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How old is your intact son? - Page 3

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3.5 and 8 mo
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Originally Posted by Slabobbin
Mine is four and a half this month. Gosh how time flies.
Same here
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His first birthday is on the 27th.
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ds will b 16 months old the 18th. he is the only intact boy that i know of here were i live in east tennessee. i have never seen anouther intact penis other than his. but according to my mother tho his great uncle and his grown cousin is as well, unless he ended up being cut when he was around a year or 2 old. my dh also has 1 uncle who is and all his boys are as well since he dosnt beleive in it he is now my fav. uncle
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10 months
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my son is 12 and intact. My dh is also intact and he's 33.
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1 year on Friday. Also have twin 12 y.o intact brothers!
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13 months.
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Originally Posted by Microsoap
I've been afraid to start a thread about (and _not_ that I'm attempting threadjacking here, seriously!), is the colour/ethnic background of the members of this community. Using the U.S. for example, it's well known that Hispanic-Americans are more likely intact than any population. It's been _thought_ that African-Americans are shortly behind Hispanic-Americans (though it doesn't feel like from my experiences) and Asian-Americans have had a historically lower circ rate. I wonder if the intact/circ'd thing has anything to do with whether your Irish-American or Italian-American or Swedish-American.
You might be quite surprised to learn that black Americans now have the highest circumcision rate of all ethnic groups and that all other non-white groups are circumcising in increasing numbers, some of them at triple digit increases according to the last Bollinger Report. For instance, the circumcision rate for Hispanics is up 300% and for Eastern Indians, it is up 800%. The rate for white Americans accounts for almost all of the decreases seen in the past 10 years. The circumcision rate, if it follows the trend for the past few years will be about 46%. I can't wait for the figures to come out in March. I think we will be pleasantly surprised!

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I've got three, the oldest of whom is 14. We're in a white middle class university community in the Bay Area. In some parts of the region, I have it on good authority that the majority of caucasian male infants are now left intact.
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Mine is 2 years old.

We're in New England, and there are varying accounts of the circ rate in my area. There is a huge population of minorities here - like they aren't really minorities in this city! Most ped I have spoken to try to downplay the risks as well as the trends in refusing circ. So perhaps this region is higher than national? I believe (if I'm not mistaken) that Boston, for example, has a lower RIC rate than national average??

My OB (who is from India) was visibly relieved (and any display other that total professionalism is very rare for her) when she learned that DS was staying intact. She told me in gentle word that it is completely uneeded, and that she didn't circ her grandson, whom she had recently delivered. I hope she was on the verge of refusing to do the procedure, but I don't think I'll get to know that.
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My boys are 15 and 9.
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Owen will be 5 in June. I've noticed more and more intact boys at the pool (in Arizona). It used to be the 'minorities', but now it's the 'white mainstream-looking Americans' as well.

(BTW i'm from Italy, dh is American, 35 and cut)
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My boys are 12.5 and 3 years old.

My intact nephews are 9 and 2.5

Sadly, my other nephew is circed, he is 4.
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My ds is 5 1/2
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Ds will be 6 in June.
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Jacob will be 6 months old on Valentine's Day and is wonderfully whole!
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my son will be 4 in May, but we made the decision to keep our babies intact before our oldest (a girl) was born 5.5 years ago.

I'm honestly not sure what the circ rates are in Michigan, but I bet it's close to 50.50. It's just not an issue that comes up often, so I don't think about it being rare.
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My boys are 3 1/2 years and 20 months.

I've heard the circ rates in our area are going way down but both my sisters and my sil circ'd their sons (5 boys total ).

Although my sister who lives near Calgary had to drive out to a small town about an hour away because they refused to do it in Calgary. And her Dr. told her he didn't know of anyone who would do it since it was uneccessary...yet they still went ahead with it :

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