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I need some encouragement...NT

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I switched to a whole foods diet this time last year, which is a lot of work, and now I'm reading in NT that there are still many more changes I need to make, which will require even more work/time. It just seems like too much. I didn't notice any difference in the way I felt when I switched to the whole foods diet from the standard "healthy" American diet...can I expect any differences if I go NT?

Please tell me it will be worth all the extra work, and I won't read yet another book a year from now and have to make even more changes...KWIM? I just feel really overwhelmed right now.
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I TRY to follow NT, but with 5 kids and a hectic schedule, I find it very difficult to really stick to it! We have made some great changes (like switching to raw milk!), but still do things like eat out and buy Girl Scout cookies! I try to buy only organic and we eat a lot of yogurt, grass fed beef and free range chicken. I think you have to try to incorporate what you can into your life. It comes bit by bit as you gain knowledge. (cook on cast iron, use honey and maple syrup).
As far as 'noticing' a difference, not really. We were already healthier than most people (we didn't drink soda or eat all that nasty white flour baked goods/crackers). The real difference I noticed is when we started raw milk. My kids just DON'T get sick like they used to. It is probably a combination of everything. If they do catch something, it is VERY mild.

Try not to get overwhelmed! You are already WAY ahead of the game. Take it bit by bit. I learn SO MUCH reading these threads! I don't know where I'd be without them!!
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It just takes time to get used to the new routine. It also depends on how much convenience food you ate before. If it's big change it will take longer to get used to something different.

With NT, many of the tasks you do really are not that time consuming. It just requires a little forthought. Making bone broth and kefir are both quite easy and not at all time consuming, but you do have to pay attention and do it when it needs to be done. I think it mainly requires a shift in your thinking. We're so used to not having to worry about where our next meal is coming from because it's so easy to just pull a tv dinner from the freezer or drive through a Taco Bell. It's hard at first to accept that real food, truly good and potently nutritious food, takes some forthought and time. But it really is doable.

Read some of the articles at the WAP websight. Some of the authors share their experience with working and childcare and doing NT.

And lastly, do not beat yourself up for not doing it perfect. Good nutrition is about vibrant health, and you simply cannot have that if you feel bad about yourself or if you're constantly anxious about not doing it right. Relax and enjoy yourself! After all, good food is a real pleasure!
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Give yourself time! Adopting everything at once will seem overwhelming. Baby steps, as they say. You can do it, but pick what is your highest priority. Also, my kids are rarely sick, so I think it's worth it!
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If you have already switched to a whole foods diet, I don't think you will find it that difficult. I say this because I was on a wfd when I adopted NT. I find that the biggest thing is menu planning, and once that's done, everything falls into place. I am more organized with NT than I was on just a wfd, because I plan carefully, then each day it's just a matter of checking the menu and the tasks that need to be done that day. I don't stand at the fridge at 5:00 anymore wondering what to make for supper.

There is a thread in the menu planning forum where I have posted some of my menus- you might be interested in checking it out.

Good luck to you- and I think you will enjoy the changes, if even just KNOWING that the food you are eating is so much more nourishing.
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I wanted to second the suggestion to check out the menu planning thread. Hibou and others really have it together!
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I was already doing a wfd and am switching bit by bit to NT. It is a bit over whelming sometimes, but I think the planning is the hardest part for me. The actual tasks themselves aren't that difficult. Hibous menu posts on the NT meal planning thread were super helpful. Just take it step by step. I have over the past year incorpaorated meat started soaking grains and added coconut oil to our diets. I am now adding raw milk and starting to ferment more. I think if yo try to jump right into the thick of it you'll be overwhelmed.
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Dumb question.... What does NT stand for and where can I find out more about it?

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NT means Nourishing Traditions, a nutrition and cookbook by Sally Fallon. It's based on the principles of Weston A Price. See http://www.westonaprice.org.
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Thanks so much!!

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