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It makes complete sense that your sig ads are doing better. Look at Google and all those other companies doing contextual ads. Banner ads are completely out of context, but your sig ads are not. Look, there's Erin writing about vegan foods and, oh, wow, a link to her book. Right in context where someone interested in the topic would see it.

I think those who buy banner ads should keep in mind that if they are using it to build brand awareness, they need to be careful. I just scrolled up to see what banner ad was on this page. Well, all I saw were some animated dipes on a blue background. No name, no url. If you're doing animation, your url should be in every frame, IMO.
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I was planning on buying a banner ad this winter, I was trying to purchase one for 3 months, wait three months, then buy another 3 month package. But when the rates were changed I decided against it. I simpley can not afford their new rates and it makes me very sad as I feel I am a 'Mothering' advocate.
Since then I have refocused my attention from internet sales to local b&m stores carrying my items.
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My signature ad has made me a profit already, and I've only had it for ca. 2 months.

I have no experience with banner advertising on MDC. Thank you for sharing your stats!
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Just want to comment on banners and click-through...it's extrememly rare, like maybe never, that I have clicked through to a website and immediately made a purchase. I just don't operate that way. I need to think it over, decide if this particular product is the best value for my money, check on how much discretionary money I currently have, etc. There is just no way I click through to a website and immediately pull out my credit card. I would imagine that most MDC mamas are careful with their spending that way! That doesn't mean I've never bought from a WAHM--I definitely have, but only after thinking it over and going back to their site at a later date, usually NOT by following a banner (either I bookmarked it or found it again thru google). So I don't know if it's quite valid to judge click-through and purchase rates as a measure of effectiveness of advertising. Maybe you could put a field in your checkout screen that prompts people to enter how they learned about your site.
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Maybe you could put a field in your checkout screen that prompts people to enter how they learned about your site.
This is good advice. I do this on my site and it's the first field I check when I get an order!
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I have such a field too. I have a tracking code in the link and the field as well.

I know that perhaps I got a few more sales from people who came back later and did not indicate that they came from Mothering, but since I have no other way to judge I have to go by what people tell me. In this case, the ad was not effective.
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I also asign coupon codes to tell me where a customer came from or heard of me
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Originally Posted by Staceyhsmom1
I was planning on buying a banner ad this winter, I was trying to purchase one for 3 months, wait three months, then buy another 3 month package. But when the rates were changed I decided against it.
I feel the same way - I just don't think it is an economic method of advertising - for me, at least.
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in 2003 when I first started up my business, I bought 1 month advertising on the Mothering Mag website, sponsoring a section. I received no sales from it, and it was much more expensive than the discussion boards. In 2004 -2005, the majority of my sales were coming from MDC. However, I'm finding that most of my customers are now finding me through internet searches, and word of mouth, rather than MDC. I'm still glad I locked in the old rates for this year, but I am using it to build my brand and gain traction, rather than direct sales.

I have only had 1 sale from my siggy campaign, and I'm guessing it is because I only post very sporadically, due to lack of time. I think it may be more effective if you post regularly.

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My click through is .16% First banner, anywhere. I had high hopes, of course, but....

I was really buying the banner bacause I frequent only a few boards here and wanted to get the attention of people on other boards.

Erin, I can't 'control' my banner. Whenever I try to change any of it, like the weight, it says my banner is to large and I have to fix taht first. I'm hosting the banner, so that shouldn't matter.

I did PM the powers that be, but they were unable to help. : Any ideas?

I get way more hits from my siggy, too!
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We only bought one month worth-100,000 impressions. It was 50 bucks, but it was our first time and it was exciting to see it there and track it, etc. Got no sales, but gave some exposure which is important!
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I wanted to ad that the banner itself can make such a huge difference! Every time you test out a new banner, you'll most likely see increae in click thrus as well.

I have had some banner campaigns that prompted HUGE click throughs and interest, and others that were pretty flat.

I think that if you want people to keep noticing your banner, you need to make it fresh, change it often. If you don't it becomes a familiar piece of background. If you do, it is something eye catching...and that is exactly what you want a banner to be...eye catching!

I also have to disagree slightly with the premise that you must sell X amount to make the banner or any advertisement worthwhile. It is highly recommended in advertisements to run your ad at LEAST 6-7 times! (so in print, 6-7 issues) to get people to recognize and remember your product/company name. Name familiararity! That is very important in order for those potential customers to build trust and recognition to your business.
That doesn't mean you have to run the exact same ad 7 times, but your look, logo, or something should remain constant.

And one last thought, does anyone remember the Attachment Catalog banners from a couple years back? They were not remotely fancy, but they were certainly eye catching! They had one liner bold AP statements and that was it.

I had one banner that I ran 2 years back that said "A WAHM Gig you can Jive with"
on one frame and on the second was a nursing mom. It prompted great response. It was not conventional, not particularlly pretty, but it got attention.

So there are many facets to the banner quesiton, that is for certain!
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I agree with LaLa but I have had the same experience as most of you
I will always keep my siggy - I love it and it brings me more orders than the other advertising I have done at MDC. It has been a long time since I ran a banner but I ran two different ones at two different times and the results were minimal.

Taking this one step further I ran an ad in the Family Market section of Mothering magazine and it has turned out to be the biggest business mistake I ever made I really hate saying that because I love the magazine and give it as a gift but I ran the ad for 3 months and after 3 months the sales have not even paid for the first month It did bring me a wholesale account so maybe that will help over time but still, it's disappointing :

I honestly don't feel the print ads are outrageous. The magazine is getting bigger and although it is A LOT of money I didn't feel it was unfair.
However, I think the banner ads are ridiculous

My advice to new WAHMS would be a signature, participating in your community via playgroups and AP boards and banner sites like crunchymoms. Good luck
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Thanks for sharing!
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I have also found that the signature ads are the way to go here at MDC.

I have paid for banner ads several times. I don't remember what my click-through rate was...I think it was average, but I didn't get many sales from it.

I have also thought about the Family Marketplace, but I felt like it would just get overlooked, so I've decided to wait until I can afford either an ad in the mag or in the Home Delivery section. It is so expensive!

Does anyone have any experience to share with the MDC online Shopping Guide??
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Hey all, I just checked my stats for a new banner that I posted yesterday (Thank You La La!)... I'm so impressed I wanted to share.
Total impressions: 5,620
Total clicks:36

I haven't gotten any sales yet, but I did received a couple of inquiries for custom orders today, and 1 of them definately mentioned finding me on MDC. I went from a .09% CTR to .64% by changing my banner ad. That is a big jump to me, and since it has only been up 1 day, I wouldn't expect to instantly get sales from it.

So it is true, the campaign has to have the right messaging, to appeal enough to the audience here. My previous campaign was geared more towards a mainstream audience, so it didn't do as well here. It will probably do better at mommieswithstyle.com, and that crowd. I now realize how important it is to switch ads regularly.

Thank you Erin, LaLa, and everyone else for your advice and inspiration. You women rock!
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Hmm. This has been an interesting thread. I have a siggy and have gotten a few sales from it. Posting often does help- obviously. It's also a good reason to be on the boards and helps others in turn because you never know when you have just the advice and experience someone else needs! I'm off to post/ advertise and see where I can help with my two cents. Starting here.
peace women!:
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