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DS gave DD a new 'do!

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I bought my 5-y-o DS a new pair of safety scissors today, since he wore his old ones out. We were going to start working on making Valentine's cards.

Long story short -- phone rang, I was away for about 3 minutes. When I returned, my 2 1/2 y-o DD who has never had a haircut was now sporting a left-sided mullet and a 2-inch circumference of a bald spot on the crown of her head. DS cut the hair down to the roots.

Surprisingly, I wasn't mad, just sad. I cried for about 2 hours, I think. Then I went on an ebay spending spree and bought about 5 outfits with matching hats!

I don't think DS has ever seen me cry. He felt absolutely terrible, and gave me his "Martin" to sleep with tonight. He has never, ever slept without his buddy Martin.

Any ideas what I should do? About the hair, I mean? The only way to blend it in would be to shave her whole head, I think. Hats for the next 2 years?

(BTW, I realize this has nothing to do with my December babe, but you guys are such a huge part of my life now, I had to share this "tragedy" with you. Oh, and it's okay to laugh. I know someday, maybe in 25 years or so, I'll be able to laugh about this, too.)
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I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry. That is a big fear of mine. Silly I know. I actually had a dream once that my mom went and got Dd's hair cut really short, and I just cried and cried...I actually woke up sobbing. Strange huh? I don't think I have any comforting words. Uh....it's just hair. it will grow back...how was that? Not so good? Didn't think so. Hats...lots and lots of super cute hats. At least it will make for a funny story when they're older.
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ohhhhh! Jen! oh! i would have cried, too! goodness. let's see... i'm with B, i just have immense sympathy for you!
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i'm so sorry!!!
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I'm sorry you are sad, mama. But I think it's an adorable story! You all will love it one day. Take lots of pictures. Maybe you could go for a trendy short 'do for dd, then let it all grow back out. Baby hair grows so incredibly fast, and short 'dos on little girls are so so sweet.
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Thanks, mamas. Your hugs and thoughts were very comforting. I have resigned myself to Amy's new 'do, and took her in for a haircut this morning. Not a tear was shed as her curly little locks floated down to the floor. She's now sporting a short bob with a comb-over to hide her two bald spots.

I know that this is really such a small thing on the road of life, and someday I know I'll be able to laugh about it. In the meantime, I'm becoming quite a prolific hat collector!
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Oh no!!!!!!!! I'm sorry mama! I bet her new bob looks cute though. I hope it grows back quickly!
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I understand...When dd3 was about 3ish she cut a handful of her hair to a similar length *and* a chunk out of our very poofy, long haired burmese cat!
They were twins!
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i'm so sorry this happened. i'm sure your daughter looks cute in her new hairdo though. i wrote myself a mental note to try and avoid this same situation in the future though!
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jen, not having daughters, i was CRACKING up while i read the intro, then i saw you cried for two hours and felt terrible for laughing at you! when i was about eight and my sis 6, she rolled a comb like a curling iron down onto the top of her head and couldn't get it out. i thought i was being helpful by cutting it. she got her first communion with a mini-mohawk! it must be awful now, but i agree will become most-loved family lore. please share pics with us when you can tolerate sending them
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a mohawk! I guess I shouldn't be too hard on my 5-year-old if you didn't know better at 8.

And, Meg, don't feel bad for laughing. I'm actually able to laugh about it now. Seems silly I was so upset. DDs hair will be weird for a while, and I won't be able to put her in her beloved pigtails for probably another year, but much worse things can happen! A little perspective is an amazing thing.

I did take pix, but haven't downloaded them yet. I'll try to remember to post when I do.

Oh, and I hate to admit this, but if DD didn't have 2 bald spots, her new bob would be really, really cute, and something I should have done with her hair a while ago!
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