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My baby is very sick. Prayers or positive thoughts desperately needed!

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I know I'm new here... but maybe some of you remember I had 2 children and another getting ready to come. Scheduled c-section was Friday mroning. Owen was born at 8:30. He was very tiny and very sick. 3 lb 5 oz, 15 in. long. They had to take him almost immediately to Indianapolis to be admitted to a N.I.C.U. He has severe pulmonary hypertension. We had no indication anything would be wrong throughout my pregnancy.. this is such a shock. They believe he was restricted in the womb and could not grow properly. During surgery my doctor was very surprised to find a massive amount of scar tissue built up. Owen was very confined and also disproportionate. His head is bigger than his body, and at the time had some swelling... at first they were thinking he might have hydrocephalous but that was, thankfully, not the issue. They also discovered mercronium in the uterus. He had had a bowel movement sometime in the last 12-24 hours he was inside of me. He had breathed some of this in so his lungs are weakened as well. Dave (almost ex-husband/father) followed him directly to Indy but I had to stay behind to recover from surgery. I was discharged very early from the hospital (yesterday afternoon) after a call from Owen's doctor telling me he had been getting progressively worse throughout the day and that she feared he was not going to pull through and they knew I needed to get down there. After I did arrive he had thankfully stabilized a bit more and ended up having a good night. Owen has had many ups and downs already... today was a rollercoaster. They need him to stay stable- his heartrate, oxygen, and blood pressure are all fluctuating. He needs to remain stable for a few days for him to have a chance... Tonight we drove back home, north of Indianapolis so I can get a decent night's sleep and have my doctor write out a prescription I need. We're headed back to be with him tomorrow and will stay the night again.
My baby is fighting for his life and it is really up to him and God now. They are utilizing all the technology they have and are giving him the maximized treatments they can. I believe it is in God's hands now and all we can do is pray that Owen is given a chance to live... if he is given a chance that he has not suffered damage to his brain or organs.... we just have to pray that whatever is best for Owen happens. I know many of you probably believe in the power of prayer and I wanted to take the time to tell you what has happened and ask you to pray for us and for Owen. I need some sleep... there are more details and medical stuff I want to look up... I want to have a very clear understanding of what Owen is facing now. The doctors and nurses at the N.I.C.U. are incredible, amazing... and they have really gone out of their way to make help us understand what they are doing for him. Anyways, thank you in advance for your prayers and thoughts... if many, many people are thinking of Owen maybe he will fight his way through this. I will be back sometime for an update, though I don't know when. BTW, he is a beautiful boy with a head full of dark hair!
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: owen :

I hope he gets better asap.

Thinking of you and your MsHippie
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Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. I will certainly say a little prayer for you and your family. I hope your beautiful little boy gains strength and gets to come home with you soon. Please keep us updated.
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I'm hoping and praying that your little Owen stays stable and that he'll be okay!!! I hope your own recovery goes quickly too. Wishing you strength!

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My prayers are with you and your son! Hope you recover from the surgery and that he strengthens and stabilizes and thrives. Don't forget how important breastfeeding is to a premature baby...the hospital should be able to help you with a pump and it's probably the best thing you can do for him healthwise at this moment. Good luck to your family!
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oh, sweetheart, i hope is ok.
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I'll be thinking of you and Owen.
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I'm not a single mama but I have an Owen so I couldn't read your post and not reply...

Sweet Baby Owen

So sorry that you're going through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you...
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i will be praying for you and your beautiful son, owen.
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Praying for Owen. May you continue to have strength and hope MsHippie...
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prayers and healing, peaceful blessings to you and sweet Owen, mama. Keep us posted as you're able.
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Add my thoughts and prayers to the many others that are praying...I have faith that Owen will survive this ordeal, keep us posted when you find the time
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I will be praying for you.Bless you and your little son
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You are in my thoughts and prayers, Sending lots of love and healing your way.
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Many hugs and prayers for Owen.
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Sending lots of peace, love and healing to you, Owen and your family.
Hugs to you as well.
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My prayer for Owen..

Heavenly Father, I pray that you are with little Owen, wrapping your loving arms around him. Give him strength to fight and grow. Watch over his family and give them the strength to face these difficult times. I pray that you have a long, beautiful life planned for this sweet soul Lord, may your will be done in his life. In Jesus name...Amen
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Oh, sweetie... you and your dear babe have my thoughts and wishes for the best possible outcome.

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It's amazing how knowing that another momma is going through this puts everything else in perspective. I know it sure as heck made my current issues seem miniscule.

Take care of yourself, MsHippie!
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Sending much love and prayers your way

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