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It's been so interesting reading everybody's replies! I find myself faling in the middle between prude and wild chick (ass-backwards, generally!) And my 16 yo Leo dd has leaped into most of this long b4 Capricorn mom did. <sigh>
OK, here goes:

first kiss: just shy of 15
first "heavy petting": 15
first actual sex: 20 (ha!)
first drink: 15, evening marching band practice; some horrid crap like Kahlua and coke. My tastes refined over the years.
first real "party year": 19
first apartment: 19, see above
first pot: 16, peer pressure to take a few hits, hate it
other drugs, never
first job: 16, Youth Conservation Corps, working on a wildlife refuge in RI, very cool except for the %*@# teens I worked with
first bartending job: 18, under age
first stripping job (hey, here's a new one for the list!): 18. Yes, still an actual "everything but..." virgin
first concert: 15, Kiss, still love 'em!!!
first head-over-heels love: 18, but it just never worked out
first baby: 21, to first lover
first driving: 24. Hey, we didn't have a car when I was a teen.
first college degree: 35
first--ONLY--marriage: 33. Never get married in your jr year of college, ouch.
first dance recital: 26 (why do I call myself TapWitch??)

Still dancing, still listening to rock & roll, don't drink nearly as much but love vino... and just think what other firsts might be on the horizon! Here's to Life!!