class for three more weeks for work. I am not allowed to schedule any appointments during class time unless it's an emergency. Class is 7:00 to 4:30 and often goes long, so I wouldn't be able to get an appointment before or after and I really don't want to go to the emergency room.

Is there any way to get rid of this without antibiotics? I hate taking them anyway, but I've always heard it's the only way to get rid of infections. There's got to be something I can do besides either going to the E-room or just dealing with it for three weeks.


****UPDATE - I used the garlic oil. I put one capsule-full in each ear and left it for 20 minutes. The next day it wasn't tickling anymore and today, it's almost 100% gone. Thanks to everyone for the advice that saved me a trip to the hospital!
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I had a horrific ear infection a few months back. Used no RXs and got rid of it.

#1 suggestion is.. CHIROPRACTOR!!!

#2 suggestion is GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) taken as directed.
stuff will kill anything in ya body, I've seen it get rid of a staph infection

#3 suggestion... BOOBIEJUICE The cure all!
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I'm a big fan of colloidal silver.
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Originally Posted by FancyD
I'm a big fan of colloidal silver.
OMG, YESSSSSSSSSSSS... I so forgot all about that stuff!
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I second everything that Tummy suggested. I've also done accupressure behind my ds and dd's ears to help stimulate the cells to heal themselves.

Hope you're feeling better soon.
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YOu could also try garlic oil in our ears. It stinks, but it helps.

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I would also suggest collidial silver!
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I sent DH to the GNC for garlic oil. It seems the easiest, and I read some not-so-good things about colloidal silver. I'll let you all know if it helps. Thanks to everyone who responded!!
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hhmmm............I'd be interested in hearing about those "not-so-good" things about collidal silver.
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I'd have to find the websites again, but a couple of the ones I looked at said that colloidal silver is very easily contaminated and can lead to excessive silver in the bloodstream when taken regularly.
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Another suggestion is H2O2 a few drops in the ear every couple of hours.

And Sodium Ascorbate diluted in a wee bit of water, dripping up the nose...for stuffed up sinuses.

Everything else was already suggested!

But if all else fails, one decongestant works miracles (sometimes) and it's way better than antibiotics.
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I am surprised nobody mentioned homeopathy!
So here we go: Homeopathy is one of the BESt remedies and fastest working remedies for ear infection:

BELLADONNA is indicated in acute phases, with sudden and intense onset, red throbbing ears and high fever.
PULSATILLA is the most common remedy for ear infections. This remedy relates to symptoms of pain and pressure, to the stage when pus can be seen behind the eardrum, and even to rupture of the drum, with thick yellow discharge.

KALI MURIATICUM is another remedy that can be used to clear fluid out of the middle ear, used as a tissue salt (6x) several times a day.

ARSENICUM ALBUM is for pain mostly at night, better with warm compresses.

ACONITUM if pain started by exposure to a wind.(like driving with the window open)

Definetly get BELLADONNA 6C or 30C and take it even ever 15 minutes the first few hours and then only 3-5 times a day until you are good.
You can chooce more then one remedy if your symptoms fit more remedies. Usually Belladonna plus some other remedy is a good choice.

It's ALWAYS got to have BELLADONNA at home - for ear infections, VERY high fevers (works like a charm!!), for sore throat and more and more.....
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Also what I did once, but don't really recommend it - I put Tea tree oil into my ear!! I thought I was going to die how that hurt! I thought I was gonna wake up and be death but instead I woke up in the morning with NO PAIN whatsoever! I'd do it again if I had no another choice, but I would dilute it at least!
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one part vinegar
one part rubbing alcohol

put several drops in each ear 3 times a day.

I learned this from a doctor who tried to avoid putting children on medicine. (rare kind of doctor) I also found the instructions by googling "ear infection home remedy." I used it on my ear infection and it worked.
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my eldest dd (3yo) has been having reoccuring ear infections since end of Nov. My children have never suffered from them before so this was a very new experience. The first infection she ended up using antibiotics. Had a horrible reaction from them with a full body rash. And it did not get rid of the infection. The following infections i gave her vitamin c (ester c) mixed with GSE - this is to dry up her nose and get rid of the mucus. Also i found that massaging behind the ears tremendously benefited her hearing (she had so much fluid in her ears that she could not hear very well) This massage helped move the fluid down and cleared up her hearing overnight. HTH
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I also wanted to mention that we tried homeopathics and it did not seem to work very well with my dd. We got belladona and some Traumeel ear drops.

Another thing that we use to relieve ear pain (it works almost instantanoesly) is to put a warm onion on the ear. The onion is antinflamatory and it helps my dd from crying in pain within minutes. Just cut an onion in half, toast in in a toaster oven for a minute or two, then place the onion in a hat or scarf over the ear and wear overnight. Works wonders!!
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I have one big question! Are any of these remedies safe when there is a possibility of drum rupture?
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You can just squeeze the onion and use the juice in the ear... it's antibacterial, antiinflammatory and antifungal just like garlic, but quicker to work.
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Book marked! Great thread.
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Mackenzie - NO, It is my understanding that NOTHING should be put in the ear (unless it drops prescribed by a doctor) if there is a possibility that the eardrum has ruptured. Taking something orally, however, like the homeopathic remedies or the Vitamin C, etc., would still be okay.
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