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Any WAHDs?

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My dh--who is on these boards too!--works at home full-time telecommuting. This has a profound impact on our family dynamic--in a great way--and I'm wondering if we can do a "roll call" of WAHDs here. Are you a WAHD or do you have a WAHD in your house?

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Another one here! Yayyyyyy DH!
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Yeah, dh works from home 2-3 days a week.

I'll have to post for him b/c he's not a forum guru like myself.

Him being at home does have an interesting but positive impact on family life.
The days that he's at home while I'm at work are great - he has dinner ready for us when I come home (is that backwards 50s or what?!), cleans, does laundry, etc.

Since he leaves after me, he helps get Myleigh ready while I get ready by bathing her, dressing her, getting her in the carseat, making lunch for me, etc. She comes to work with me every day, so this is such a huge help.

The only negative aspect to this is how other men (and sometimes women) pass judgement about his level of involvment. Sometimes men will make comments about how un-macho he is, while other women will insinuate that I'm lazy for letting dh "do all the work" (yeah, right).

But generally I think people are impressed that he's so involved. I know I am.
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My DH is a WAHD. He pretty much works once I am home (i.e. nights and weekends). Since he also trys to spend time together as a family, he is essentially a part timer right now. He is a woodworker so he can be pretty flexible.

He is great with DS and really spends quality time with him. Sometimes I think he could get a little more done around the house while I am gone....but then I don't seem to get a lot done when I am home with ds on the weekends either

It works pretty well for us but I have to honestly say I am sometimes quite jealous of him (for getting to stay home with ds all week). When people ask dh how he likes it he says its great; but sometimes he will point out some downside to it (like not being able to work, etc). I am always really bothered by that because I would LOVE to be home with ds and work part time out of the home. But overall I (we) feel very fortunate to be able to avoid daycare.
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My DH does part-time work, and he does it at home. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to basically be two SAH parents. DH does online investing, and since we're on the west coast now, the markets are closed at 1 pm. So on days when he's actively trading, he's still "off work" at 1. We get the rest of the day together!

He and DD are very close. It's also great to have someone around to hold her for a minute when I need it. And when I was very sick last week and he basically took over child care. I don't know what I would have done without his help!

DH does all the cooking - he's a fabulous cook. I do laundry and basic housecleaning.

Yay for the WAHD!
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I am lucky to be working at home these days (thankfully I was laid off from my last editing job, which led to a better-paying freelance arrangement with the publishers my former co. worked for.
I love it; I loved it several years ago when my Rose worked full-time and I took care of Autumn (who is 9 now). I would have been truly puzzled by anyone thinking I was "not macho" (but then I would not have given them any more though ... sheesh ... talk about 50s mentality).
Autumn no longer homeschools so I miss her all day; can't wait til 3:30 rolls around.
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