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I just looked it up, and according to Health Canada, the hospital circ. rate in the province of BC is 6% (1996).
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26 months.

And from a long line of intact men.
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He just turned 2 on the second
No problems whatsoever either!
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I'm WesternMAMomma's proud Irish American intact hubby...and no one was ever gonna carve up my baby boy. Hey...mine seems to work just fine! and in almost 30 years it hasn't fallen off yet!
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10 1/2 months here!

no problems at all. I know of one other baby boy in my town who is intact. All my close friends have baby girls so all the babies I know personally are intact
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happy intact son

21 months old
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10 months!
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9 year old intact son, here! and you can bet you bottom dollar that anymore sons will be intact too!
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Joshua is 22 months, born 3/29/2004


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Going on 14 months!!!
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My DS is 7 weeks tomorrow !!

Also, my dad, all four brothers, and all four nephews are intact as well!
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Antonin is 17 months--he's getting so big! Little brother or sister will follow in his footsteps

We're white. Dh is half Polish, half Scots-German. I'm a quarter Italian with some other European tossed in. I grew up in the South, he grew up in the Midwest. We're the non-circ'ing pioneers in our families, though since my grandpa and uncle are immigrants I doubt they are circumcised (unless it was for the army)

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3 months! I have two older girls, if either of them had been boys they wouldn't have been cut either!

Sadly, my brother had his two sons, 8 & 2 cut...only for the reason that they needed to "look like dad" . Irony being....I recently found out from my mother that my father was indeed intact!!!

We broke the cycle of MGM in our family...DH was cut. My father was not, but my brother was.

I have to say that the information on the internet was a BIG help to all of us researching our decision. Of course, I had great midwives and an excellent pediatrician who spoke out against circumcision!

I am in Florida.
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My son is 11 and all there.
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I hsve one 14 year old intact boy. I also have 4 intact girls.
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Originally Posted by KindRedSpirit
Mine is 6.I've seen 2 other intact and one has since had a surgery at 6 or 9 months,leading to (unnessesary)circumcision.(he was retaining water around there or something...)We're in Utah.
I'm from Utah also. I know of quite a few intact boys in my area. But I know Utah has a high circ rate.
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Our son is intact right now in the womb and will remain intact.
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Originally Posted by Microsoap
I think this first post is so cool because one thing that keeps me forever curious reading about your lives is the states some of you intactivists with intact males live in and their ages (I check signatures and member info in the "location:" blank). I _sincerely_ don't know why, but it gives me a real sense of satisfaction/happiness knowing for example, there's 10-year-old intact boy born in Buffalo and running around with a foreskin there.
If your example refers to my 10 year old in Buffalo- you can be REALLY glad, cause in a six block radius of my village home, there is also 1 year old Ben, 1 year old Grady, 3 year old Andrew, 5 year old Skyler, 2 year old Aiden, and my 6 year old Joey- ALL INTACT. Those are just the ones I know about- I'm sure there are more. How can the circ rate be 90 percent in Buffalo if I've found this many in such a small area in my little town?
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Justin just turned 5.
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There's 13 month old Jett here in Bethlehem, PA!!!

I also know of 9 year old Ray and a little guy who's <1, who are intact. Also, the guy at my local Chinese restaurant is having a boy in a few days who will be intact, if we understood each other correctly.
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