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Feeling bummed...

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Just had another acquantance announce she is going to be a Grandma! Her daughter, 20 years old is expecting a surprise baby. Grandma is excited about it but worried because the kids have financial problems and are "so young".

Everyone around me is getting pregnant! When will I? :

Thanks for "listening".
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Hi Naturegirl,
Sorry you are feeling bummed. It will happen for you! By the way, love your sig line!!!!!!
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I am with you naturegirl..
My tech director's wife just had a baby on the 30th.
One of my good friends is due April 11th. I see her every day....she is very round.
Another one of my friends is pg - not sure when she is due - but it has got to be soon now.

Sometimes it seems like the baby dust just keeps missing me and hitting everyone else.

I keep wondering why.
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Thanks ladies. I feel so selfish at times. I am happy for others and I really try not to "judge" people. It's nice to know that others support me, even when I do have my own little pity party.
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And to top it all off my TD and his wife brought the new baby in today. 5 days old!! She is soo pretty!

I was very happy - but boy did it bummmm me out.
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I'm with you there! I have one friend who announced her pregnancy a couple of months ago. I was really excited at first, because I had tested within a couple of hours of her call and got a +. Unfortunately, I m/c very early and got AF a couple of days later. Then, about a week ago, another friend of mine announced she's pregnant!

I'm super happy for my friends. It will be their second for both of them, and they're great Mamas, but I want to be in the club too!

I'm on cd24, and trying not to jump at every shadow. I'm paranoid that AF is coming. I think every twinge in my body is either AF coming on, or proof positive that I'm pregnant!

If I don't have AF on Friday, I'm going to test. If my temps are still up on Monday, I'm definitely pregnant! I don't think I'll have the patience to wait for the 18th day of high temps to test.
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I'm right with you! Tomorrow I'm having lunch w/former co-worker I always liked and have kept in touch; she just started TTC and like me doesn't have anyone close to her IRL who's TTC or parenting, so we're going to commiserate. I hope this will be an opportunity to have a TTC buddy and then pregnancy buddy! (As wonderful as you ladies are, I desperately need someone IRL.... MrBecca is terrific but Just Doesn't Understand some things!) OTOH, I'm afraid she'll conceive immediately and already have her baby while I'm still trying and trying, and that will only make me feel worse!!

Better to be optimistic, I know. But I hate the feeling that I'm just setting myself up to be jealous of yet another normal woman.
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I understand your reservations EnviroBecca. I have been avoiding a friend of mine for fear that they are pregnant. She has been ttc since Sept. I just don't want to look like I am not happy for her if she is pg. I am not very good at hiding my feelings. I would rather be ecstatic for her than let her see my disappointment.:
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