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Natural Labor Inducer Help!

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Okay I am desperate to find something to put me in labor before tomorrow night when I am scheduled for a c-section.

What can I get?
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What worked for me was castor oil. I put 1.5 ounces in a glass with some orange juice and vanilla icecream and blended it up (to make it easier to get down). Baby was born 5 hours later.

My sister drank hers straight (YUCK!!) and her babe was born 12 hours later.

I did try it with my son and it didn't do squat so it isn't 100% or anything but if I was facing another c-section I would do it in a heartbeat (DD was my VBAC).

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I treid blue and balck cohash with no luck. I would try the casto oil. If you type natural labor induction or something to that effect in on the search engine youll get a ton of info. HTH and good luck mama!
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I was wondering the same thing. I have a c-section in a week and a half and would love to start labor before hand.
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besides those already mentioned--walking, sex (prostaglandins in semen ripen the cervix), nipple stimulation (even hook yourself up to a pump), acupressure points (on inner ankle), evening primrose oil taken vaginally (also ripens the cervix).

Good luck!!!
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My midwife said that eating a lot of protein will often get labor moving and eating omega 3 fatty acids will help ripen the cervix (she suggested a protein shake with 2-3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil). I also read that eating basil and oregano can do the trick.
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I did the castor oil thing to. Vanilla ice cream, a little milk, and two kinds of berries (that's what I got...not required raspberry and blueberry are divine) mixed in the blender. THEN add the castor oil. I barely ever noticed it and when I did it's cause I sat there and didn't swallow right away. I took it at 10:30 and by 2 I was in labour.
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Why do you have to show up for c/sec and can't wait to go into labor? Am I missing something?
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This was going to be a VBAC. My OB won't induce me and doesn't want me to go past 41 weeks. So, if we waited and took a chance to 41 weeks, and I didn't go in labor I would be getting a c-section next Monday. Thing of it is my inlaws are here right now and will leave on the 15th. I wouldn't have any help coming home from the hospital (taking care of our son) if I did that.

I have thought lots about this. This is a different hospital than I had my son in. Baby stays with Mom the whole time...from birth to recovery to the PP room. In fact they don't have a nursery. They will also get her latched in Recovery within the hour of giving birth. With the hospital I had my son at I didn't get him for almost 3 hours! Then we had problems and BF failed.

I don't want that to happen. I have LC's at the hospital all ready lined up to help me make this work.
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As well as taking Castor oil internally you can make a warm castor oil pack and put it on you lower abdomen- spread oil onto lower belly, place warm damp rag over it for about 20 min. Then again, I did all the previously mentioned things in this thread and DS still came 18 days late .
Oh- another thing you can do is sit on an exersize ball and bounce with legs apart to help open up your hips. I feel for you- Come on li'l baby get labor going!!!! :
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Everyone has great ideas for this. What I did? I walked a mile or two...with another person of course (and a cell phone!)......and S*X .........and I did some quiet meditation to be good to my body and let my precious one know we were waiting with warm, loving arms!

Good luck! Peace & Blessings!
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You've already gotten lots of great suggestions and I'm sending all kinds of labor vibes your way. One thing that really helped me while I was in labor (induced) with dd w/ a c-section looming was to really focus on the cervix opening/dilating --from a passage I had read in Ina May's guide to childbirth. I think that really helped me relax into the last part of labor.

Best of luck to you, mama!
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Black Cohash/Red Raspberry capsules is working for me tonight I'll keep you posted!!
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