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Posting Pictures....Help

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I want to post a pic of Sarah to share.....how do I do it????
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I went to Shutterfly.com and followed their directions. You can create a folder there and then post the address. Are your photos on your computer already? If so, it should be an easy process!! I can't wait to see your pictures!!
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You need to have it uploaded to a site like Shutterfly or Snapfish . Then you just put in a link to your photos. I hope this helps.
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You can get a free account at a photo hosting site like Photobucket, upload the pic there and then just link to the photo's location in a regular link (using the earth/link button above) or just paste the whole thing in one of your posts.

I also use shutterfly/snapfish, but tend not to share those in a forum as public as this as Shutterfly displays the whole name that is on your account and snapfish allows the viewer to save the photos you share to their album unless you change the settings.

Can't wait to see your sweet girl!
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