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Oh laurie, loves of hugs and prayers to you, krisalyn and your family!!! How stressful!

I haven't been around much either! I've been busy with work the past few months... lots of moms due the past few months ( i'm a breastfeeding peer counselor for WIC in 4 rual counties). I have also been taking my IBCLC class that was 3 days last month and the next three day to finish it up... I'm so so so so so having the baby tugs every time i go to a home visit with a newborn, every time a preggy mama comes to a bf class, oh how i so would love another baby... i was pregnant with abby when austin was 18 months, with allison when abby was 18 months and now i just feel like i natrual should be again since allison is now 18 months, but she is also the only baby i've had that has nursed this long, and i have an IUD and have yet to get AF back so oh well... i need to get myself back into college, get my RN and IBCLC and get a good job so me and dh can get a better home, car, ect before we have more kids. it will be atleast 5 years b4 i can have more kids to accomplish all that so till then i need to just keep my baby vibes at bay but seeing other babies! LOL I'm only 22 so 5 years to wait is no biggy ... more later!!
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(((Laurie))). (((Krisalyn))).
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Laurie-Just MAJOR HUGS and love to you and Krisalyn. Please keep us posted on her progress. You will be in my thoughts.
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Laurie..oh sweetie..... you hang in there.....
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Laurie happy thoughts

I'm sending you good vibes
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Do the boards look different to anyone else? Or is it just me?
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yeah, christeeny, no ads and one layout format. also, a bunch of formatting errors that appeared on my Safari have been fixed (funky layout of the smilies, stuff like that). also, it seems to be running much faster (probably the lack of ads, IMO).

ok, bears, you asked for it! my life in a huge nutshell:

life is chaotic here. i flew to NY on short notice for ten days to help my sister... she's a nanny for these two kids that are about the same ages and genders as my oldest two (18yo boy, 16yo girl). she's been with them pretty much from infancy, and even today still works for the family (does all the shopping and cooking, laundry and cleanup, ferrying the kids to lessons and clubs). after going off antidepressants, the boy killed himself (with his father's hunting rifle... the family is big on guns, each person owned several). my sister is devastated. while i knew the boy much better as a little guy, i hadn't seen him in about five years... so while i'm sad, of course, it wasn't as personal of a loss for me. so i was able to go there, with little lincoln in tow, and help her out while she just checked out for a bit.

so of course the trip to NY was crazy (living for ten days in a totally unbabyproofed house, no car, no friends, big ol' blizzard hits and i have NO snow clothes) and when i get back, the house is in shreds. i don't know what everyone lived on while i was gone, but apparently it didn't occur to them to go to the store. laundry was beyond them, too, and the house was knee-deep in animal fur, newspapers, unwashed dishes... i made dinner the first night i was back, and they all were so grateful! nobody cooked while i was gone, it seems (other than noodles).

link was a complete trooper the whole time. he just started stringing two words together (please nurse, read bear, more walk) and even repeats "i love you" back to me! (well, it sounds more like "of woo," but still the sweetest thing to hear!).

it was hard for me to bite my tongue while in NY... my sister, the "professional nanny," would say things like "oh, what a fake cry!" and completely discount link's sadness or anger when he was upset. the technique of brushing off a kid's emotions is so disrespectful to me now, but i know i used to do it before i really understood my kids. i just have to wonder, how much of this boy's pain was brushed off like this, by his parents and caregivers, to push him towards suicide? but of course i couldn't say a word... everyone was just wrecked. but i do have to say, it has completely recommitted me to my parenting style of seeking joy for my kids, not success or money or academic prestige or whatever else it is that is propelling american parents these days.

link is also doing things like saying "ready.... go!" when he jumps off a step, starting to help pick up his toys and books, sitting through an entire book for several readings, recognizing more and more letters (he floored my sister when he went up to a Dunkin' Donuts box, and pointed out and named all the letters in "donuts"!), still nursing like a champ (and thankfully, didn't get sick despite all the exposure to who-knows-what on the planes), climbing up and sliding down the smaller slides in parks... he's such a mimic, my kids have him saying things like "mahna mahna" (think the muppets song), "oendon!" (from a japanese DS game, a call for help from a group of male cheerleaders)... the 12yo is trying to teach him "supercalifragulousthatexpialidocios" but not much luck yet.

he is such a wonderful part of my life! and i'm such a blessed mama. hug those babies, my friends... they are so very precious.

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Samuri: hugs to you and your sister. I have nannied for families, ofcorse never that long and my mom has nannied for several families throughout my life. I know how easily a bond is formed. I am sure this is so hard for your sister. So glad you could go support her.

Toddler Update: Since Krisalyn has been in the hospital and I stay here with her the girls have been with my sister. Shaunna has 4 kids of her own and she teaches them to be quite independant. so Gabi is now trying to dress and undress herself. She and Bre were here at the hospital for most of the day yesterday playing in the playrooms. It was so nice to get to spend time with them. Gabi got her shirt wet drinking from a bottle of water and I tried to take it off and she pushed my hands away and did it herself. I wanted to cry I called my sister and reminded her that Gabi is just 18 months old and still a baby to me. She says more new words everyday and repeats or atleast trys to repeat everything she hears. Could mean trouble J/K Having the new baby also makes me look at her differently and she looks so much bigger now. She has always had a hefty appetite and that hasn't changed. She seems a lot taller to me now and weighs about 22 pounds. Her hair is growing and it is just crazy how much she changes each day.

New Baby: Krisalyn Elise Rose is doing very well. Still no fevers, eating great, not showing any signs of pain or infection. So just have to finish out the days of antibiotics. Doc this morning said we would go home next Wednesday not Thursday. I was so excited to get one less day. I really can't complain though. Walking the halls around here will make you appreciate the wellness of your children. So many kids here have terminal illnesses and have been here for more than 100 days. Just makes you stop and say Thank you Lord for your blessings apon our family.
Thanks again to all of you who are praying. We will be home soon and learning to adjust to 3 kids.
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That's horrible!! Laurie, I'm so sorry that your tiny babe is going through so much. I sure hope the antbx do their job fast.
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Katje: I have a very close friend who is bordering on suicidal right now and we are doing everything to prevent it. But, I know her parents and they have definately by their horrible example increased my commitment to parenting the way I do.

Laurie: I am so glad that Krisalyn is doing so well. Can't wait for her to be home with you.
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Hey ladies, I am glad you all are well...JC, congrats on Krisalyn; I wrote more on your due date board. I hope things have improved even more.
Daphne is 7 months old on the 28th and she stands & babbles a lot!
Darlene will be 18 months on the 27th & really things are about the same.
Just thought I'd say hi!
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We came home on Wednesday March 1st. Life with 3, what can I say, not as horrible as I was anticipating but definetly chaiotic. The very first thing Gabi asked for when I walked in the house and sat down was to nurse. I couldn't believe it. I had asked her several times while in the hospital if she wanted to nurse and she always said no. Well, she is back and loving it. I am not enjoying it so much. She is rubbing her top teeth against me and it is even leaving endentations. We have tandemd several times here at home since Wednesday but I am trying to get her to wait till Krisalyn is finished then let her finish off the breast that Krisalyn had just nursed on. Krisalyn generally only nurses on one side each feeding.

When Krisalyn was admitted to the hospital she weighed: 8lb. 5 oz and 18 3/4 in.
When we left the hospital 2 weeks later: she was 9lb. 21 1/2 in. I was shocked at how much she grew in those two weeks. Gabi will no doubt put on some chubbiness if she continues to nurse the way she is right now. She is absolutly smitten with her new baby sister and my oldest, Breaunna asks to hold her anytime her eyes are open. Krisalyn seems to still be pretty calm unless she is ready to eat or needs to be changed.
I am adjusting to life with three very slowly. I am looking for a window of time to nap with the girls but have yet to find it.

Thank you all again for the prayers.
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New Thread For March 06

February was a short and fast month. So glad to see so many of us this last month. Let's bring ourselves on over to a new thread for the new month.

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Hi Mamas,
Just had a minute to check in tonight and I started a new thread. I realized that Laurie did this, too, but Laurie-I don't think the thread works. Guys, correct me if I'm wrong. Please see if this link below works for the thread I started:

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