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How old is your intact son? Reply to Thread

My DS Jacob will be 4 in June, we live outside of Atlanta Ga and at least at my Ped., intactness is the norm as she and her partner, who is a midwife, are both very ANTI circ.
He is retractable and won't leave that thing alone, lol.
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We have 3 sons and a daughter -- all whole and perfect! Our intact sons are 9 years, 7 years ,and 2 years. We are in a very high circ area. I only know of 2 other intact boys. The hospitals around here are awful about circ. I am so glad we stayed strong!
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Ds is 9 mos, and the only intact male in our family! Dh's family are all intact, but all men in my family are cut.
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My intact son is 10 and 1/2.
We do know dozens more in our area too.
It may be the moms i know, but even the most extreme "mainstream" mom has 2 intact sons.
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Originally Posted by njeb
My intact sons are 26 and 18 years old.

Sorry, ladies, the 26 year old is taken. The 18 year old isn't, but he's a bit immature.
I'm gonna be 18 in March- maybe he needs a womyn his age with a baby to help him grow up!
Just kidding-my DP is 18 and coming along ok....most of the time

My DS is 10 mons- one year in March. And all my other beautiful boys (if I am blessed with more) will be intact and lovin it!
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I only have daughters but would not have circed a boy if we'd had one 5 years ago.
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ds1 3 years
ds2 14 mos.
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Mine is four and a half this month. Gosh how time flies.
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My intact DD is almost 6 years old and her intact brother was 2 years old at the end of October.
Their older brother is 29 years and was circ'd
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My husband wanted to circumcise at 6 months with anesthesia, but he came around when Orion was a month old. He said that our son was too perfect to cut, and that circumcision is a sign of the Piscean Age…not Aquarian.

In addition, I am part of a mom’s group that has 3 French women and 1 Ukrainian. None of their husbands are circumcised and when I told them we MIGHT do it at 6 months they all freaked out and said it was mutilation. The women had no idea that it is so routine in America to circumcise.

Our perfect 4 month little boy will forever be intact!
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Aidan is 4 years old!
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I think this first post is so cool because one thing that keeps me forever curious reading about your lives is the states some of you intactivists with intact males live in and their ages (I check signatures and member info in the "location:" blank). I _sincerely_ don't know why, but it gives me a real sense of satisfaction/happiness knowing for example, there's 10-year-old intact boy born in Buffalo and running around with a foreskin there.

Another thing that makes me thirsty for knowledge... yet, I've been afraid to start a thread about (and _not_ that I'm attempting threadjacking here, seriously!), is the colour/ethnic background of the members of this community. Using the U.S. for example, it's well known that Hispanic-Americans are more likely intact than any population. It's been _thought_ that African-Americans are shortly behind Hispanic-Americans (though it doesn't feel like from my experiences) and Asian-Americans have had a historically lower circ rate. I wonder if the intact/circ'd thing has anything to do with whether your Irish-American or Italian-American or Swedish-American.

Since the home countries like Ireland, Italy and Sweden never practice MGM (male genital mutilation) in the first place, when they migrated to the U.S. generations ago, you'd THINK their "intactness" would be passed on from generation to generation. Sometimes this has happened... but that "It's the American way" (to be circumcised; ugh!) and scare tactics from U.S. doctors long ago (some adding in the STUPID stops-masturbation bulls**t!) seemed to have completely broken that peaceful chain. We're trying to start a new one.

If it helps any, I'm Canadian and my background is Irish/Scottish/British and Swedish.
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Luke is nearly 16 months.
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10 months old
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5 1/2 months
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In reference to Microsoap's post, I am white, DH (circ'd) and DS (intact) are both part Asian.
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10 years
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my babe is 7 months old.
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My intact boys are 4.5 and 2.
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11 and 3.

Also, my 24 yo brother is intact and my 32 yo DH.

Most of my male cousins are intact too.
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