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Am I getting my period ALREADY????

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Someone please tell me!

Here are the facts:

With ds, I didn't get it for 16 mos post partum (when he night weaned).

Yesterday I started spotting bright red. My birth bleeding was down to nothing, maybe a smidgeon of brown spotting.

Dd is 5 weeks old.

She nurses efficiently, like for 5-10 minutes every 2-3 hours usually, sometimes more.

If this is my period, I am PO'd!!!! : I was SOOOOO looking forward to at least a year of period-free life!

What do you think? Period? Or just a little red blood that hadn't made its way down yet? It hasn't gotten any heavier... just spotting.

I suppose I could call my midwife and ask her. She is the expert on that sort of thing, right?
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From what I understand, any bleeding before 6 weeks is still lochia. Did you up your activity level or something lately? Call your mw if you're wondering.

I think that 2-3 hours would be enough stimulation to keep AF away (but that's just me - I went 27 months PP without cycles after DD).
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I don't think it's the real period...I had bleeding on and off for the first 6-7weeks with ds, and then didn't get it until ds was 17months.
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With dd1, I got my period 14 months after she was born. With dd2, I got it 6 weeks (!!!) afterwards. She was exclusively nursing, at night included. It really, really surprised me. So, it COULD be your period, but probably isn't.
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Mine did this too. It jogged my memory that it happened with both of my other kids as well. My bleeding was down to brown spotting, and barely any at that, and then all of a sudden tere was bright red blood again. With my first I was on Depo and had no period after that bright red bleeding thing, except for some bleeding at three months that i never did know if it was a period or some residual something or what. WIth the second, I had the bright red stuff a few weeks post-partum, it went away, and I didn't bleed again until he was 13 months to the day. Here I sit, 3.5 weeks post-partum, bleeding bright red. A little disconcerting, but i know I've done it before and I don't believe it to be a period. I Beleive it to be due to activity level and exertion.
Just a note: Even with constant nursing, you can get pregnant. I have more than enough friends with babies less than 14 mos apart that will gladly attest to that.

Namaste, Tara
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Whew! I was wondering if I'd got my period. I did the same thing - lochia went down to nothing and then suddenly bright red and a bit heavier. I thought it was my period because I had some cramping, sweating and general crabbiness. But it seems to have dwindled after only 3 days, so ...
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y'all must be right, because I only had it for about 2 days! yay! And, yeah, i know I can still get pregnant. part of me would love to, part of me knows that would be just silly for me!!!
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I just saw this on the new posts. I had to add, I had this after both kids, bleeding about 5-6wks PP. I always took it as my af, even though I was EBF. After dd, I got pregnant 6 months pp, was using nfp until I wasn't afraid of getting pregnant anymore, which was about 5 months pp. After ds I got pregnant 3 mnths pp, surprise, but not at all a regret. I think some people just get their fertility back very soon even with breastfeeding.
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I've also had some bright red bleeding after 1 wk of nothing. DD is 4 wks as of yesterday, so I'm hopeful it's postpartum. AF stayed away for 9 mos with older DD and I'd hate to see her so soon.
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hey - i got mine back - period - when kai was 2 months old to the day...nothing major but lasted a week - lots of cramps and light

did not get mine back with ethan until 8.5 months

boo hoo for me...

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I was just going to ask this last week. Was down to nothing and then bright red with some small small clots for two days, now, it's back to dark brown and very little..Am 6 wks pp now.

I don't want to get pregnant again for at least 9 months. Hopefully that wasn't AF.
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