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I was thinking about getting one and wondering if anyone has advice on brands..

I was thinking of maybe looking on ebay for one - good brand but decent price.. I'm sure there are people that used on a few times and want to get rid of theirs.

so any suggestions on brands, and what I should expect to pay for a decent one.

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Dh got a 'Breadman Ultimate' for christmas this year. I really like it, but have not tried any other brands so I can't compare. We make about 2 to 3 loafs a week. I like that it makes normal loafs instead of weird shaped ones. I also allows you to make 3 different size loafs and has an auto 'extras' adder. We paid $99 new for it (with free shipping). We did spend on the high end, but as we now make all of our own bread, we wanted one that would hold up. (but we haven't put that to the test yet) It also came highly recommended by consumer reports.

Hope that helps.
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I just got a sunbeam 1.5lb loaf breadmaker and love it. Money is a great concern, so I did research on eopinions.com and found that most people liked the Sunbeam one from Walmart (I b ought it for $40), so that's what I got. If you get one, I would suggest running it a few times without the bread in it to burn off whatever coating they put in it. Mine smoked like crazy for 5 runs, now its fine.

Some things to look for:
Loaf size! They can come in size up to a 2lbs loaf size. I would get either a 1.5lbs or a 2 lbs loaf size machine.

Some can make jam!

I would get one with the most programmable settings. Mine has 11 settings.

I love mine, and my daughter loves the raisin bread I make, and it saves money! At sams you can get a bread mix variety pack for just dollars, or you can make your own.

I'm still trying to make a homemade bread from scratch that doesn't use eggs or milk and isn't like a brick
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Hey Amandas mom, or anybody else with a Sunbeam:

I got this last week for my birthday--- and the wheat setting doesn't work! Does anybody else have this problem? Or is it supposed to just sit there for a while (which I highly doubt)???!

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Yes, its supposed to sit for 20 mins first on wheat setting. It says in the book that came with it that the first 20 mins is to let the grain soften up so it will mix better.
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