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No, we had been looking. Today it is official. The seller's accepted our addendums and we are actually going to buy the house.

So, yeah, I have been quiet lately because we were in process, looking, offering, inspecting....and i picked up a second job. (which i may be leaving sooner than later.)

So, yeah, before the baby comes, I have to pack, clean, paint, get heaters installed, get carpets cleaned, move, unpack, set up baby's room and our room, figure out where to put the birth tub....you know - little things. All while working 4 days/week.

Should be funny to watch at least.
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Well, I think the nesting urge has finally kicked in I realized today I didnt have any nursing pads and spent a few hours cutting out and serging 10 pairs plus a ton of baby wipes. I started stashing fabric out of the way and into my closet so I actually have room for the baby's stuff. I ran a bunch of Seans old baby stuff through the washer and now have cute tiny piles of baby clothes piled in my sewing room. I just wish I felt like cleaning I would love to have someone with the cleaning urge to come over and help me out while I sewed them up a diaper stash. It would be a win win situation Tomorrow my sil and my mil and a friend of mine are going out to lunch to the olive garden in leiu of a baby shower. It should be fun.

Today I had to go down and get a paper notorized so I could get a copy of my ds's birth certificate for when we fly to CA in a few weeks and since I was kidless, I went into the hair cutting place next door and got my hair cut off. My hair has not been this short in a while. Sean is going to flip out on me and I probably will in a little while once the novelty has worn off. Never walk into a hair salon pumped up on pregnancy hormones

My sil who was due a week after me and had a m/c at 10 weeks just found out she is pregnant again yesterday I am so happy for her. Her other sil is due any day and then me in 8 weeks or so. I am so glad she got pregnant again before all these new babys were born. It has to have been so hard on her to be around us.

Well thats about it for me. Congrats on the house Adina and the diaper biz phoebNFam! I love having mine, its a lot of fun

I would love to see your mattress nighten

love_homebirthin. Family makes comments like that to me too and I just dont know what they are thinking when they say them. I swear my patience has been decreasing so much as this pregnancy progresses and poor Kyle has been snapped at more then he should. I feel so guilty afterwards and then he hugs me and tells me its OK and then I feel worse. Just remeber this too shall pass and soon we will only be sleep deprived instead of hormonal and sleep deprived
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Originally Posted by kyle98sean02
Just remeber this too shall pass and soon we will only be sleep deprived instead of hormonal and sleep deprived
When do you stop being hormonal, again?

I really feel like there's a conspiracy against me. Mike growls and basically tells me to shut the up when I say it, but I do. I know life isn't fair, but really, haven't I had enough?
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Love_homebirthing, I almost cried when I read your tale. Oh, believe me, I have been there with Daphne at times. A few months ago, I really yelled at her over something (can't remember what - probably asking her to do something and not listening to me) and got angry. I freaked her out so bad that she layed down on the floor, hugged her oversized stuffed rabbit, and sobbed. Then, two minutes later, I felt soooooooooooooooooooo guilty! Of course, we made up and she forgave me, but then I felt worse, kwim? Even now, she mentions "the time Mommy got really mad". Of course, she is 4, though, so she is not likely to forget.

At least you can say that you freaked out in front of your own parents, and not your inlaws! That would be worse for me. I am sorry your father hurt your feelings. That was pretty insensitive. It could be a funny comment if you were in the mood for it, but timing is everything.

Rynna, I am sorry about your car accident. How are you and the kiddos doing today?

All of you crafty super-together moms-to-be are awesome! I haven't done one ding dong thing to prepare for this baby - not one! I purchased some new cloth diapers way back when I was first pregnant, and that was it. They are still in boxes and still unwashed,

You all are making nursing pads and mattress covers, painting rooms, and buying pajamas for your hospital stay! I guess I had better get busy. This babe isn't going to have its own room for a long time, so no need to worry about that one. It is going to sleep with me, so no need to worry about the crib, either.

Still, I had better get somewhat prepared. I would like to sew myself a kangaroo pouch or a maya wrap, if that is possible. Has anyone done this? I would also like to make some diapers. I guess I could wash baby clothes today. I also want to start making freezer meals for after the birth.

Am I the only one who does not have it remotely together?
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Absolutely nothing together.

I do have some clothes, whic are not washed and are currently in a big plastic tub. I have a few diapers - which are alsonot washed and most of them are the wrong size - which I bought about two years ago. (Back when I thought I would get pregnant easily.) The only thing I HAVE done is knit one pair of baby socks, and make some washcloths and two hooded towels. Before you declare that those are big things - 12 wash cloths takes me about 15 minutes, and each towel about 5. Just some terry and a serger!

I have a room to paint, furniture to buy, a carseat to buy, a cosleeper to buy, diapers to buy, all the clothes and diapers to wash....and our move to our new place before this will all be ready.

Most of it will happen post move. So right now I am window shopping and pondering what to do. Trying to finish up som project and such so I can pack away my sewing machines.
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Angelique - thank you for your post. I think my post wasn't really clear, b/c it was my 5 yo dd that I lost it with (not the 2 yo - I've given up hope on her doing anything I say). I wish I could say that I never yell at my kids but this pregnancy it has gotten worse and worse. I'm so tired and have very little patience a lot of the time. Combine that with kids that don't want to listen and well, ya know.

Anyway, I haven't gotten much at all done myself so don't feel bad! I do need to get working on it all though. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that I'm now at least as large as I've ever gotten in any pregnancy! I held up my belly cast from my last pregnancy (done at 37 weeks) to my belly and I definitely filled it up. Plus it looks like new stretch marks are starting to appear. Oh the joy! And I've got 2 months to go! Eeek!
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It's pretty sucky not to be able to do things again. I'm horribly depressed about it. Tomorrow I'll have to drive to go to PT, and I'm nervous about that and not looking forward to it at all. I'm probably going to talk to a lawyer tomorrow, because I absolutely *must* put the kids into new carseats and I haven't heard a word from #5's insurance company yet, but it's so totally got to be done, I'm having panic attacks thinking about what might happen....

As to baby preparations... well, I was going to make french toast to freeze on Thursday night, but now the bread is probably starting to go moldy because of course I couldn't stand up on Thursday. Good lord, that ought to be paying for the groceries that I wasn't able to use! I was totally preparing food for after the baby's birth, you know? Mike went shopping and I was waiting for Thursday's PT appointment so that I could confidently cook a whole bunch of stuff for later and now a lot of that food is probably no good and still more will be sketchy. : Everything is just pissing me off so much...

Anyway, I haven't washed any baby clothing, nor any baby diapers. They're mostly together... mostly. I think. Probably. We don't have a ton of baby clothing, but we should be okay on infant diapers. Just prefolds and proraps, nothing special, but they'll do. What I'd really like to get are some Dritz pins. I can never find them, and they're so unbelievably useful! If I ever manage to build a website selling stuff, I'll totally sell Dritz pins. I found out that they're really cheap to buy in bulk, so I'd probably start out giving a free pair away with a pair of longies or whatever. THey're so, so much nicer than the ones that you buy at k-mart, you know?

Loads of contractions today; Probably BH, but my back is killing me and I've got a splitting headache. FIL was so funny, he was really surprised when I said I was having too many contractions to be comfortable sitting. "Isn't that a bad thing?" No, not at this stage... it's just something that happens. "But can't you miscarry?" Well, not really, I'm more than 30 weeks along and this baby is big for dates (feels big to me); even if I *was* to go into labor, BellyBean probably wouldn't spend more than 3 weeks in NICU. Not that I'm eager to ever see the inside of NICU again, but 3 weeks I can totally live with.
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www.punkinbutt.com sells Dritz pins.

They stopped making the all metal ones. Now they come with a plastic locking cover, instead of metal.
Punkin-Butt still has some metal ones in stock.
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I can relate on the less patience thing. With work piling up too it's getting worse. Yesterday I got the impatient angry mommy award-- we went down to the creek behind our house after the snowstorm and walked along the trail a bit and he wanted to go closer to the creek where the bank already slopes down pretty steep and was totally covered with slippery snow and the traction on his boots is not that good, and anyway he's only 2 1/2 and not that nimble yet. I was like, no way you can fall into the creek. He kept trying to go back and not listening to me pleading and then scolding-- and bundled up in a snowsuit he would be very hard for me at this point to pick up and carry away really far with him kicking and struggling so instead I sort of picked him up by the shoulders of his snowsuit and swung him around and tossed him into a snow bank on the other side of the trail which I don't think hurt b/c of the snow cushion but scared him (which I kind of wanted to do so he would get the point that it was dangerous and serious, which he wasn't absorbing and was stubbornly ignoring my pleas and stepping in front of him so he wouldn't go down). I felt bad about that but I didn't know what else to do since diving after him in my pregnant state as he slid down the bank into the creek would not exactly be a safe way to go. Then I did have to pick him up (but he wasn't resisting anymore) and carry him a distance away from the creek so I could try to reason with him again without him being in danger from suddenly bolting down the bank into the creek. Fortunately he decided to give up and walked home nicely. I felt bad about the whole thing but I wasn't sure what else I could do given that he kept on trying to do something really dangerous and I'm not in a physical state to be able to safely hold onto him on a slope like that.

DH has been even testier though and he has no hormonal/physical excuse.
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More Dritz there!


It snowed off and on all weekend and it's gorgeous! Here's a picture from our back deck, yesterday morning. We got several more inches after that. (Mind you, I live in TN, where it rarely snows so this is a HUGE treat for us!) :


All weekend the roads off the mountain were closed (good thing my m/w lives up here too -- and that I'm not full term yet). I think DH was a little jittery though until they opened the roads this morning. He doesn't like being stranded. I love it.

And the dogs are hilarious -- Stella Blue (our little fat beagle) has her tummy dragging the snow when she goes out, and Thistle (the little minischnoodle pup) seems to think there must be buried treasure hiding under it. She's constantly got snow stuck to her fur and she chases it around, trying to catch it in her mouth as it flies off.

Saturday night the doorbell rang (freaked us out as it was nearly 9 o'clock) and it was the UPS guy, covered in snow with a giant box! Our first pre-shower gift had arrived. It was like Christmas -- I was so excited! The shower's this coming Saturday. I can't wait!


All weekend we cleaned house. Ugh. Cleaned the bathrooms, changed sheets, cleaned the kitchen, dusted, etc., I even scrubbed the dining room chairs and table. The ILs are coming up this week and there's still a little bit to do, but for the most part it's coming together. My mom is coming up today to help, which is really nice.

My lower back (sacrum) has been killing me. Have another appt with the chiro tomorrow before my m/w appt, and am thinking of adding a massage in the morning. Would that help you reckon? For a bone-type pain? Or just stick with the chiro...?

Well, I'd better get to it -- got laundry and mopping and cabinet organizing to do.
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Renee - I would think the massage would be very nice. Wouldn't hurt at any rate. I really need to schedule one for myself. It's one of the things I promised myself I'd do this pregnancy.
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Massage should definately help Renee, my osteo said to get DH to massage me every night and you know the nights he doesn't I can really feel a differnce the next day.

Life is pretty good here, all well again at last I have a bunch more diapers to wash which I'll probably do tomorrow and I need to get a few more clothes for baby. I spent most of yesterday in bed catching up on sleep and I feel fantastic today! Tons of energy and all the patience in the world for DS

Dreamt I birthed triplets : , not too sure what the message was there still thinking about that one! Oddly DH wanted to put the babies in the dog basket (we dont have a dog) and he was breastfeeing too Anyone else been having crazy vivid dreams?
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New thread here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...92#post4616592

Am off to get a massage today -- thanks for the advice!
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