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Totally with you on thsi one, very happily and blessed to be a SAHM to myson who will be 2 inless than a month (OMG!!!!) Anyway, what helps me, is what someone mentioned a few posts back, some pure, uninterrupted ME time... my Mom watches Iain every Saturday from 8-3, and it is super great for everyone involved. He adores his Nana, and always has so much fun with her on the farm that day, and I have a nice stretch of time to do things that I want to do, that aren't neccisarily child related. Time to just be alone with myself. At first I felt like I had to "use the time wisely" and would spend most of the time cleaning the house really well, cause it was easier than fighting Iain out of the mop water when he was here. Anyway... that did nothing for my soul! Now I use my Saturdays as a day to replenish all that I give in a week, I go to the used bookstore and look around, go get a decent espresso, paint, craft, go to esate and tag sales looking for the perfect buried treasure, go to poetry readings, flea markets, Goodwill, or if the mood is right, just stay in my jammies, and read in bed. It has been a life, and sanity saver for me, and I ama much better Mother to Iain for it. It has helped to quench my thirst for something more, it is the something more now... time to just be with myself and do things that may not be what a toddler wants to do. Hire a good babysitter, ask family, take a day every week to spend with yourslef doing what you love, try something new, take an adult ed class, and art class make a pot of tea and write to some penpals, get out of the house and don't look back

Much more blissfully yours lately,