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Congratulations, Laurie! Welcome, little one!
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I am SOOOOOO happy for you! Wow, your birth story is amazing. And I'm so happy it was fairly short and obviously sweet for you. I can't wait to see pictures!! Many, many happy wishes to you and your newest little one!

Hey Solange-How are you, stranger?????
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Traci pointed me here so I could read about your birth Laurie! Congrats - how wonderful. I am simply ecstatic for you. I know how powerful this birth was for you!

Hi all - we are well and NOT pregnant. I am actually at a point that we are trying to decided if we are done. The three are so close; I feel the babe would be left out.

Brannon will be 4 in March is so excited to play soccer and T-ball this spring. He asked to switch to a different pre-school to feed his inner geek. Amelia is in gymnastics (2.5) and cuddles and loves on everyone. She is also very much like me (left-handed though) and no one can infuriate me the way she does. Maillie is 18 months now and SNEAKY. She is incredibly verbal and thinks of herself as one of the "big" kids. Basically anyone under 2 is a baby and she won't play with them. Funny considering that she is only 20lbs and looks younger than most!

We have spent the past few months ill with all kinds of germs. Apparently adults take longer to shake these kinds of things and I believe. I don't understand how my kinds did not complain about their ear infections or strep, it knocked me out. I chalk it up to the big 30 this year. I have always looked at 30 as when I will turn adult.

must run as I am suposed to being doing something else.
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Originally Posted by TEAK's Mom
Hooray for Laurie!!! What an awesome birth story! I LOVE her name. OK, I am a little biased; Elsie is the E in TEAK. I'm so glad that you had a wonderful, peaceful home birth. Are the girls excited to have a baby sister?

Big hugs and many blessings!!!

the girls have been really good, Gabi gets concerned when the baby cries. She wants to hold her and touch her constantly. We tandem nursed successfully yesterday morning It was interesting to say the least.
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Bears ..doing well and still fighting but I am near done with this journey of mine and will soon be back to "normal" living....
Stranger for sure in these parts..but now I have some time on my hands while I am in house and for 28 days.....without my babies I am able to do things like be on the PC and respond to emails and threads....lol..I almost forgot how...
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Congrats Laurie! So happy for you- what a wonderful birth!

So nice to see some of the old gang here!

Solange Its so nice to hear from you and I am very glad to hear your journey is almost over!

well gotta go someone needs attention
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Ketilave-SOOO great to see you and hear how your life has been lately. Great to hear that the kids are all happy (albeit sick).

Solange-This might not be the place to ask, so please ignore if you don't feel comfortable. But why are you away from your kids? Is this for a treatment? I'm sorry I don't know. I wish you all the best with this last leg of this journey.

Laurie-I tried the tandem thing and I just couldn't swing it. I did it in the first few weeks after #2's birth. Then, my rule was: Only one child on me at a time.
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Wow, it's like a family reunion around here.

Traci: I'm so glad that you are coming to the end of this journey.

Laurie: I am just SO happy for you.

Jillybean, K8, Bears: Hi!!
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Let the family reunion continue.... CONGRATULATIONS LAURIE! I checked out the photos and almost cried they were so sweet. To all my friends, I am staying busy with school and being a mom on the go. I check in often just don't have time to reply.
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What beautiful pictures, Laurie. Oh, you are making me want another home birth...

Now, where are those condoms?

And, WOW is that a lot of vernix! On both of my girls, we had to look in cracks and crevices to see any.
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Great pics Laurie....so sweet to see the little ones holding her....*sigh*

Hey thanks Teaks you and me both

Bears yes it is for my final treatment..and then I am free! I do not want to kill this thread so if you want an update go here....
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Laurie- Man, what beautiful pics.

TEAKS-I'm with you. Where ARE those condoms???

Seriously, though, ladies, in theory a third child sounds wonderful. But I'm not sure it's in the cards for us. Even my DH can't say NEVER, but lately I've started to look at my family as a family of 4. And it feels good. BUT, (and herein lies the rub), I also can't imagine NOT ever getting to know another child. I see Laurie's pics and I remember those feelings so vividly. Just this other human to love and bring into your family-wonderful. So, sometimes I'm just torn.

Solange-Thank you for the redirection to the other thread. What an amazing group of women going through really trying stuff. Just like you did with us, Traci, your positivity and good outlook are an inspiration to your tribe over there. As always, I wish you ALL THE BEST. You will be in my thoughts today.

Ketilave, christeeny, Jilly-SOOOO nice to see you ALL. I miss the old-timers!
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HUGE Congratulations, Laurie! What a beautiful birth! The pictures are just wonderful. And Krisalyn is beautiful. Gives me baby lust just peeking at your photos. She is a *big* girl! What's her head circ? I'm so impressed that you did so beautifully and no tears!

And, I hear ya about tandem nursing. It is an adjustment. I never really cared for both at once, but did it when necessary. If I can help you, let me know. Do you still have my email addy? I don't come on MDC very much anymore, but I do check my email a lot.

Missing you all. It's nice seeing the little "reunion" we've got going. We're doing well here. Not much time right now, but I'm lurking. If I don't post, just know that I'm reading.
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Wonderful pictures Laurie. She is so beautiful! And chubby!

We are doing well here also. Bash is such a happy boisterous toddler. I never would have guessed what a fun little guy he'd be based on his grumpy high-needs unsettled baby self. He loves trucks and sports and babies and playing with his big brother. Its so awesome to see them playing and laughing together (not that they don't fight sometimes!).

I totally hear you guys on the third baby thing. Bears, I have been feeling like you a lot lately; I love our little family of four and I am very content with my two boys. But still I hesistate to say we are done. I just can't bring myself to say I will never be pregnant or give birth or have a teeny baby again. So for now dh and I are saying maybe someday, in a few years or so, we'll talk about #3.

Solange I took a look at your thread and once again I think you are so strong and brave. I really admire you and will also keep you in my thoughts

once again so nice to see everyone!
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Congratulations, Laurie. Your pictures are beautiful, and they made me get teary-eyed as I remembered my own wonderful homebirth. Happy baby moon! And welcome little one!
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laurie - the pictures of Gabi look a lot like Maillie! You all look wonderful!
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Krisalyn is in the hospital

Thank you all for the congrats. Our happiness was shortlived. Since Krisalyn was born at home and not seen by a pedeatrician in the hosp. I took her to our pede Wednesday Feb 15th early that morning just for the routine newborn checkup. She was doing great. Eating, no fever, seemed to be just perfect. I metioned to my doc that I know it was crazy but I thought I had seen Molars comming in in her mouth so she looked. Upon looking at that she assured me no teeth but noticed her throat was really red. So she took a better look with a light and tongue depresser and found 8 to 10 blisters on the back of her throat. Given her age she knew this was very abnormal so she called several neonate docs and was reffered to an infectious disease doc at "The greatest childrens Hospital in this state" Cooks Childrens Medical center. At that office that doc swabbed her throat and sent us for labs. We were sent home. It was now late in the day and I had been up on my feet way too much without any rest for just being 3 days postpartum. So when I got home around 2:45 I nursed the baby and layed down for a nap. It was quickly interrupted. DH came and said that the hospital called and said we needed to get her to the emergency room ASAP. He drove so fast, I don't know if I was more scared for Krisalyn at that point or our safety in the van. We arrived withing 15 min. and they took her straight back. They explained that the swab of her throat came back positive for Herpes. This baffeled James and I since neither of us have ever had an outbreak to our knowledge and my midwife had done all tests and blood tests during pregnancy. They said she did not nessasarily get it from me but could have been from someone touching their mouth or her pacifier. Apparently untreated in a newborn it can cause central nervous system failure and death. Basically if she had been born in the hospital the oncall pede would have done the normal exam and I would not have seen my doc when I did and this would have been missed and she would not be with us today. It's all so scary. They attempted a spinal tap 3 times that first night unsuccessfully. but got it the next morning. All her labs have come back negative. Not one fever either. but since the first swab said positive for Herpes they had to start her on Accyclovier/ sp? And it would be a 14 day stay in the hospital. So far our biggest problems while here have been that her veins are just so small and the IV doesn't hold up for long so they had to decided yesterday to either do a PIC line which involves threading a very small catheter up through a vein all the way in to her chest. or a Central line that requires a trip to surgery, anesthesia and a line directly in her chest near her heart. All the docs were not giving us much hope on the PIC line which was much less invasive but still came with risks. A neonate doc came in and succesfully placed the pic line. It took about 2 hours and was hard for me to have her gone for so long but I am so thankful it worked. She should not have to be poked again durring her stay here. Right now as long as nothing go's wrong we are on Target to come home next Thursday March 1st.
I have been telling them from the beginning that Gabi had a rash on her upper legs that had postules and no one seemed to listen until today. They are researching it and said there is a good chance Gabi had Hand, Foot Mouth and gave it to the baby and would have given the positive Herpes test. Still lots of investigating to do but so glad my little babe is alive and thriving. She nurses really well and go's through almost 20 dipes a day. My other girls Gabi, and Breaunna have been with my sister this whole time. She tries to come up once a day and let me take them to a play room and spend time with them. Gabi won't nurse right now. I hope she isn't finished. Maybe once we are back home, who knows.

Well, My mom is in the room with Krisalyn and just paged me to say she is awake. Hurray, time for a good feeding.

Love you all and will greatly appreciate your prayers.

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Oh how scary! I am so glad you guys caught it in time and that she's ok. What an ordeal I hope you guys are back home and healthy asap.
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OMG! Laurie, how totally terrifying. Your poor little baby and poor mama. I am so glad that she is safe. You are all in my thoughts. Much love.
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wow, laurie, what a gorgeous babe and what a wild ride for you! we are all sending little krisalyn our love and best wishes.

hugs and hello to the old gang!

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