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a 5 year old and a 4 month old
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My son is 18 months born in california but we live in montana now.

Circ is still high in the richer society in montana while the 'teens/poor areas are less likely to circ .

I only know of two people in town who didn't circ.
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My intact sons are 9, 6 and just about 3 years. I don't think our medical has paid for circs in at least the past 9 years. Not one dr I have come across in the past 10 years has ever suggested that circ was a good idea.

If it matters we are caucasian and lower middle class, but I think bc (maybe all of western canada) has pretty low circ rates
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23 and 21. We weren't the first pioneers, but we were relatively early non-circers.
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My Ds is 12 months and his intact Daddy is 51.
We live in mid FL and don't know any other intact boys.

Donnie- Mommy to Michael born 01-20-2005
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Ari will be three in May. We live in New England, and are white. With the moms I know, intact sons are the majority, but I know that doesn't truly reflect the population, just the moms I hang out with.

I'm Jewish, so in most of the circles I hang around in, Ari is the definite minority!
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DS turned 4 last August.
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in response to the ? about ethnicities;
my 5.5 yr old DD is Black American/German American/Mexican American
my 2 yr old DS is Black American/European American/Native American
my 29 yr old DS is European American

All raised by European American parents
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My DS is 2 and Caucasian. We live in Mass., and except in my earthy crunchy circle, he is the only intact boy I know. It is not even questioned. All four of his cousins are circed.
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Turning ten is my son this year.

I live is crunchy blue island called Decatur. The intactness rate is much higher here, maybe even halfies. Part of this is that Emory/CDC bring many folks here from other parts of the world to study. Their kids go to my kid's school. Cool , huh?
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My son is about 28 months.

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3 years, 4 months and
23 months
Neither have ever had any problems, not even slight irritation. All males in our families are intact as well (dh is English, I'm Latvian).
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5 weeks today!
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Both my boys are intact

almost 3 and 1 yrs old

ETA: DH is 25 and intact, my brothers are 24 and 19 and are intact and my dad is 56 and also intact
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5, and I'm so grateful he is intact!
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My son turned four last month.
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My intact boys are 5 1/2 yrs and 16 mos Oh and we are caucasian and live in Massachusetts. They are the only intact boys on BOTH sides of the family
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I don't know any circ'ed youngsters except our Jewish friends. And I have a lot of friends with baby boys ( almost all of them in fact---go figure!)
Mine are 6 and 3.
Circumcision is definitely the exception in these parts. It wasn't even brought up once for either of my two hospital births. I get the feeling I would have had to give religious reasons if I did want to circumcise them.
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2.5 and 5 months. We are in central North Carolina and I know lots of boys that are intact.
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